Leo Vegas Casino Review

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Leo Vegas Casino Review


You are looking at this website because you could use some suggestions for a good place to play slots online. Yet here you are reading about a casino called Leo Vegas! Is this a Las Vegas casino you never heard of? As tempting as a trip to Las Vegas sounds, it isn’t feasible right now. Possibly, with your busy schedule, you can’t even find the time to visit the casinos in your own back yard.

Don’t worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Leo Vegas, despite the name, is not in Las Vegas at all. In fact, there is not a single presently operating casino in the whole Las Vegas area that has either Leo or Vegas in its name! Leo Vegas is the name of an excellent online and mobile casino. Leo, the symbol of the Lion, connotes strength, boldness, and determination, all traits will serve you well in casino gambling. The addition of Vegas to the name is because this casino is so packed with thrilling games and non-stop action, you will feel like you are in Las Vegas. So the name Leo Vegas makes perfect sense after all.

Online and, to an increasing extent, mobile casino gambling have become so popular that players today can choose from hundreds of casinos offering these options. However, the best of these casinos, and Leo Vegas is one of them, are all big casinos. They need to be in order to provide enough games and enough variety to keep the increasing numbers of regular players happily entertained regardless of preferred stakes and game preferences and how often they come back to play. Leo Vegas has more than 500 games. It is a casino that many players can’t help but want to come back to again and again. There is no more of a chance of a casino player being bored at Leo Vegas than in Las Vegas!

The Biggest and Most User-Friendly Mobile Casino in Europe

Lots of games is only one of many great features that Leo Vegas has going for it, however. Another is that it is undisputedly an excellent mobile casino. As a mobile casino, Leo Vegas may be second to none. Virtually all existing casinos that currently offer games in both the online and mobile format started out as online casinos and only later, in response to popular demand, added mobile games. More often than not, only a handful of games are offered for mobile play at all, with access being further limited to those who happen to have a device for which the casino’s app has been optimised.

Leo Vegas offers the distinction of having been a mobile casino from day 1. It was specifically created to meet the needs of the growing numbers of players for whom using a smartphone or tablet is much more convenient and practical than having to rely entirely on their own computers. It did not become an online casino until later when its availability was extended from Sweden to other markets. Compared to other online casinos that were struggling to get their fledgling mobile platforms up and running, Leo Vegas already had a significant head start and quickly rose to the top with its state-of-the-art mobile HTML 5 software. Today Leo Vegas is the biggest mobile casino in Europe. It is also considered one of the most user-friendly. It is the recipient of multiple EGR Innovation and Operator Awards, including 2015 Slot Operator of the Year.

Be sure to read our separate Leo Vegas Casino Review specifically pertaining to the casino’s mobile platform where we go into more detail about what makes this mobile casino a standout. Unfortunately, there are many countries, including the United States, where Leo Vegas is not available. However, if you have access to this fine casino, and especially if you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy site for both your mobile and online gambling needs, Leo Vegas could be a perfect choice.

Software and Games

Uses Multiple Providers for Great Game Variety

Back in the 1990s when online gambling was still quite new, casinos had very little choice in software companies, so naturally they chose just one. In fact, of the few still existing casinos that have been around that long, virtually all, if not all of them, have been powered since day 1 by Microgaming, which continues to be one of the world’s leading software companies. However, now that the online gambling industry includes many software companies, the trend among many recently established casinos is not to rely on one firm exclusively, but to use a combination of providers. One rationale for taking this approach is that it lets a casino get away with having fewer games than if they were all to come from the same manufacturer. By drawing on the talents of an eclectic mix of providers, the casino is hedging its bets. As long as the casino only uses established companies that are known to be reputable and whose products are consistently high quality, the approach should work. The end results should be sufficient game variety to appeal to a diverse selection of gamblers even if there are not hundreds of games.

This is the approach taken by Leo Vegas, except that Leo Vegas is not looking at all to cut down on the number of games. The casino’s long list of software providers reads like a who’s who of leaders in the industry, including such familiar names as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, NYX, Evolution Gaming, NextGen Gaming, Viaden Gaming, Betsoft, Play’N Go, and more. The diversity is particular evident in the slot games, which alone number over 400.

If you are looking for a casino with fancy décor, you might be disappointed with Leo Vegas because there is nothing fancy about this place. But if you are looking for a site that is technologically advanced as any, yet easy to navigate and gets right to the point of steering you to its enormous collection of superior games, this is the casino for you. Leo Vegas really is a lot like Las Vegas in this respect. All the variety you could ask for in a casino is at your fingertips, so the decision what to play ultimately comes down to your individual tastes and preferences.

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Desktop or Mobile: the Choice is Yours

Whether you choose to play on your own computer, on another browser, or on your mobile device, accessing your favourite games at Leo Vegas is easy. If you decide to play online, a big advantage is that no downloading is required. Instead, all of the games can be opened up immediately in Instant Play. Or, if you are away from home where you don’t have access to a computer, Leo Vegas Mobile Casino is just a couple of clicks away on your smartphone or tablet. Unsurprisingly, the mobile casino is often the method chosen even among players who could use their computer because they like it so much. It is how the Leo Vegas games were designed to be played originally in 2012 when the online version of the casino did not yet exist.

Leo Vegas Mobile Casino Review

The Kind of Mobile Platform that Other Casinos Wish They Had

Using mobile devices to play your favourite casino games has taken off in a big way. The practise has become so popular that more and more casinos are jumping on the bandwagon. The ability to offer customers this option and not just games that can be played on the computer has become almost a necessity for an online casino to remain competitive.

Yet the majority of mobile platforms are an embarrassment. Mediocre apps, only optimised for a very limited range of devices, combined with only a handful of games and unreliable connections are the kinds of problems frequently encountered, but not at Leo Vegas. It is the kind of mobile casino other casinos wish they had. Once you discover what this site that has made it a priority from day 1 to cater to mobile players has to offer, you will wish you had discovered it sooner. You also won’t want to be playing on your smartphone or tablet anywhere else.

Many mobile casinos have developed apps requiring downloading that are device specific, such as one app just for Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and another just for Android devices. Not only do you have to first make sure that the casino has an app that will support your own device; you may also have to go to another site to find the app so you can download it. At Leo Vegas you don’t have to bother with these steps. As long as you have a browser supported device of any kind, simply open your web browser and go directly to www.leovegas.com. You will be to choose from nearly 300 games and access them instantly without downloading any apps at all. Leo Vegas games can be played on most currently used smartphones and tablets, including not just iOS and Android devices, but Windows and BlackBerry devices as well. The casino’s use of advanced HTML 5 software also allows for excellent quality graphics and sounds and smooth gameplay across many different types of devices.

Enjoy the Same Options and Benefits as Computer Players

Mobile players at Leo Vegas, just like online players, have the option to play most games either for free or for real money. Furthermore, as a real money player, you can do all of your banking quickly and safely through your mobile device and participate in the same bonuses and promotions as computer players. If you have already opened an account online, you can use the same details to access the games and play on your mobile device. Otherwise, if you are a first time player at Leo Vegas, you can use your mobile device to set up an account and collect the same generous Welcome Bonus that is offered to first time real money computer players.

If you need any assistance setting up your account or accessing the mobile games or have any other questions relating to mobile device play, Customer Support is available to help 24/7. While mobile players can access this service by phone or email directly from their device, it is not clear whether live chat is also an option or if that function can only be accessed online. However, all in all, the Leo Vegas mobile platform rates an A+. Very few other mobile casinos come close.

Games and More Games

Regardless of whether you choose the online or mobile version of Leo Vegas Casino, one thing is for certain. You can keep coming back to play as often as you like, knowing you will never be bored. With hundreds of great games to choose from, of every variety imaginable, there is something for everyone. But, of course, unless you already have your heart set on one game in particular, deciding what to play first won’t be easy.

Leo Vegas probably won’t win any design awards for a site that will wow you over by its originality and creativity. But unlike some online casinos whose home page might look great on first glance, except that when you start reading, you see it is all hype and no substance, Leo Vegas gets right to the point. Its home page has all of the games clearly organised by category, together with helpful descriptions of the rules and other basic information, so you can find whatever type of game you are looking for in a flash. Slots make up by far the largest category of games, and they are undoubtedly the section you will be heading for first to help you clear the Welcome Bonus. Therefore, it seems only appropriate that our discussion of the games in this Leo Vegas Casino Online Review also begins with slots. Afterwards, we will briefly describe what you can expect to find in some of the other major game categories.


Out of the 500+ games that can be played at Leo Vegas, more than 400 are some type of slot machine. So if you are looking for a casino with lots and lots of slots, you have come to the right place. The majority of these slots can be played either online or on your mobile device.

Because Leo Vegas offers slots from many different manufacturers, the variety is amazing. It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to stick to a brand you already know whose slots you usually play or be adventurous and see what types of games a different company has to offer. If you like your slots simple and straightforward, you can choose from a large group of traditional 3-reel slots and fruit slots. Alternatively, if you seek action and excitement, the vast collection of video slots will astound you. The video slots, which can provide hours of entertainment if you have the time and inclination, are by far the ones which receive the biggest play, but the progressive jackpot slots are widely played, too.

Among the slots that are particularly popular with those who play frequently at Leo Vegas are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Jack and the Beanstalk, all by NetEnt, along with another NetEnt slot called Vegas Party that is found at Leo Vegas exclusively. A few other online slots that are a big hit with Leo Vegas players are Foxy Wins (NextGen Gaming), Cleopatra (IGT), Game of Thrones and Immortal Romance (Microgaming), and various slots from the Swedish developer Thunderkick. There are also at least 15 progressive jackpot slots, some of which, like the aptly-named Microgaming game Mega Moolah and the NetEnt game Mega Fortune, are capable of producing monstrous size jackpots.

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Other Games

Presumably you are reading this Leo Vegas Casino Review for onlineslots.com because slots are one of your favourite games, but if you are an all round gambler and like to vary your play you are in luck, too. Since Leo Vegas is a full service online and mobile casino, you will have no trouble finding all of your favourite casino games, including many versions of video poker, roulette, and blackjack.

For example, if you enjoy playing roulette, you have multiple options. For starters, instead of American roulette, which has a higher house edge due to there being both a single and double zero on the wheel, you can choose European or French roulette. Both of these games are played with a single zero only and therefore offer better odds. You might also want to try 3 Wheel Roulette. If you have ever been frustrated by seeing your favourite number come up at the adjacent table instead of yours or if you would simply like the extra rush of having three wheels spinning for you at once, this is the roulette game for you. All together, Leo Vegas offers 18 varieties of roulette.

Variety is also the name of the game at the Leo Vegas blackjack tables. In fact, you have a choice of some 15 different ways of playing, including American and European blackjack, single deck blackjack, and double exposure blackjack, just to name a few. There is even a game called Professional Series Blackjack. A few of the blackjack games at Leo Vegas may be familiar to you from your play in brick and mortar casinos, but most will probably be different in some ways. Keep in mind that the typical land-based casino only offers a couple of variations of blackjack at most, so if you have played the game before, those would be the versions of the game you know. However, blackjack is a game where rules can make a big difference. Therefore, your best bet is to familiarise yourself beforehand with the rules and correct basic strategy for whatever variation you are playing. Taking advantage of the casino’s free play option before switching to real money is another excellent idea.

Live Dealer Games

Last but definitely not least, you can take your table game play at Leo Vegas to the next level and treat yourself to a thrilling experience that once would have never been considered possible in an online casino, live dealer games! But leave it to Leo Vegas, which always seems to be on top of the latest developments in gaming technology, to offer this innovative way of playing not only online, but on your mobile device, too! Through the magic of live HD video streaming, five different table games: blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino hold ‘em, and three card poker can all be played at Leo Vegas Casino with a live dealer, and some of them can even be played on mobile devices.

If you do a lot of playing in regular casinos, one feature that you might take for granted there, but undoubtedly enjoy immensely, is the social interaction you get to enjoy with the dealer and other players. At most online casinos, this type of experience is completely lacking, but not at casinos like Leo Vegas that offer live dealer games. You can look at and carry on a conversation with the dealer and other players just like in a real casino!

Leo Vegas also offers a special version of live dealer online roulette called Immersive Roulette. What makes this game unlike any roulette game you may have played online before is not only the enhanced graphics and close-up shots of both the ball and the dealer, but being able to watch slow motion replays. Online roulette doesn’t get any more exciting than this.

There is one other important way that the live dealer games are different from most casino online and mobile games. The free play option is not available. These games can only be played for real money, the same way you would play them in a real casino.

Security and Fair Play

There is no doubt that Leo Vegas excels in providing more than enough games to keep any player happily entertained. But as long as real money is at stake, the player also needs to be reasonably certain that the site is secure and that the games offer a fair chance to win. Otherwise all bets should be off. Leo Vegas provides multiple reliable indications that it is a safe and fair casino.

Licensed, Trustworthy and Fair

One criterion that we especially like to see in an online casino is longevity, but with a relatively new casino like Leo Vegas, which has only been in existence since 2012, there are other factors which can also point to a casino’s trustworthiness. For starters, Leo Vegas is fully licensed and Eu regulated. In fact, Leo Vegas Casino holds two licences, one from the Malta Gaming Authority and a second one from the UK Gambling Commission. Both organisations hold online casinos to a very high standard of conduct. Leo Vegas also holds multiple EGR Operator awards, including 2015 Slot Operator of the Year. There is no way it would have received these measures of distinction if it were not a casino of the utmost integrity.

Our only criticism in this section of our Leo Vegas Casino Online Review is that those who play slots online or on their mobile device deserve to be given recently obtained, independently verified, accurate information about average game payouts. In fact, the same applies for the casino’s other games. Unfortunately, this type of information is missing from the Leo Vegas website. However, the fact that Leo Vegas gives its players the option to play most games for free as an alternative to having to use real money right away is another sign of fairness. Leo Vegas also allows real money players to set betting limits, yet another clue that this is a casino that cares about its customers.

Secure Banking with Super-Fast Withdrawals

Inasmuch that Leo Vegas was initially a casino exclusively for Swedish players and only recently expanded to offer its services to residents of select European countries and Australia, banking choices and accepted forms of currency are limited. However, they should be sufficient to meet the needs of most players in the countries where play at Leo Vegas is possible. The accepted forms of currency include EUR, GBP, AUD, and SEK. See the beginning of this review for a list of the supported banking methods, keeping in mind that there might be some country specific differences.

Where banking at Leo Vegas is clearly superior is that withdrawals are super-fast. Not only ewallet transactions, but also withdrawals to credit cards and debit cards are generally completed within 24-48 hours. However, the speed and efficiency with which financial transactions at Leo Vegas are processed are never at the expense of site security, which is top priority for this casino. Players’ funds are kept in a separate account in a Swedish bank, where they are fully protected at all times through the services of the trusted security software provider Digicert.

Promotions and Customer Support

Welcome Bonus: Up to €1,500 with first four deposits PLUS 200 free spins (250 for UK players)

Practically every online casino worthy of your consideration, along with some that are probably not, offers new players signing up for the first time a Welcome Bonus as a strong incentive to get you to join. Leo Vegas is no exception. But what you need to keep in mind is that just there are vast differences between one casino and another in other important aspects, the same is true with the Welcome Bonus. While it is common for players to assume that the bigger the bonus the better the offer, before drawing any conclusions, it is necessary to review all of the terms and conditions carefully. If the playthrough requirements and other terms and conditions are so unrealistically high that you have little chance of meeting them, a huge bonus is meaningless.

The Leo Vegas bonus is a potentially big one, but more importantly, the terms and conditions are fair. Newcomers to the casino who prefer to set up their account and collect the bonus through their mobile device are welcome to do so. Mobile players receive exactly the same offer as computer players.

Deposit Options
Deposit Options
  • Visa
  • Click2Pay
  • UseMyBank
  • MasterCard
  • PaySpark
  • FirePay
  • Echecks
  • Instadebit
  • Delta
  • Paysafecard
  • Citadel
  • Wire Tranfers
  • PayPal
  • EcoCard
  • Moneybookers

How the Leo Vegas Welcome Bonus Works

Understandably, many players prefer to receive their entire bonus in one shot with the first deposit, and many online casinos oblige. Other casinos, like Leo Vegas, spread the bonus out over several deposits. The Leo Vegas bonus is a four-part bonus, corresponding to your first four real money deposits. But Leo Vegas has another welcome gift for you, too, 200 free spins on a choice of five slot machines. Players from the UK receive an extra 50 free spins just for registering, even before they make their first deposit. Here are the important details of this rather complicated Welcome Bonus

The website is not specific about either the amount of time you have to make the four deposits or the amount of time you have to clear the bonus. This is important information, so be sure to clarify these points beforehand to avoid any possible misunderstanding. In any case, because of the very minimal contribution of most games other than slots, your best bet is to stick to slots exclusively for clearing this bonus.

While the 35x bonus playthrough requirement is quite reasonable, keep in mind that in order to get the maximum possible bonus of €1,500, four separate deposits are necessary, in successive minimum amounts of €50, €500, €500, and €800, for a grand total of €1,950. In addition, you would have to give the casino €52,500 worth of action. If this is more than you can comfortably afford, you should make smaller deposits and be content with a smaller bonus. The minimum deposit is only €10.

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Free Spins

In addition to the generous cash bonus, as soon as you make your first deposit you receive 200 free spins on your choice of the following five slots from NetEnt: Starburst, Mega Fortune Dreams, Twin Spin, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the newly released online slot Guns N’ Roses. The first 20 spins become available as soon as you make your first deposit. Then you receive the remaining spins, 20 at a time, each day for the next nine consecutive days. Each set of 20 spins must be taken within 24 hours of their being awarded. UK players receive an additional 50 free spins with no deposit necessary, just for signing up. However, all of the free spins come with a 35x playthrough requirement for withdrawal on any winnings.

Overall Assessment

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find a Welcome Bonus, that is great from every standpoint and one that would also be to any player’s liking. Thus, we find that the Leo Vegas bonus has a number of excellent features and others that detract from its appeal. While high rollers certainly can’t complain about the €1,500 cap, they almost certainly would complain about the small size of the first deposit bonus. Even with an initial deposit of €1,000, they would still get the same €100 bonus as a small bettor only depositing €50.

Furthermore, we are puzzled by the huge discrepancy between the amount of the bonus given with the first deposit and the much larger amount offered with the later deposits. Rather than the complicated bonus structure in effect, we would prefer an identical amount with identical terms for all four deposits. We feel that the marked imbalance in the size of the deposit needed to get the maximum bonus offsets the advantage to smaller players of having the deposits spread out. Also, while the 35x playthrough requirement is more favourable to the player than what many other casinos offer, 30x or even 40x would be a less awkward multiplier and simplify the math greatly.

Apart from the very generous 200% match of the first deposit and reasonable wagering requirements throughout, the Leo Vegas Welcome Bonus has another very nice feature. Your deposit is the first money to be played, and if you win, those winnings go straight to your cash account and can be withdrawn immediately. The bonus only comes into play when there is no other money available. Then, as soon as all required play for each component of the bonus has been completed, the bonus, associated deposit and any winnings are all made available for withdrawal as well. However, if you are lucky enough to register a huge win, such as a progressive jackpot, you are given another option. If you wish, you can cash out immediately, instead of being forced to wait until you finishall of the wagering requirements. The catch is that you forfeit the uncleared part of the bonus.

Loyalty Rewards Program

A good Welcome Bonus, such as that offered by Leo Vegas, should certainly get lots of new players in the door. However, part of what will keep them coming back for many months to come is the feeling that their action in the casino is being properly appreciated and rewarded. In other words, a casino needs to have a good loyalty program. We need to be honest in this Leo Vegas Casino Review. We feel that this is an area in which the casino could do better.

Like many other casinos, Leo Vegas offers a tiered loyalty program. Every time you play for real money, you earn VIP points, and the number of points earned determines your tier. You can keep track of where you are and how much more play is needed to get to the next level by checking the VIP bar at the top of the screen each time you log in to play. Among the various extra rewards and benefits available to higher tier players are tournament entries, bigger and more frequent bonuses, first access to new games, and invitations to special events. However, the website doesn’t go into specifics like what the different tiers are and how your rewards continue to increase as you advance. It also isn’t clear whether the points you earn while playing are redeemable for cash or other rewards or are simply used to determine your tier status.

We feel that the casino has a responsibility to be more forthcoming on its website. On the one hand, it is great that Leo Vegas offers a tremendous selection of games and does everything it can to ensure its players have a fair chance to win, but the fact is no one wins all of the time. Prospective players are looking for some indication that even when they don’t win, the casino will still reward them in some tangible way that makes sense for the level of play they are willing to give. Obviously for small players, it won’t be a whole lot, but at least they should feel they are getting some bang for their buck. Special promotions are posted on the website from time to time, but they need to be offered more regularly.

Customer Support

Leo Vegas offers 24/7 Customer Support via live chat, phone and email. However, it is not clear whether the live chat service is available to mobile players, too, or only online. Since Leo Vegas was originally intended just for Swedish players, don’t be surprised if the representative you reach has a Scandinavian accent. However, all of the customer support staff are fluent in English, so assuming English is your preferred language, you should have no problem at all.


  • Uses the latest top quality software from multiple well known providers
  • Eu registered
  • Superior, award-winning mobile casino that works on almost any currently used mobile device
  • Tremendous variety of slots and table games for both online and mobile play
  • Generous Welcome Bonus (for slot play) plus 200 free spins
  • Free play option on most games
  • Live dealer games in mobile casino as well as online
  • Secure banking with fast withdrawals
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • No U.S. players allowed
  • Complicated country specific Welcome Bonus, spread out over four deposits
  • Games other than slots hardly count at all towards clearing the Welcome Bonus.
  • No recent verification of average game payouts reported on the website
  • Website lacks important details about the casino’s loyalty program
  • Limited banking and supported currency options compared to some online casinos
  • Not clear if live chat support is offered for mobile

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