Glossary of Slot Terms

Why you should read this page

If you’ve ever read through a game guide or another review about an online casino and you weren’t sure what all the terms meant, this glossary is for you. It covers the most common casino and online gambling terms and helps you understand what everything means as you’re reading a review or new information about online gaming.

Slots machines are easy to play but they do have a variety of features and specified terminology that some people simply don’t know. Here is a list of the most common slot machine terms.

Slot Machine Symbols

Slot machines utilize many different types of symbols, the various combinations of which can result in the player winning credits and free spins. Each reel on a slot has a specific number of symbols arranged in a designated order. Symbols may be theme based, include different numbers and letters or may be made up of images of cards, fruit and other such objects. Below are five of the most common types of slot machine symbols.

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