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Good Girl Bad Girl Slots Review for 2018

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Are you a person who likes to follow tradition and do what you’re supposed to do, or do you like to come up with alternatives that could produce even better results but are more of a risk? Good Girl Bad Girl Slots is an innovative slot game from Betsoft with the opportunity to put that pressing question to the test. Would you prefer to be a “good girl” following the standard rules or a “bad girl” playing by a riskier set of rules, for a potentially bigger win? But what if you are wavering back and forth, unable to decide either way? Good Girl Bad Girl Slots has you covered, too. You can play the game both ways!

If you choose to play as a Good Girl, winning combinations are formed in the usual manner, from left to right. If you choose to play as a Bad Girl, winning combinations are formed from right to left. The right to left winning combinations occur less often but with the potential for greater wins. Or you can play in both modes simultaneously, which will give you the most winning combinations, but at double the cost.

Assuming you are looking for a game with a lot of action and many chances to win, Good Girl Bad Girl Slots doesn’t disappoint. The game offers all the bells and whistles you would expect in a video slot, including wild and scatter symbols, multipliers, two types of bonus rounds, and a shot at a progressive jackpot.. And as if all that isn’t enough, because this slot is played in 3D, the animated visual and sound effects each time you win make even the smallest wins more exciting.


30 Second Guide

Good Girl Bad Girl is a very impressive online video slot from Betsoft Gaming. The theme is based on the battle between good & evil, with the amazing graphics showing a white angel on the left and a red devil on the right of the five rollers. The dashboard is also divided into two sides and the coin, the number of lines, and the bet per line are covered on the left. The slot has the option to choose between the Good mode where lines pay left to right, the Bad mode that pays right to left, and both of them at the same time.

Some slot games tend to pay out frequently but mostly in relatively small amounts, while others pay out less frequently but with a chance at winning a huge amount. The first type of slot is described as having a low variance and the second as having a high variance. However, Good Girl Bad Girl Slots is unique because it lets you, the player, control the variance of the game. If you prefer a lower risk game with the likelihood of smaller, more frequent wins, set the dial on the left “Good Girl” side. If you are more of a risk taker and don’t mind the likelihood of winning less often as long as there is the potential to win big, set the dial on the right “Bad Girl” side. If you are unsure, leave the dial in the middle and play both ways.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots has 5 reels and 15 paylines. However, if you choose to play both ways, since the symbols then read from both left to right and right to left, the number of paylines in effect doubles to 30. Besides deciding before every spin whether you wish to play Good Girl Slots, Bad Girl Slots, or both, you need to select your bet size. The number of paylines to activate is entirely up to you, and you can also choose as your line bet any amount from 1 to 5 coins. However, to maximize your winning potential and have a shot at the progressive jackpot, the correct strategy is to bet the maximum number of coins per line and have all of the paylines working. The machine takes coins of various sizes starting at 2 cents going all the way up to $1. Thus, the minimum bet per spin is 2 cents and the maximum is either $75 (if you are playing specifically in either the Good Girl or Bad Girl mode) or $150 (if you playing in both modes). Clearly, this is a slot machine suited to bettors of any size bankroll. It is also a game that will satisfy the gambling preferences of both conservative players and bigger risk takers.

Both modes include an optional Gamble Feature. After any win, you are given the option to try to win double by correctly guessing whether the next coin toss will be “good” or bad.” However, if you choose to gamble and guess wrong, you lose back the money that you just won.


Another way your winnings in the base game might increase is if either of the two Wild Symbols (Halo in the Good Girl game and Pitchfork in the Bad Girl game) contributes to form the winning combination. Both symbols work the same way by substituting for all other symbols except the Scatter Symbol with the possibility of turning otherwise non-winning combinations into winning ones. However, the Halo is only capable of multiplying associated wins 1-2x, whereas the Pitchfork multiplier is 1-4x.

Each time you win in the Good Girl game, an animated angelic figure dressed in white celebrates your win with you (whether big or tiny) by jumping up and down and yelling “yes.” Each time you win in the Bad Girl game, a very different looking animated figure, clad in black leather, lets out a cackling laugh. The energetic reactions add a lot to the excitement of the game, at least initially, but after a while, could become annoying if the win is a tiny one.

Jackpots & More

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Game Review

Five Wilds on the Good Girl side pay 500 coins, while 5 Wilds on the Bad Girl side pay 1,000 coins. All of the other symbols (girl, cat, and playing cards) pay the same either way, except if a Wild Symbol contributes and the multiplier goes into effect.

When the Halo and Pitchfork turn up next to each other on the reels, it triggers the Click Me Bonus. You are then presented with four boxes, three of which contain a prize of varying amounts and one which contains nothing but the words “Collect,” signifying that the bonus round is over. In the Good Girl game, the two boxes that are glowing are those with the small and medium sized prize, while in the Bad Girl game, the two boxes that are glowing are those with the top prize and no prize. What you win depends upon at what point in the sequence you pick the box that says “Collect.” If you pick it last, you win all of the prizes, but if you pick it first, you win nothing.

When three Money Wheel symbols show up anywhere on the reels to trigger the Money Wheel bonus, if you are playing as a Good Girl, you spin the wheel in heaven, while if you are playing as a Bad Girl, you have to spin the wheel in hell. (If you are playing in both modes, you pick where you want to spin the wheel.) In either mode, there are four possibilities: you can win a designated amount of cash, you can win a designated number of free spins (with the possibility of retriggering another bonus round), you can win the progressive jackpot, or you can win nothing. The Bad Girl mode has the potential to produce bigger wins than the Good Girl mode, but the big wins are also harder to come by.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots has been adapted for play on some mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, and Android devices). So if it is more convenient for you to play on your smartphone or tablet while on the go than on a desktop browser, you have that extra flexibility. However, keep in mind, that the game works better on large screens than smaller screens. Also, for optimum performance on your computer, you need high speed and a good Internet connection. The average return to player (RTP) for Good Girl Bad Girl slots is a very acceptable 97.8%. However, individual results can vary considerably. A good part of that variance depends on how you choose to play the game and how much of a risk-taker you are.

Jackpot Breakdown

While playing the online slot machine, two jackpots will be displayed above the rollers; one for the Good Girl and the other for the Bad Girl. These are progressives but can be won at different times, so there is usually a gap between the prizes. Claiming a jackpot first requires three Money Wheel symbols on the screen. This will trigger the Good Money Wheel or the Bad Money Wheel, depending on the mode of the game. If both modes were active, the player gets to choose which wheel to play for the chance to win the respective jackpot. Only max bets can award the progressive prizes.

Good Girl Bad Girl
Rating 9 / 10
User Rating 9 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: $150
  • Paylines: 15
  • Max Win: 50,000c
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: 1,170,000c
  • Bonus Round: Yes


  • 3D video slot with outstanding graphics and animations
  • Many extra features including two bonus rounds, a Gamble feature, and Auto Play
  • Player’s choice of either a high or low risk game
  • Accepts a large range of wagers or play for free
  • Also playable on mobile devices


  • Doesn’t play well on small devices or slow Internet speeds
  • Exaggerated response of animated figures to tiny wins gets old after a while.
How does Good Girl Bad Girl work?
Good Girl Bad Girl is a five-reel, 3-D, video slot from Betsoft that offers players a symbolic choice between good and evil with an Angel and a Devil. Players can choose to play the Good side of the slot, the Bad side, or both Good and Bad. The Angel symbol is a wild, which doubles wins, while the Devil is also a wild, which multiplies wins by four. The game includes multipliers, scatters, and wilds, and offers bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot.
How do I play?
Once you’ve loaded Good Girl Bad Girl, you’ll be asked to select which mode of play you want- Good, Bad, or both. Then you’ll need to choose your coin size, which starts at $0.02 and goes to $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, or $1.00. After selecting the coin size, you’ll choose how many paylines you’d like to play (from one to 15), and after that, you will decide how many bets to place per line. You may wager from one up to five coins per line.
You may then spin the reels. You can elect to have them stop on their own or you can stop them manually. There’s also a Bet Max and an Autoplay button. If you win, you can elect to try to Double Up.
How many bonus games are there?

Good Girl Bad Girl has two different bonus rounds and each offers an array of prizes. There is a Money Wheel bonus round where you can spin the wheel to win coins and a Click Me round where you’ll be asked to choose from one of many boxes, revealing your prize. The game also includes free spins and multipliers. There are a lot of ways to win when you play Good Girl Bad Girl.

The Click Me bonus is triggered when the Halo and Pitchfork symbols appear next to each other on contiguous reels. The presence of three Money Wheel symbols anywhere will trigger that particular bonus round.

What is the maximum jackpot?

Good Girl Bad Girl is a progressive jackpot game. To win the full jackpot, which is often six figures and can certainly reach seven, you must play the maximum number of paylines.

The max win in terms of paylines is 1,170,000 coins. You can play up to five coins per payline and up to 30 paylines. That means you can play up to 150 coins with each being worth $1.00. So the maximum payout, not counting the progressive, is $1,170,000.

How many paylines are there?
Good Girl Bad Girl offers 15 paylines. However, if you choose to play both the Good Girl and Bad Girl aspects of the slot, you’ll have 30 paylines. Of course, you must wager on every line in order to have them all in play. Plus, if you want to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you must bet every payline.
How can I win at slot games?

You’ll have the best chance of winning if you first study the pay table, so that you understand how payouts are distributed, the manner in which the bonus rounds work, and what it takes to get the most out of the progressive. Also, you should understand how the multipliers, wilds, and other icons work.

With any progressive you want to bet the maximum and play the most paylines, as this gives you the best chance of cashing in big. In order to do this with Good Girl Bad Girl, you’ll need to play 30 lines for a total of $150 per spin. If you cannot afford to play every payline at the top amount, then play every line for a lesser amount. You can play a payline for as little as $0.02.

With this game after every win, you have a double up or nothing option. If you do select this feature, you’ll be greeted by the angel and devil characters and be given the opportunity to have one of them flip a coin that has one side marked Good and the other Bad. Prior to the flip, you’ll predict whether the coin will land on either Good or Bad. You have a 50/50 chance of doubling what you just won or losing it. Before going with this option, remember that you’re jeopardizing your recent gain.

Where can I play?
You’ll find the Good Girl Bad Girl slot machine at the various quality online casinos featured on this page. This slot is easy to access, load, and play.
Can I play on mobile?
You can play Good Girl Bad Girl on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet. To play this exciting slot on your mobile device, simply download and install the app. It’s easy to access via your mobile device, and you can qualify for all of the same prizes you would when playing it online, including the progressive jackpot.
Is it safe?
Yes, playing Good Girl Bad Girl on your mobile device is safe. It will save data if you play it in Wi Fi mode. When doing so make sure that you’re using a secure connection, as this will ensure your personal and account information are safe.
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