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Kings of Chicago Slots Review for 2018


Tired of samey 5-reel slots games? Enjoy the occasional game of poker? Then we've got JUST the slot for you! Kings of Chicago combines spinning the reels and 5 card poker games in a way that's, as far as we've ever seen, totally unique for a slot.

If you're not a poker fan but would like to learn some more about the game, or just fancy immersing yourself in the world of notorious Chicago mobsters, don't worry about missing out on any wins – the game automatically registers any winning poker hands, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the game.

Playing Kings of Chicago Slots Online

30 Second Guide

Combine all of the fun and excitement of poker night with a 5-reel gangster themed slot by trying Kings of Chicago. The game may have just 5 paylines, but it's difficult not to fall in love with its non-traditional playing style and evocative casino theme, animated cards and that distinctive green felt.

The game's 20,000 coin jackpot won't exactly make you the don, but the game more than makes up for this with plenty of wins during standard play and gameplay that's unlike any other slot on the market, let alone any other NetEnt game.

Time to don your spats, grab your Tommy gun and get ready to face off against the Kings of Chicago. This specialized poker themed slot is a whole lot of fun to play and comes complete with a respectable jackpot and a very fine bonus round that mean it's worth a look for any slots fanatic, not just poker fans.

It's not unusual for A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols to appear on the reels of slot machines, but you've never seen them act quite like this. Other cards from the deck, 2 through 9, as well as Jokers join these symbols (and some are randomly assigned to be scatter symbols) to form winning poker hands across the "reels".

The aim of the game here is to construct poker hands better than a pair across a payline although, like with most other slots, you actually have very little control over the action. It would have been interesting to bring some other elements of video poker or Three Card Poker into the game, but Kings of Chicago is compelling enough to keep us interested anyway.

Because a certain level of poker knowledge is recommended, if not required, you won't find this game on offer at every single NetEnt powered online casino but you should find no shortage of venues where it is on offer should you decide to try it for yourself.

Kings of Chicago
Rating 8 / 10
User Rating 8 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: 10c
  • Paylines: 5
  • Max Win: 10000c
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Round: No

Kings of Chicago Bonus Round


For what is, in most other respects, a very special game Kings of Chicago's bonus round is distinctly average. Land 3 scatter symbols and you'll get 10 free deals, 4 symbols will net you 15 free deals and 5 scatters will trigger a huge 30 free deals.

Any wins during free deals come with a 2x multiplier and, if you've read any of our other reviews, you'll already know how much we love multipliers in a bonus round! We should also point out that wild wins involving a Joker come with a 2x multiplier, which is already a great thing in standard play but means a 4x multiplier is potentially on the cards (if you'll excuse the pun) during free deals.

Kings of Chicago may describe their bonus round as "free deals", but it should be obvious even to casual slots players that we're just looking at a typical free spins bonus round here.

That's not to say that this is a bad thing, though the much lower number of paylines than in most other slots means that you may be unlucky enough to bag just a couple of wins during the bonus round...not so impressive!

With all of that said, free spins/deals are always a good thing because they usually give players the chance to stretch their bankroll that little bit further!

Jackpot Breakdown

With a maximum jackpot of 20,000 coins and a maximum coin size of 1.00, the game's maximum jackpot stands at a cool $20,000. This probably won't interest jackpot hunters who like to spend their time chasing progressive jackpots worth millions of dollars, but it's bound to appeal to the average poker fan who also likes hitting the slots.

Any poker player will tell you that you would have to either spend a lot of time playing the game and/or make some very bold bets playing poker to take home $20,000 in a single session. Plus, Kings of Chicago's reasonably high RTP means it represents a better investment for players who don't have too much faith in their poker skills or don't have a lot of time on their hands.


Kings of Chicago may not have the best looking visuals out there – its simple 2D illustrations are no match for glitzy 3D titles and slick next gen animations. However, there's still something truly exciting about the game and its poker style scoring system has to be a big part of that.

The game's small number of paylines is keenly felt when you feel certain that the outcome on the screen should result in a win but hasn't done so because that perfect poker hand hasn't fallen across a payline.

A decent, if not incredible, jackpot is a constant reminder for players why they're sticking around and the excitement of the final reel turning over (just like a flop in poker) is difficult to match. This is definitely a game you'll want to try if you're in the mood for a slot that's a bit different.


  • Game has a truly unique playing mechanic
  • Kings of Chicago's visuals and sounds are distinctive
  • Poker fans are bound to enjoy the inclusion of their favorite table game


  • Very few paylines
  • Audio isn't particularly impressive and can be a little bit glitchy sometimes
How does King of Chicago work?
Mix up playing on normal slot games with King of Chicago which combines 5 card poker games with the spinning reels.
How do I play?
To start playing King of Chicago, you need to do two things first: choose a coin level and a bet level. Then, spin the reels to try to get a poker hand which is better than a pair across a pay line. The game will register winning hands so you can just enjoy the game.
How many bonus games are there?
There are two kinds of bonuses: you can either have the Free Dead where you get Free Spins or the Joker Wild which acts as the Wild Symbol.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The maximum number of coins you can win is 20,000 which can amount to a maximum win of $20,000.
How many pay lines are there?
There are only 5 pay lines, so there is a limit to the winning combinations you can get while playing this game.
How can I win at slot games?
You win by getting a combination of cards that make for a good poker hand across 1 of the 5 pay lines.
Where can I play?
Check out our top rated casinos on this page for the best sites to play Kings of Chicago.
Can I play on mobile?
Yes, you can play Kings of Chicago from Android and Apple mobile devices through our top rated casinos with mobile support.
Is it safe?
Our recommendations only feature casinos which can prove they offer fair play and secure transactions. Therefore, any of our top sites for Kings of Chicago will be safe.
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