Free Online Slots

One of the advantages about playing online slots is that you can enjoy them for free. That’s correct - free. Unlike land-based casinos, you can play just about any online slot without spending a single cent, with new games arriving all the time. This fact offers both online casinos and players’ various benefits. Sound good? Check out this page and discover:

Why you should read this page

Read this page to learn what free slots are and why casinos even offer them in the first place. You’ll learn about how you can make the most of them for fun and to learn more to improve your skills and increase your real money wins as well. You can find out a lot from free slots so take a moment to learn what you can gain from them.

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Why Offer Free Slots?

Playing free online slots is not only fun, but it’s a great way to learn how a game that you’ve never before played works. Get a real advantage by playing free slots before you risk any money on a new machine.

Online casinos provide members, and often those who are simply visiting their site, the opportunity to play their slot machines for free for as long as they would like. You might wonder what the casino site is gaining by doing this. The simple answer is that they are getting a lot.

First, the casino is counting on you finding a slot machine that you will like enough to play for real money. It costs them virtually nothing to give you the free experience, while they stand to benefit from your engaging with their machines. Also, this is a good way for the gaming site to create a bond of trust with you, and for you to have the opportunity to learn enough about their slot machines to trust their products.

With free slots online you can figure out how a slot machine works without losing any of your real cash budget. You'll be able to see how the paylines work, what scatters do, how wilds can complete a line, and the manner in which you can qualify for free spins. When you are at the bonus round, where when playing for real money you can win a lot more, you'll experience it first-hand.

A practical use of free play is to use it to sharpen your bankroll management skills. Record how much play money you start with. Then keep track of how many units you bet each time, when you increase and decrease your wagers, and how many spins total you get out of your roll. Assess how well you played and see how you can preserve profit and minimize losses. Free play can be a great training tool for real money games.

Before playing any online slot machine for real money, you must make sure that you read all instructions, understand the paytable, and know how the slot machine works in terms of scatters, wilds, bonuses, jackpots, etc.

Where to Find Free Machines

You can find free machines at just about any online casino and on various sites offering information on slot machines. If you go to a casino, you may have to download the software and join before you’re allowed to play. However, many online gaming rooms will let visitors simply stop in and try out their slots in the free play mode by using Flash.

Tips on Playing

When playing a slot machine in the free mode –

Finding Your Machine

The free play mode is a good way to find the slot that fits your style of play. You may discover that you prefer a classic three-reel slot or that a five-reel, 50 payline model is right for you. It's also good to sample all the new slots games with no deposit.

Do you enjoy super hero, adventure, or mythically themed slots online? Are you looking for one massive payout, or would you prefer to play machines that provide players with smaller jackpots but more chances to win. Whatever the case may be you’ll be able to play what you want at no expense by playing slots in the free mode.

Where can I find free games?
Most good slots sites will provide free-play games alongside their real-money versions.
Which games are more popular?
Any slots with fun bonus rounds and big brands are popular with players. Many casino players also like to try out brand new slots for free before risking their bankroll.
Is the likelihood of winning the same?
Yes, although progressive jackpots can't be triggered in a free game. These are usually activated by playing the top real-money stakes only.
Can I easily switch to real money play?
Yes. Simply make a deposit and select the 'Real Money' option next to the game in the casino lobby.
Are they available on mobile?
Free games can be played on smartphones and tablets. They are great for getting a feel of the different layouts and gameplay.