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  • Our top rated casino
    • Payout %
    • Compatibility
    • Deposit Methods
    • # of Slot Games
    • Game Types
  • #1

    $1000 Welcome Bonus

    4.75 out of 5 stars
    • 97.55%
    • 520 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #2

    $2000 Welcome Bonus

    4.5 out of 5 stars
    • 97.43%
    • 490 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #3

    $1000 Welcome Bonus

    4.2 out of 5 stars
    • 96.32%
    • 380 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel

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Top Slots Tips

#1 Look for Progressive Jackpot Machines
Give yourself a chance to increase your jackpot and win even more cash with each game played.
#2 Examine Pay Tables
This is an easy way to assess which games to play for the winning outcomes you're looking for.
#3 Look at Bonus Games
Good online slot websites will offer generous welcome bonuses and free games as well as rewards for loyal customers.
#4 Check the Number of Symbols
Twenty symbols on each slot machine reel is normal. Make sure you aren't playing games that will put you at a disadvantage by including a great deal more.
#5 Count the Paylines
Fewer slot machine paylines might make it easier to win but more paylines generally mean a bigger cash payout for the winner.

How We Rate Online Slot Casinos

At, our team of slots nuts only picks out the best casino sites for you. All of our recommended real-money websites have great promotions, trusted licensing and security, and of course the best online slots on the planet.

Bonuses Bonuses: We deposit our own money to see how achievable the various welcome bonuses and promotions are. We hunt out good leaderboard challenges, free spins offers, and regular reload bonuses for loyal customers. But we go beneath the surface to check wagering requirements and game eligibility too.

Games Games: An online casino is only as good as its online slots. If a site only has a handful of 3-reel classic games with no bonus features, it's no good for fans of progressive jackpots. That's why we only give top marks to slots sites with dozens of games that cover a range of types and themes.

Security Security: How safe is your real money, and how do you know that the slots site is secure? We review casinos to make sure the proper encryption is in place so that your money is protected. We also check auditing certificates so that we know every game is tested for fairness and accuracy.

Payments Banking: How easy is it to get your money in and out of an online slots site? And what options do you have available? We rate based on the number of secure deposit methods players have and test the withdrawal processes with our own cash.

Mobile: If you're one of the growing number of slots players who enjoys games on the move, we also cover the latest mobile slots apps and games. Whether you're on an iPad, Android tablet or Windows smartphone, we recommend casinos and games for you.

Find Popular Online Slot Games

At, we aren't just concerned with finding the top slots sites in 2018. We also love hunting out great real-money slots that keep the gamblers coming back. On these pages you'll find details and reviews on the most popular online slots.

From the original progressive jackpots to big branded titles and huge multi-payline games that offer up to 1,024 lines every spin, we make sure you're up to speed on who's playing what.

We'll even show you how you can turn a few dollars into millions by playing the biggest progressive slots online on the net.

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Unlocking a great welcome bonus is the best part about playing real-money slots online. When you sign up to one of our top-rated slots sites you can access a bonus just by making a deposit. You'll need to play your favourite slots to trigger the cash, but how good is it to earn free money just by doing what you love?

At we only recommend casinos with the best bonuses for slots players. With our picks you can save time and money and put the extra effort into activating that great welcome bonus. You can even grab free spins on the top new slots when you join up.

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Quick Facts About Slot Machines

  • You can play online slots once or even 100 times a day and you still have the same chance of winning - slot machines don't have pre-determined pay cycles, so no previous games will affect the current one.
  • The odds are always the same for each game, no matter how long ago a jackpot was paid.
  • It is one of the easiest casino games to play, explaining why casino slots are one of the most popular games worldwide.
  • Online slot machines (and physical ones) work in exactly the same way - so playing one or the other will not increase or decrease your chances of winning.
  • There is no time of the day when you are more or less likely to win - casino slot machines are designed to be 100% random every time, no matter when they are played.
  • 'Payback percentage' is based on how much money the online slot machine game pays out over time, not how much an individual could win. So you can sometimes end up winning much more.
Slot Machine
How do I play slots games?
You can easily play slots games online. The controls are very easy to learn since you only have to set the size of the bet you want to place and then press the "Spin" button. The reels will spin for a bit and then stop to show random symbols on the screen. Payouts are granted automatically and a new round is ready to begin after that.
Do slot machines pay real money?
Yes, they do. Online slot machines will pay real cash when betting real cash. Although it is possible to play slots for fun and just practice, the excitement of the games comes from the potential to win money on every spin. Payouts are granted for combinations of symbols on active lines.
Is it possible to make money by playing?
Slots players can win a lot of money online. The fact that each spin can result in a big win is part of the fun. With a bit of luck, large sums of money can be won from just a one round, so it is safe to say that users can make a profit from real money online slots.
How can I improve my chances when I play slots online?
Slots machines have random outcomes. Every result is determined by a random number generator so that it is impossible to predict things ahead of time. With that being said, some online slots strategies recommend increasing the size of the bet after a few non-winning spins in order to make up for the losses on the next win.
What does a loose slot machine mean?
A loose slot machine normally pays more than a standard machine. Slots have theoretical return to player rates, also known as RTP, that represent how much money they pay back to customers over a longer period of time. It is normal for the RTP to be above 90%, but loose machines will easily go over 95%, thus making it more likely to win.
What are progressive slot games?
Progressive slots, such as the famous Mega Moolah, have jackpots that increase when real money bets are placed. Instead of offering a set amount as the top prize, progressive slot games will show a growing number that can reach higher levels. Depending on the game, winning the progressive jackpot can be done by getting a set combination or from within the bonus game.
Are online slot machines legal?
Yes, online slots are legal in many places around the world. It's important to verify that they are legal in your specific location before you play though. In most locations it's perfectly fine to enjoy a game of slots online.
Can you make money on online slots?
Yes, it's possible to win much more than you lose at online slots with a bit of luck. You just need some short-term luck to come out ahead while playing. Some online slot games pay out thousands or millions to lucky players.
How can you win on a slot machine?
To win on a slot machine you simply place your bet and get a winning combination on the reels. It's simple to do and very easy with enough luck. Different machines require different symbol combinations to win, but it's always simple to achieve.
What are paylines on slot machines?
The paylines are the imaginary lines drawn through the reels where prizes can be won. Winning combinations of symbols can only be achieved on these diagonal, horizontal and occasionally vertical lines. Some slots have more paylines than others as well, increasing or decreasing your chances.
What are the odds of winning on a slot machine?
The odds of winning on a slot machine vary dramatically depending on the game, but usually the house edge is 3% or lower, giving you decent odds of winning more than you lose. Generally newer machines offer worse odds than the older ones.
What online slots pay real money?
Most online slots play real money. Games made by top companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, Cryptologic and many others all offer real money payouts.