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Jackpot City Casino Review


If you have stumbled on this site and are now reading this Jackpot City Casino Review because the overwhelming number of places you can play slots online has you befuddled and bewildered, we understand your predicament. With so many online casinos to choose from, picking one out of the bunch that will not only be fully reputable and trustworthy, but precisely the type of place you are looking for, can seem like an overwhelming task. But our team of experts can come to your rescue because we are highly trained and experienced at sorting out the best casinos from the mediocre ones. We know what qualities are most important for an online casino to be worthy of your confidence and for ensuring that your experience there will surpass even your own high expectations.

We can’t guarantee that you will win at the casinos we recommend, but we can guarantee that you will have lots of fun trying. Most importantly, we can also guarantee that you will be playing in a secure online environment and that the games are fair. In that respect, it would not be farfetched to say that you have already hit the jackpot having discovered here an outstanding online casino that we at onlineslots.com can recommend without hesitation, Jackpot City!

Experience Means Everything

Online gambling, and in recent years, mobile gambling, too, have become so popular all over the world that it seems that anyone with the interest and capability to open a casino is jumping at the opportunity. Some of these operators know exactly what to say and how to present their product so that newcomers seeing their ad or website for the first time cannot help but be impressed. The problem is first, unless you were born yesterday, you already know you cannot necessarily believe everything you read online and second, these brand new casinos have little or no track record. A few may indeed be as good as they say they are, but it is much better to take a wait and see approach than to plunge in and possibly be sorry later.

At Jackpot City, all the evidence of this casino’s longstanding integrity and commitment to its customers is right there for you to see. Instead of guessing and hoping that it is a good casino, you can play your favourite casino games online or or your mobile device without worry, fully focused on having a good time and trying to win. Much like New York, London, Montreal, and Sydney, Australia, just to name a few examples, are world class cities, that attract repeat visitors from all over the globe, the same is true of Jackpot City as a world class online casino destination. Over 3 1/2 million visitors have passed through and played before you. Obviously, Jackpot City must be doing a lot of things right to be able to attract such a massive following.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Jackpot City wasn’t created overnight either. In fact, this casino has been operating successfully online since 1998. Back then, there were very few places to play slots online, because this form of gambling was just getting started. Unsurprisingly, most of the early online casinos are long gone, but not Jackpot City. Over the years, Jackpot City has grown and expanded, modernising and improving its software to keep up with the latest technology and thereby remain competitive. Meanwhile, it has never wavered from its original commitment to be the kind of online casino where any player, regardless of language spoken, game preferences, or bankroll, would feel comfortable and welcome. Jackpot City has been a repeat winner of the “Best of Online Gaming” award.

Home of Jackpots

Jackpot City is aptly named because, compared to many other online casinos, this site is huge. The home page, filled with large glitzy casinos, lined up one after another against the night-time sky, together with the redundant message “Play now,” even looks like it could be a photograph of the Vegas Strip . But the real reason why it makes perfect sense to stop anything else you are doing and start playing now at Jackpot City is that it is home to over 450 great games.

Online slots are far from the only games at this big bustling casino, but they are an important part. Of course, one thing every online slots player dreams of is hitting a mega-size jackpot, and Jackpot City, which is part of the spectacular multi-casino Microgaming shared jackpot network, helps keep that dream alive. Will you be the next Jackpot City millionaire? You never know. It could happen because big winners at this casino have been a frequent enough occurrence for it to earn the nickname “Home of Jackpots!”

Unfortunately, Jackpot City is off limits to residents of the U.S. and UK. But as long as you are allowed to play at this fine casino, we see no reason not to do exactly what the website is suggesting: “Play Now!”

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Software and Games

Powered by Microgaming

When Jackpot City Casino was launched back in 1998, unlike today, there were very few software companies in existence specialising in online casino gambling. However, it is to Jackpot City’s credit that it chose Microgaming, the leader in the field. Microgaming originated in 1994 as the first software provider of its kind, but it has retained its foremost position in the now very competitive industry by continuing to be responsive to the latest developments in online and mobile technology. Jackpot City could have decided down the road to switch software companies, or do what many online casinos now do and utilise the talents of several software providers simultaneously, but instead has remained exclusively with Microgaming. There was no reason for it to do otherwise because every time that Microgaming updates and enhances its software, which is often, Jackpot City is a direct beneficiary. Just like the real major cities of the world keep adapting to the times, Jackpot City is as ready to handle the diverse needs of 21st century slots online and mobile players as the newest casinos, and probably more so because it has an additional quality they lack, experience.

Three Convenient Ways to Play

Jackpot Casino offers you three convenient ways to play. These are your options.

Contrary to what many people assume, downloading is not a complicated or time-consuming process. It can be completed in just a few minutes. The big advantage is that you then have complete access to all of the great Jackpot City games and customisable features whenever you want to play. The one disadvantage is that access is limited to your own computer.

Instant Play gives you much more flexibility because instead of being tied down to the computer where you have downloaded the software, you can access the games instantly on any browser with no downloading necessary. You won’t be able to play every game, but the choice of more than 250 you can play should be more than enough. The Jackpot City flash casino works on any Windows or Mac computer.

Your third option may be the most convenient of all if you are one of the many people who frequently travels around from one location to another. You don’t even need access to a computer. You can take advantage instead of the Jackpot City mobile casino, where you can play many of your favourite games whenever and wherever you wish on your smartphone or tablet. Be sure to read the separate section of this Jackpot Casino Review which follows, specifically devoted to the casino’s mobile platform to learn all about this exciting way of playing.

Jackpot Casino Mobile Review

Mobile Players Get a Bigger Welcome Bonus

Jackpot City Mobile Casino, like the online casino, is one of the leading brands of its kind. Back in 1998, Jackpot City was an online casino only because the option to play your favourite casino games on your smartphone or tablet did not even exist. But there is no better proof that Jackpot City has kept up with the times than its mobile app, which is miles ahead of many other casino mobile apps that support very few kinds of devices and limit you to just a handful of games. The superiority of the Jackpot City Mobile Casino should be enough incentive on its own to try it, but Jackpot City offers more. New players who sign up and make their first deposits on their mobile device rather than online can receive a special bigger Welcome Bonus just for them. Instead of the regular Welcome Bonus up to €500, mobile players are being offered up to €1,600!

Here is how the Jackpot City Mobile Welcome Bonus works:

Because of the negligible contribution of most games other than slots, the Jackpot City mobile bonus is basically just for slot play. See the website for other terms and conditions. Keep in mind, too, that as great as the €1,600 maximum bonus sounds, you can only get it if you meet some rather hefty wagering requirements. You not only have to be able to put up €1,600 of your own money, but also give the casino €80,000 worth of action. If this is more than you can comfortably afford, you should deposit less and take a smaller bonus. Either way, as soon as all of the wagering requirements have been met, your deposit, bonus, and any winnings are yours!

A Mobile App Built for Today’s Players

Mobile gambling has become such a big worldwide phenomenon that no online casino can afford to ignore it if is going to remain competitive. But even so, most existing mobile platforms are a disappointment. Between apps that are optimised for play on currently used Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices only, which the user must then locate and download, and the embarrassingly small game offering, there is not much to like. However, Jackpot City Mobile Casino eliminates these shortcomings and problems.

Instead of your having to figure out, search for, and download the particular app that you hope will work for your device, there is just one app which is designed to work for almost any Java-enabled smartphone and tablet on the market. For example, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, or Windows device, you should have no problem accessing many Jackpot City games. Furthermore, Jackpot City Mobile Casino is powered by the most up-to-date Spin 3 Microgaming software, utilizing advanced HTML 5 technology. The difference is readily apparent in the graphics and sound effects, which are consistently outstanding.

Customisable controls that can adapt to specific devices assure you of smooth and comfortable gameplay regardless of the type of device you are using. Another great feature of HTML5 is that no downloading of apps is necessary. Because the mobile casino is web based, you can simply visit the site from the browser of your mobile device and start playing. Customer Support is available via live chat 24/7 to assist you with any difficulties or questions.

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Mobile Games

The only disadvantage to using your smartphone or tablet rather than your computer to play at Jackpot City is fewer games. You won’t be able to access anywhere near the hundreds of games you can play on your computer, but compared to many other mobile sites, you can still access a good number. The Jackpot Casino mobile games offer perfect entertainment while commuting to work, traveling, standing in line, or waiting in a doctor’s office or restaurant.

Your game choices include some of the casino’s top slots like Alaskan Fishing, Avalon, Immortal Romance, Mermaids Millions, Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II, and Tomb Raider, just to name a few. Just like on the computer, classic 3-reel slots, fruit slots, video slots, and MegaSpin slots are all represented. Or, if you feel like playing something other than slots, blackjack, roulette, Jacks or Better video poker, Bingo Bonanza, and Royal Derby are available as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be Jackpot City without progressive jackpot games, but no worries. You can try your luck on several progressive jackpot slots, like Major Millions, Mega Moolah, and Treasure Nile. Look for more games to being made available in the future, including new releases.

You can play the Jackpot City mobile games, just like you can online, either for free or for real money. But as a real money player, you not only have access to the extra generous Welcome Bonus for mobile players described above (if you sign up on your mobile device), but other exciting promotions and offers, including some just for mobile players. You can do all of your banking on your mobile phone or tablet safely and securely. For more information about the Jackpot City Mobile Casino, visit https://www.jackpotcitycasino.com/mobile/

Online Slots and Other Games

There is no doubt that online casinos fill an important gap in providing a great way to play many of your favourite games when you cannot conveniently get to a regular casino. But if online slots and other games are going to be an activity you will be engaging in regularly, not just any online casino will do. First and foremost, you need a casino that is safe and fair, and more about that in the next section. But you also need a casino with lots of games, so no matter how often you play and whatever your individual preferences may be, there is enough to choose from that you like so you will never be bored. Jackpot City is loaded with games, more than 450 of them in the downloaded version and more than 250 in the instant play version.

Most of the games come with the option either to play for free in demo mode or for real money. That way, if you are unsure if a particular game is for you, you can test the waters and try it for free, and if you like the game, switch to real money later. However, the progressive jackpot and live dealer games can only be played for real money.


If online slots are your favourite game, Jackpot City is calling your name since this casino is packed with more than 300 slots. If you are new to online slots or accustomed to playing slots online in small casinos, you might not even be aware that so many different online slots games exist. But we can assure you in this Jackpot City Casino online slots review that they do, and Jackpot City has them!

Picking your favourites out of so many great slot games won’t be easy, but the flip side is that lots of slots that you might have your eye on that you don’t get to try right away will be waiting for you when you come back to play again. There will also undoubtedly be other games that you spot for the first time because every month Microgaming releases new games that wind up in Jackpot City, too. Of course, spending hours sorting through a hodgepodge of games trying to figure out what to play is not good use of your time but, fortunately, Jackpot City makes the task easier by dividing the games into five convenient categories:

If you like simple, traditional slots and are content playing a straightforward game without the bells and whistles of the newer, more sophisticated machines, these are the slot games for you.

These machines are similar to the ones found in pubs all over the UK. They are very popular with online players, not just in the UK, but worldwide. Game On and Pub Fruity are a couple of examples.

Jackpot City has a huge selection of online video slots. State-of-the-art graphics, sounds, and animations; exciting themes; and extra features galore like many paylines, wild and scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds make these games super entertaining. Choose from Jurassic Park, Big Kahuna, Stash of the Titans, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II, Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones II, and many, many more.

If playing one slot at a time isn’t enough action, Double Magic, Fantastic 7, High 5, and Major Million MegaSpin Slots let you play multiple games at once!

Rather than offering a fixed jackpot, these machines offer a shot at a jackpot that has the potential to be huge because it keeps building every time someone in any participating casino plays. Jackpot City belongs to the Microgaming multi-casino shared progressive jackpot network, so the jackpot keeps growing, not only with every spin on that game at Jackpot City, but at any other participating Microgaming casino. Micogaming progressive slots have paid out some of the largest progressive jackpots in the history of online gambling. It is impossible to know in advance when a particular machine is “due” to hit. So whenever you feel lucky is a good time to play, especially since the progressive jackpot slots count the same as other slot games, 100%, towards clearing the generous Welcome Bonus. And you never know, but King Cashalot, Cash Splash, Treasure Nile, Tunzamunni, Major Millions, Mega Moolah or any one of the other progressive jackpot slots at Jackpot City could live up to its name and give you a mega-size jackpot!

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Whenever you decide that it is time to switch from online slots to another game, Jackpot City give you plenty of options. For example, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, casino table poker, and random ticket games like keno and bingo are some of the possibilities available to you. However, if you are a roulette player, roulette should be at the top of your list of Jackpot City games


Putting your chips down on your favourite numbers and then seeing the ball land on one of them is a thrilling site for any roulette player. But maybe in the past you were so happy just to win that you didn’t realize that the casino was short-changing you by only paying you 35-1. The casino wasn’t cheating you; that is the standard roulette payoff at most casinos. But not at Jackpot City! Instead, you get paid 36-1 on your winning number. If you think this difference is insignificant, think again. Let’s say you are betting €10. The payout for a €10 bet on a winning number would then be €360 instead of the usual €350 After 10 wins, you are already €100 ahead!

Speaking of odds, at Jackpot City, even though American roulette is offered, the smart thing to do is skip it and play European or French roulette instead. Because there is only a single zero on the wheel instead of both a single and double zero, your odds are better. At Jackpot City, you also have the option to play either traditional roulette or a newer exciting variation of the game, such as Roulette Royale (a progressive jackpot game). Or try multi-wheel roulette, where up to eight balls spinning for you at once give you more chances to win.

Deposit Options
Deposit Options
  • Visa
  • Click2Pay
  • UseMyBank
  • MasterCard
  • PaySpark
  • FirePay
  • Echecks
  • Instadebit
  • Delta
  • Paysafecard
  • Citadel
  • Wire Tranfers
  • PayPal
  • EcoCard
  • Moneybookers


Blackjack is another game which receives a lot of play at Jackpot City. If blackjack is one of the games you play at casinos in your hometown or in the course of your travels, you might think you know the game fairly well, but at best, you probably only know a couple of versions of the game. That is because most brick and mortar casinos don’t offer any more than that. The same limited selection also applies to most online casinos. However, at Jackpot City, blackjack never grows old or boring because instead of only being able to play the game only a few ways, you can choose from more than 40 different variations of blackjack.

At Jackpot City, you can try your hand at single deck or double deck blackjack, as well as at numerous multiple deck games, each with its own particular twist on the rules. Additional options are multi-hand and high limit blackjack. Since blackjack is a game of skill as well as luck, your best bet is to maximise your chance of winning by becoming thoroughly versed beforehand in the rules and strategy of the particular form of the game you are playing. Also take advantage of the play for free option before betting with real money, especially if you are new to the game our need additional practise.

Gold Series and Live Dealer Games

Playing some of your favourite games online at Jackpot City can now be just as exciting as playing them in a real casino, especially if you select one of the Gold Series or live dealer tables. Because the Gold Series games are presented in 3D with many enhanced features, they have a real casino feel to them. You can also play blackjack, roulette, or baccarat with a real dealer in real time which is even more like playing in a real casino because you can actually carry on a conversation with the dealer and other players.

Security and Fair Play

Longevity Speaks Volumes

Having hundreds of your favourite casino games at your beck and call is great, but, for anybody betting real money, even more important is that the casino is a secure site offering a fair chance to win. Jackpot City players can relax on both counts for several reasons. For starters, there is no way that this casino could remain in business for as many years as it has if it were employing shady tactics. Longevity is the one of the most reliable indicators around of the trustworthiness of a site, and very few online casinos come close to the impressive record of the award-winning Jackpot City.

Certified by eCogra

Jackpot City is owned by Digimedia, Inc. and is licensed by the Gaming Authority of Malta. Jackpot City also adheres to the gaming requirements of the European Union (EU) and is certified as a safe and fair casino by eCogra. Only those casinos meeting and continuing to meet the highest standards with regard to security, integrity, responsible conduct towards players, and prompt issuing of payments are allowed to carry the eCogra seal of approval. Continued compliance is assured because every month eCogra conducts a new independent evaluation of the casino’s average game payouts, with the results reported on the website for the public to see. At the time of preparing this Jackpot City Casino online review, the average payout for all games combined was reported as 96.34% The average payouts for this casino have consistently been around the 96% mark. Additional reports by eCogra certify that the random generators (RNGs) used by Jackpot City Casino are fair and random

Banking You Can Bank On

When preparing this Jackpot City Casino Review, we were also very impressed with the casino’s banking policies. For your convenience, the casino accepts a wide range of methods for both deposit and withdrawal and in all likelihood permits transactions and play in your own currency. But Jackpot City does a lot more to protect its players. Withdrawals are super fast, usually completed within 48 hours, and even faster on request for VIPs. More importantly, whatever your level of play or preferred banking method, the casino takes all necessary steps, using the most advanced digital encryption technology available, to ensure the complete privacy and security of every account. All players are welcome anytime to visit the Transaction History section of the website to review their financial activity and the PlayCheck section to review their play activity. Jackpot City also practises responsible gambling by giving players the option to set their own deposit limits. All in all, we could not find a single area in the Security and Fairness category where Jackpot City is not exemplary.

Promotions and Customer Support

Welcome Bonus

Up to €500 (See the Mobile section or check with the casino directly regarding the special bigger Welcome Bonus for mobile players.)

Finding an online casino that gives new players a Welcome Bonus is easy (they all do). Finding one whose Welcome Bonus is not only generous, but fair to the player and easy to follow is not so easy, but we found one at Jackpot City.

Many online casinos, and we don’t have a clue why, make their Welcome Bonus unnecessarily complicated. In addition to being spread out over multiple deposits, not only the amount of the bonus, but the percentage of the deposit and sometimes the wagering requirements and permitted games as well keep changing. Then to compound the confusion, the player practically needs a law degree to decipher the long unwieldy text enumerating the terms and conditions. Jackpot City keeps everything about its bonus simple. It is a two-part 100% bonus, corresponding to your first two deposits with the casino. We can summarise everything you need to know in a few sentences.

Because of the very minimal contribution of most games other than slots towards clearing the bonus, we recommend that you use this bonus for slot play only. If slots are your favourite game anyway, that should be no problem at alI, and don’t forget that progressive jackpot slots count 100%, too. Imagine being able to hit an enormous jackpot with the casino’s money. But it can certainly happen. After all, this is Jackpot City!

Where you do have to be careful though is making sure you don’t exceed your budget trying to clear the bonus because the 50x bonus playthrough requirement is high. At least the wagering requirement is based on just the bonus and not on both the bonus and deposit combined as it is at some online casinos. But even so, keep in mind that getting the maximum bonus of €500 is contingent on playing a minimum of €25,000 in the casino. If this amount is more than you can afford, you should consider making smaller deposits and accepting a smaller bonus. Either way, as soon as all of the required wagering has been completed, you are free to withdraw your deposit, any associated winnings, and the bonus, too.

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Loyalty Rewards and Other Promotions

Jackpot City is the type of casino that players keep coming back to, in part because the nonstop activity make it a fun place to play, but that is far from the only reason. Another is that this is a casino that does not hesitate to show that your loyalty is appreciated. If you become a regular player, the rewards and special offers don’t stop with the Welcome Bonus, but continue indefinitely.

The Website Doesn’t Say Much

The point of this Jackpot City Casino online review is to call attention not only to those areas where the casino excels, but also where it could do better. We were surprised and disappointed to find that the website, which is very forthcoming about most most areas of operation, is quite sketchy about the casino’s loyalty rewards program. We see no valid reason for not supplying prospective players with more detailed information. Having some idea what level of play is necessary to obtain what calibre of rewards is important for all players. Small players like playing in a casino where they feel they are getting some bang for their buck. High rollers don’t want to just play anywhere, but in a casino where they feel they are receiving the extra perks and privileges they deserve.

That said, our conclusion, based on the very brief description of the Jackpot City loyalty rewards program on its website, is that this casino shows its appreciation for its players in a variety of ways. For starters, all of your real money play counts towards earning loyalty points. Once you have accumulated enough of them, they can be converted into cashback. In addition, based on the preceding week’s play, you may qualify for special midweek and weekend match play bonuses. Qualifying players are notified by email. Missing, however, from the website is any information about the specific levels of play required for either the cashback or a weekly bonus.


  • Operating online since 1998
  • Powered by the latest top of the line Microgaming software
  • Also playable in flash version and on virtually any mobile device
  • eCogra certified
  • Over 450 high payout games, including more than 300 slot games
  • Generous Welcome Bonus (for slots)
  • Special bigger Welcome Bonus exclusively for mobile players
  • Play for free option
  • Part of the Microgaming progressive jackpot network
  • Better odds for roulette players (36-1 on single numbers instead of 35-1).
  • Live dealer and 3D games
  • Secure banking with wide choice of methods and expedited withdrawals
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Loyalty rewards, VIP program, free slots and blackjack tournaments, and special promotions for everyone


  • No U.S. and UK players allowed
  • Welcome Bonus is practically use for games other than slots.
  • Hefty playthrough requirement for withdrawal of 50x bonus.
  • Prospective players want more information about the loyalty rewards program than given on the website.
  • Customer Support is limited to live chat (no phone or email support).

VIP Rewards

It is not clear whether Jackpot City has specific loyalty tiers, nor does the website specify its criteria for VIP status. However, Jackpot City goes above and beyond to treat its top players like the VIPs they are. If your play qualifies, you will be rewarded with all the following:

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Special Promotions for Everyone

Here is where the casino really shines because everyone, high roller or not, can participate in these promotions. The varying prizes up for grabs, which all players have a chance to win, include cash, casino credits, free spins, and even major prizes like gadgets, 5-star cruises, and exotic vacations. All players are also invited to participate in frequently scheduled free online slots and blackjack tournaments.

Customer Support

Customer Support is an important service which any player should be able to access if needed at any time day or night. Both online and mobile players can access Customer Support 24/7, but apparently via live chat only. At one time phone and email service were also offered, but there is no indication that those options are currently available.

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