Privacy And Cookie Policy

Please carefully consult the following document before using our website. It details our Privacy and Cookie Policy (referred to as “Privacy Policy” from here on) that affects you (“you” or the “user”) and your interactions with us.

The team of ("we", "us", or the "Company") has compiled this policy so as to keep you informed as to how we gather and analyze data collected through our web page (“Website”) and what we do with it.

Through our Website, we aim to inform you about the gaming industry including how it works and the games you can play. You may have access, through our Website, to third-party (known as “Services” together with the Website) content, which is independent of our Privacy Policy. Before submitting your data to these websites it is advised to check thoroughly their Privacy Policy and cookies management. By continuing to use our Website and enter your details you acknowledge and consent to the use of the data analysis procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy is legally a part of our Terms of Service, the entirety of which may be found here.

Types of information we collect

  • Personal Information

    We collect different types of information from users and “Personal Information” is that which reveals a person’s identity either directly or with reasonable effort. Below are the types that we collect:

    • Whenever you contact us via Services we will request some contact details. This may include your full name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and any information you may supply to us within your actual message.
    • The other type of personal information is derived from your device, which gives us your IP address and other data that distinguishes you and makes you trackable. Whilst this information doesn’t necessarily reveal your identity it could provide information traces that could be used for such purposes.
  • Non-personal Information
    • "Non-personal Information" is anonymous and therefore non-identifiable data collected from our users.

We receive most non-personal information from your time spent navigating the Website. Consisting of your IP address and other online identifiers it distinguishes you from other devices that are using the Website giving us details of your usage patterns on the Website including the time you visit, the device you use, your operating system and browser, as well as the language in which you access the Website. To cater more to your needs we may record which links you follow and buttons you click.

In cases where the data you submit is both personal and non-personal and it’s not possible to separate, it shall be handled according to the personal data security methods listed in this Privacy Policy.

To enhance users’ experiences whilst using the Website, in conjunction with the Services, we use browser cookies to track users. By doing this, users are provided an individual experience that matches their needs and interests because the Website can adapt according to the user to speed up their access to the desired material.

Cookies are small files of data that create direct links of communication between the user’s device and Services. They’re created whenever you enter a Website and differentiate you from other devices, keeping a record of your preferences to ensure a better and more satisfying Website experience.

The Services use several different cookies, whose purposes are described below:

  • 'Session cookies' – this type of cookie is a temporary fixture, existing only as long as you’re active in the browser. As soon as the browser is closed, the cookie is deleted. They work towards the general functionality of the Website so disabling them could cause problems for the Services and make your access to certain areas of the Website more difficult.
  • 'Persistent cookies' – this type of cookie analyses data and remains for longer periods of time, depending on the site’s Privacy Policy but usually for up to 12 months. Whilst the Website doesn’t employ any persistent cookies some of our Services do in order to monitor the usage of users on the Website. Please note that Services are independent of the Company and its Privacy Policy and will have their own policy which you should consult. Persistent cookies are divided into three types:
  • 'Performance/analytical cookies' – these cookies use anonymous information gathered from our users in order to ascertain the usage of the Website. This data helps us arrange the Website in a more user-friendly layout;
  • 'Functionality cookies' – this type of cookie monitors and records the behavior of an individual user whilst navigating the Website. By recording the user choices, it helps enhance the Website for each individual on a repeat visit; and
  • 'Targeting cookies' – these cookies collate the user’s history on the Website, be it the pages they visit, the hyperlinks they follow, so as to understand their needs and improve the site from their perspective. Armed with such knowledge the Website will make the content most appropriate to each user easier to find.

By continuing to use the Website, you agree to and acknowledge our use of cookies and other online data collection tools we employ. It’s important to remember that no identifiable data is collected and stored through cookies. Any data collected by cookies is anonymous and your identity will remain hidden.

Should you wish to disable cookies whilst using the Website you can do so in the settings. This may, however, result in reduced functionality of the Website and Services in general.

Third-party service providers

Your data entrusted to the Website may be used by the Company, or by other affiliated business parties. This current Privacy Policy concerns itself solely with the Website’s handling and processing of your data, and session cookies that track data used by the Website. Any third-party service providers are not bound by this Privacy Policy and have their own data-processing methods and policies. The Company cannot be held responsible for the way in which your data is handled by our third-party service providers. We recommend you consult the privacy policies of each site where you share your data. Sharing your data with third-party websites is done entirely at your own risk.

Using your information

Any data we collect from you may be used as follows:

  • Maintaining security of the Website;
  • Keep users informed of industry updates, new promotions, and website developments;
  • Improving the technical aspects of the Website to maintain functionality;
  • Pooling user data to offer a better user experience with target specific ads;
  • Keeping the users’ interests at the crux of our relationship with Services;
  • Keeping our users informed of other sites, services, and products that match their interests; and
  • Enabling access to limited content for our users.

In the event that the Company is called upon to answer a governmental or court request, you may find that your data is used where necessary.

Sharing your information

The following section details the reasons behind the potential divulgence of your data with external organizations:

Third-party service providers

In order for third-party service providers to carry out certain activities to enhance the Website, they need access to user data. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Running diagnostics, research, and analysis of the data;
  • Providing marketing and promotional updates to our users.

Any user data shared with our business affiliates remains under the confidentiality and security practices upheld within this Privacy Policy, and pertaining therein to the appropriate laws and regulations outlined.


We may use your activity on the Website to direct appropriate promotional information towards you about new computer apps, web pages, and products, run by our trusted business affiliates (“Marketing Partners”). With your consent we will pass on to them your name and email address to ease communication. When you sign up to the Website you can easily opt out of receiving any marketing material. If you opt to receive marketing content, you can always let us know that this no longer interests you and upon receiving this request we’ll remove your details from the mailing list.

Other disclosures

The Company may share user data in its normal, daily operations with auditors, advertisers, business partners, and prospective investors and buyers into the Company. If the Company takes part in a transaction whereby it purchases or sells a business asset or a large portion of the business, user data may be shared with all involved parties. This applies where the Company merges with another.

Where we find ourselves in a legally binding situation we may share user data in a court of law or an equivalent legal entity. Examples where this may be necessary include obeying a legal obligation or court request; preventing or fighting against illegal activity that includes security threats or fraud; challenging or defending against legal claims brought against the Company; protecting intellectual property rights or other legal privileges; keeping our established policies in effect; and ensuring the right of the Company, our users, and its marketing partners are protected.

Storing your information

Your data will be stored for as long as you’re engaged with the Website in secure ways as outlined in this Privacy Policy. By entering your data you agree to and acknowledge our established policies and methods of handling, storing and processing data. Any data will be removed from the records outside of the timeframe outlined in our Privacy Policy and when any applicable laws have expired.

The Company is not responsible for wrongly entered or outdated data put into the Website. The Company will, however, make any necessary effort to update, correct, and complete any data shared by you with us.

If you prefer not to receive advertising materials you can alert us of this choice by emailing the Company at EMAIL. Any data likely to be used for targeted advertising material or shared with our Marketing Partners will be made clear to you as you submit it. Whilst entering it you will have the option to manage how it’s used by ticking certain checkboxes on the registration page of the Website.

Securely transferring your information

Security of information is a top priority of our Website and we have in place the latest technologies to ensure our strict safety and security procedures are maintained. The unfortunate fact remains, however, that the internet is never completely secure. All data transfers are done entirely at the risk of the user.

The nature of our Company spanning many countries around the world means it spans many regulatory bodies. This means that at times your data may transfer to both countries inside and outside of the European Union (“EU”) and where this happens the Company will offer protection of equal security levels for protection as if inside the EU.

By inputting your details to the Website you agree to the above conditions regarding the transmission of your data by the Company.


The use of the Website by minors is strictly prohibited and not tolerated by gaming laws and regulations. Should the Company discover it holds details of a minor, these details will be removed from the database with immediate effect.

If you know of any minors engaging in the Website and inputting their personal details, you should alert the Company without any delay at EMAIL. All data held by the Company is legally open to authentication, especially in such cases.

Privacy Policy updates

With regular updates to privacy policies as per governmental legislation and the Company Policies, our Privacy Policy frequently changes. With this in mind, we urge you to consult our Privacy Policy now and then to ensure you’re up to date with our current data management practices. For any major changes, you can expect contact from us via the Services detailing this. The official notice informing you of changes will serve as your informed agreement to these should you continue using the Services.

Get in touch

For any queries on our use and storage of data collected by the Services, or the methods behind the way in which we collect it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via here or