Online Slots Rules

Online slots rules affect how you play and how each machine pays out. Knowing these rules will make you a better player. Read on for our essential top five slots rules...

How to Play Online Slots

Understanding slot games gives you a wider knowledge on how to can win, and in general, there’s five areas you should get acquainted with: Random number generators, payout rates, paylines and reels, wilds and scatters, and bonus features

Random Number Generators

All slot machines, regardless if it’s online or land-based, have their outcomes controlled by a random number generator (RNG).

The RNG is in essence a computer chip that in no particular predetermined manner, sequence, or pattern, controls the outcome of each spin of the slot reels.

That means that each time you spin the reels on a slot machine the end result is an action unto itself. It is not connected to what occurred during the prior turn or to what will happen during the next spin. All results are completely random and each spin is an action unto itself.

That means that if you hit the jackpot and the odds were 1 in 5,000 that you would do so, the odds are still 1 in 5,000 on your next turn, and you may hit the jackpot again on that next turn. The RNG that is part of a slot machine’s internal workings in no way stores, monitors, nor compares former results. Each of its actions is independent of all others.

All online slot machines are governed by certain rules, which include the manner in which their random number generator (RNG) works and their resulting payout percentage.

Payout Rates or 'RTP'

The ‘payout rate’, ‘return to player’ or ‘payout percentage’, is how much of each dollar spent in the machine will eventually find its way back to a player.

If a slot’s payout rate is 90%, which means that 90 cents of each dollar will go to someone playing the slot and 10 cents will go to the casino.

Land-based slots have payout rates ranging from 55% to 80%. Online slots are much more generous with many paying out at a rate of 96% to 98%. Some offer payout rates that are even higher.

You can find a slots payout rate by reading the machine’s specs, which can be located online at either the casino or the manufacture’s site. Some slot machine reviews will also post these rates.

Paylines And Reels

Some machines have three reels and one payout line, while others have five reels and 80 lines, and still others seven reels and over 100 ways to pay out. Although the number of reels and lines may influence how often a slot pays out, they don’t influence the amount that’s paid by a machine. That number is related to how much it costs to make the reels spin on a slot machine.

As an example, if you play a slot that offers a maximum bet of a dime, the jackpot will be a lot less than a machine with a max of $5.00. To find out how many coins a slot will pay on specific results consult its payout table.

Online slots players can benefit greatly from machines that include scatter and wild symbols, various bonus rounds, and generous paytables.

Wilds And Scatters

All slots have some form of the Wild symbol and just about all five-reel and seven reel slots utilize Scatter symbols. The Wild and Scatter are similar in that both work to increase your chances of winning, but they are also different in that each affects a payout in its own specific manner

A Wild is used to complete a payline, which means its mere appearance when the reels stop spinning does not mean that the player will benefit from it. In order for you to actually profit from a Wild, it must help connect the other symbols on a payline and complete that line.

Scatters, like Wilds, appear randomly, but they are not used to complete a payline. The appearance of a certain number of scatters when the reels stop spinning will automatically benefit you. Often you’ll receive more tokens, or Scatters may send you into a bonus round.

Bonus Features

There are skill-based and chance-based bonus rounds. Some machines have both, while others offer one type, and still others may offer no such round. A bonus round may be triggered by Scatters, or by accumulating a large number of tokens.

When you are taken into a bonus round, you may be asked simply to choose from various icons displayed on the slot screen. After choosing one of the items, your prize, if you’ve won one, will be revealed.

With a skill-based bonus round, you must usually perform a task or accomplish a specified goal. If you do so successfully, you’ll receive more tokens. Some slots, after the skill-based bonus round is complete, will also offer a player a chance-based bonus.

This chance bonus asks you to choose an icon or item from various ones that appear on the slot screen. Once you make your choice, you’ll discover how much more you’ve won beyond the skill-based round or if you have lost everything you earned during the bonus round.

Play For Fun

Although the above rules offer you some insights into how slots work and the manner in which you may expand and/or lose your winnings while playing, knowing them in no way guarantees you’ll profit from slots. It is important that first and above all else that you play slots for fun. If you win money, that’s great, but remember slots are pure games of chance, which means players have no control over outcomes.

For further information on gambling addictions and practicing safe gambling, check out our guide.

The first rule for slots players is that they play for fun and not in attempt to make money on these exciting games of chance. Only play with cash that you can afford to lose, keep track of your bankroll, and hope for a little bit of luck as those reels spin and come to a rest.