Slots Reviews - A to Z

There are thousands of online slots games out there just waiting to be discovered. They differ in their themes with some being based on movies, others on historical periods, and others on completely imaginary concepts.

Online slot machines also differ in the betting limits they offer. Some allow you to spend a few hours in an online casino with just a few dollars, while others let you drop $1,000 on a single spin. Of course, there are also free slots that allow you to try out the games without spending a thing.

Online slots also have a wide variety of jackpot levels. Some offer you small jackpots that can be won frequently, whereas others give you the chance to play for life-changing money - several even feature million dollar payouts! They also feature great bonus games and features to enhance your online casino experience.

A Look At Popular Themes

Online slots offer a whole range of different themes, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit you. Some of the most popular online slot themes today are inspired by modern culture, such as current films and TV series, or even comics. Here are three of our favorite online slot themes to look out for.

Movie-Themed Online Slots

Online slots often center on films, whether they be blockbusters that are currently showing on the big screen or nostalgic nods to classic films of the past. If you choose a slot game inspired by a film you love, you can’t go wrong. At their core, they’re always great games, and film-themed slots have the added advantage of a little movie magic. Some of the most popular choices include The Dark Knight Rises, Terminator, and Jurassic Park.

TV-Themed Games

The boxset is big news at the moment, and binge watching is the name of the game! So, it’s not surprising that the online slot world has taken inspiration from some of the TV shows that are currently taking the world by storm, to create a whole range of online slots themed around our favorite TV series. Look out for the Game of Thrones themed games - our team can’t get enough of them!

Comic-Themed Slots

The world of comics has so much to offer in terms of epic stories, great characters, and intriguing magical worlds. So, it’s not surprising that comic-themed online slots can be pretty incredible too. If you fancy unleashing your inner superhero, try your hand at slots inspired by Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, or the Incredible Hulk. Remember, the prizes on games like these are just as big as their more traditional counterparts, and we think they happen to be a little more fun, too.

Weird Yet Wonderful: Three Of The Strangest Slot Themes

We’re all for using your imagination when it comes to the development of new online slots, but there are a few which have left our team feeling a little puzzled. Here are three of the oddest online slots we’ve come across.

Cash and Curry

Ok, we like cash. And we like curry. But together? As a game? This strange combination from Microgaming is a whole curry-themed online slot experience. Unfortunately you can’t actually win curry. If you could, we’d be all for it!

Hoff Mania

Green Tube, a team of Austrian developers, are behind this Hoff-inspired online slot game, which really takes Hoffmania to a whole new level. It’s got to be one of the weirdest online slots we’ve come across, but also one of the most wonderful.

Judge Judy

We love a themed slot that really takes its theme seriously. And the Judge Judy online slot does just that. It’s all about the bonus rounds on this one, where the player is shown clips of disputes from the popular courtroom series and asked to judge the outcome. If you judge as Judge Judy had done, you win. And we think that’s pretty epic.

Progressive Jackpots: What You Need To Know

Progressive jackpots are one of the best things about playing slots online. These pools of money accumulate as you play, and can lead to online gamblers winning considerable sums of money, from reasonably small wagers. One of the biggest recorded payouts from a progressive jackpot was in the region of $6 million!

Payouts from progressive jackpots are only accessible if you’re lucky enough to trigger a certain series of events. That could be something like getting five bars in a row. And with online slots, the cost of your joining the progressive jackpot pool is built into your slot wager, so you might be playing for big money without even realizing.

As the prizes for progressive jackpots are so big, prize money can be linked to either individual games, or can be shared between several casinos which offer the same games to online gamblers. These shared jackpots tend to be the most lucrative pools of prize money.

Slots Features Explained

Those brilliant, old-style three-reel machines you might be used to seeing in casinos have inspired a whole new world of online slot games. And the best part? The online versions are way more fun to play. That’s because with online slot machines, there’s a whole new world of features for you to get stuck into.

Features like bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers give players plenty more opportunities to win big when playing online slots. Here’s a short introduction to some of the online slot features you’re most likely to come across.

Bonus Games

Many online slot games offer miniature bonus games in between spins. These are great as not only do they often give you the opportunity to win free spins, they also prolong your playing time (and fun!), whilst still playing for your original wager. The mini rounds are often related to the theme of your chosen online slot games, but sometimes they’ll offer something completely different.


Wilds can be one of the most exciting features of playing slot games online. Adding a great element of flexibility to your gameplay, wilds are a type of symbol which comes in several different forms, including stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and wild overlays. With wild symbols, players have the opportunity to win bigger bonuses and prizes when the symbols line up, so keep an eye out for these intriguing symbols as you play.


If you spot a scatter symbol, you’re in for a treat. These symbols are always welcomed by online slot players, because they enable you to unlock plenty more fun features hidden within your game. Usually, you’ll need to line up scatter symbols in order to access the hidden features. Do this and you might find yourself with some free spins, or access to other miniature bonus rounds and games where you could up your prize.

Free Spins

Free spins are quite self-explanatory, and can be won in a whole range of different ways, according to which online slot games you’re playing. Simply put, these enable you a few more spins of the reels without you having to up your stake.

Nudge and Hold

Nudge and hold are two of the best known online slot features; they were even seen in the archaic three-reel machines of times gone by. These features give you the ability to slightly change the result of your spin - perfect if you’re within reaching distance of a win. You can use hold to stop certain reels from spinning, whilst the nudge feature can be used to, quite literally, give a chosen reel a little nudge in the right direction!


If you’re after the big bucks, multipliers are where it’s at. Multipliers give you the chance to multiply your winnings. You’ll most likely be offered the chance to double or triple your prize, but some slots even enable you to multiply your win 100 or 1,000 times.

Tumbling or Cascading Reels

Tumbling reels enable you to win several times from the same wager, which is great news for gamblers! When you play a slot with this feature, you’ll see it at work when you get a payout from a spin. As the payout happens, the symbols disappear and the ones above it come tumbling down. Then, new payouts can be made using these symbols, sometimes more than once. Similarly, cascading reels give players the chance to win several times. Inspired by retro video games like Tetris, cascading reels cause new symbols to drop into view when you win, giving you the chance to up your prize money.

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