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Secrets of the Stones Slots Review for 2018


Secrets of the Stones transports players back to the time of the Celts with relaxing ambient "olde worlde" music and carved stone visuals. Believe us when we tell you that this is one secret you're going to want to be let it on.

Between the music and the interesting carved reel symbols, there's something quite relaxing about playing Secrets of the Stones. That's not to say that things don't get very exciting during bonus rounds etc. – we nearly jumped out of our chairs after doubling our original bankroll during one playing session – but the game certainly encourages taking things at quite a leisurely, measured pace.

One obvious advantage of this is that it makes it easier for players to stretch their bankroll further, which is particularly helpful if you don't have a huge amount of money to play with. On the other end of the scale, a maximum bet of 250 coins means that high rollers will find plenty to like about Secrets of the Stones as well.

Playing Secrets of the Stones Slots Online

30 Second Guide

Secrets of the Stones is a Celtic themed slot with 25 paylines, a fantastic range of bets/coin sizes and a great bonus round of free spins that can be extremely lucrative for players.

With spa-like music and soothing visuals, it's a wonderful way to pass a little time. And its jackpot, worth hundreds of thousands of coins, is another very good reason to give Secrets of the Stones a try for yourself.

From the Druid priest guarding the titular stones to the temple in which the action takes place, this slot is extremely evocative.

Many slots try to take on ambitious themes but don't do a particularly good job of it, but this game definitely does not belong in that camp. Every detail, from the background music to the inscriptions on the reel icons themselves, comes together to create a real sense of time and place.

The game has 25 paylines and this feels about right – Secrets of the Stones doesn't seem particularly volatile in that you don't burn through your cash too quickly when playing it (unless you get really unlucky) and you rarely encounter results that look like they should be wins but aren't.

Despite having a large jackpot, a nice theme and good bonus round, Secrets of the Stones hasn't ever really established itself as one of NetEnt's most popular slots and that's a bit surprising. It may be that the relaxing nature of the game is just a bit too relaxed and laidback for players who like their action fast and frantic.

Fortunately for players who do fall in love with the game, there are plenty of casinos all over the web where you'll be able to enjoy spending some time playing Secrets of the Stones.

Secrets of the Stones
Rating 8 / 10
User Rating 8 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: 10
  • Paylines: 25
  • Max Win: 1250
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Round: No

Secrets of the Stones Bonus Round


Secrets of the Stones has an excellent bonus round that features a minimum of 10 free spins but, before you enter it, you're prompted to choose three stones that reveal extra free spins, wilds or stacked wild reels. Of course, which symbols you find is all down to chance but it still gives you the feeling that you have a bit of control over your own destiny.

Another great thing about the variety provided by the bonus round is that it means things are a little bit different every time you play. This will come as a welcome change to players who have grown tired of slots whose bonus rounds have the same format every time around.

The only downside to the opening portion of the game's bonus round is that you might end up picking stones that don't have the best multipliers or wilds. In our experience though, it's probably pretty likely that the majority of players will land a 2x multiplier, a wild and/or some extra spins.

Some players have noted that it can take quite a while for the bonus round to trigger but, fortunately, it's usually worth waiting for – it's rare to come out of the other side of the bonus feature without some nice wins.

Jackpot Breakdown

A jackpot of 350,000 coins means that Secrets of the Stones doesn't quite measure up to the prizes offered by some progressive games, but it's still a great prize. In fact, as non-progressive jackpots go, this is definitely one of the good ones.

Since the game's minimum coin size is 0.01 and the maximum is 0.50 (not as big as it could be, but still not bad), this means the jackpot on offer here is in excess of $120,000. Difficult to get too disappointed with a figure like that!


Secrets of the Stones has a bit of a reputation for being a money sink with some players. Well, we think those players are being a bit unfair; it's true that the game's bonus round does often take quite some time to trigger, but bad experiences on the slot are more down to bad luck than anything else.

In terms of replayability, Secrets of the Stones doesn't necessarily have anything that makes it stand out from the crowd; the mechanics of the game are very straightforward, there are no cinematics and there are no mini-games except for the bonus round.

Still, it's this simplicity that will many players will probably find endearing and we wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a staple in your list of favourite games. Despite the high risk aspect of playing Secrets of the Stones, we think there's enough here to make it worth a try every now and then.


  • Very large jackpot for a non-progressive title
  • Some nice variety in the game's bonus features
  • Doesn't feel particularly volatile


  • Secrets of the Stones is very simple – there's nothing too compelling about it
  • Bonus round can sometimes be a little disappointing
How does Secrets of the Stone work?
Buy credits to begin playing Secrets of the Stone, and transport yourself back in time to place your bet, then spin the carved stone visuals.
How do I play?
Secrets of the Stone is a medium/high variance video slot game with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. You play by spinning the reels, landing combinations, and playing the bonus round.
How many bonus games are there?
There is a bonus game where you will get at least 10 free spins. You also earn extra spins, stacked wild reels, or wilds when entering the bonus round by choosing three stones.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The maximum jackpot when playing Secrets of the Stone is 350,000 coins which can amount to a max of $120,000.
How many pay lines are there?
There are 25 pay lines for this video slot machine game.
How can I win at slot games?
To win big on Secrets of the Stone and earn a huge payout, you need to enter the bonus round to earn the multiplier.
Where can I play?
We recommend several online casinos who host this game. Find the top rated ones on this page.
Can I play on mobile?
Yes, these casinos also offer this game for mobile players.
Is it safe?
Yes, it is very safe to play Secrets of the Stone with the online casinos recommended here, as we have checked to ensure they follow guidelines for player safety.
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