Slots with Bonus Games

Bonus games and features can make or break an online slots experience, not to mention give you the chance to win a whopping jackpot! With that in mind, we’re bringing you all the information you need to make the most out of bonus games, including the different types of bonuses to look out for, and which slot machines and online casinos offer the best bonus features.

Try out some free slot games with bonus features from our user-friendly finder or head to one of our recommended casinos to play for real money. You’ll find both options further down this page.

What Are Bonus Games?

Bonus games or features are mini games within online slots, commonly triggered by hitting a selection of symbols (typically three scatter symbols, or a pair or more of other symbols), but they can also be triggered at random. Online slot machines with bonus games give online slots players chances to win big. We suggest seeing how they work first-hand by playing some free slots with bonus rounds.

There are different types of bonus games and features:

  • Free Spins - You will receive a number of spins at your current stake, for free, where you keep any winnings but cannot lose any money.
  • Re-Spins - You will get one extra spin at your current stake for free, often with symbols held in place.
  • Pick Me - Play an interactive mini-game and win instant prizes by picking from random themed selections.
  • Instant Win - Receive an instant cash prize.
  • Added/Extra Wilds - New or extra wild symbols may be added to the reels.
  • Pathway Game - Progress through a series of mini-games and win bigger prizes as you go along. Can often be part of a progressive jackpot game.

What Makes A Good Game?

Because bonus game slots are some of the most popular in the world, the best online casinos will offer a healthy selection of slot machines with bonus games – often hundreds! So, how do you sort the good from the bad? The three most important factors to look out for are:

  • The Chance of Playing - If you play a slot online then it might have the best bonus game in the world, but if you can only play it once every 50,000 spins then it isn't much good! The best online slots have bonus games that occur frequently.
  • The Top Prize - A bonus slots game may come up often, but it might only double your prize. The top online slots will multiply your bet by a considerable amount.
  • The Fun Factor - Besides the money, one big reason that online slot machines have bonus games is to make the game fun. A boring game is a bad game!

Find Top Free Slots with Bonus Games

You’re probably hankering to try out some of our top free slots with bonus games now, so, without further ado, we’re pleased to present you with a whopping 872 of them. Sound intimidating? Our nifty search, sort, and filter tool just made your cherry-picking a million times easier.

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6468 plays
Golden Legend
(6468 plays) Golden Legend 3.5 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
4179 plays
Diamond Strike 100,000
(4179 plays) Diamond Strike 100,000 3.4 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
4024 plays
Enchanted Meadow
(4024 plays) Enchanted Meadow 3.4 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
3813 plays
(3813 plays) Quick Hit Platinum Triple... 3.9 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
3279 plays
(3279 plays) Wolf Gold 3.7 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
3266 plays
(3266 plays) Irish Gold 3.1 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2673 plays
(2673 plays) Blazin Buffalo 4.2 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2412 plays
(2412 plays) 88 Fortunes 3.7 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2240 plays
(2240 plays) 8 Dragons 3 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2155 plays
(2155 plays) Golden Ticket 3.6 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2085 plays
(2085 plays) Jewel Box 3.3 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2052 plays
(2052 plays) Wild North 3.9 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
2035 plays
(2035 plays) 5xMagic Mobile 3.9 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
1574 plays
(1574 plays) Tower Quest 4 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free
1261 plays
(1261 plays) Pearls of India 4 /5 Mobile: Provider:
Play for free

Are Bonus Game Slots Better Than Regular Slots?

Some online slots don't have any bonus games at all. Sometimes this is because they are classic slots, emulating one-armed bandits and keeping things simple and stripped-down, and other times it's because they offer a high chance of winning without a bonus.

However, we think that bonus rounds really boost a player’s engagement and offer an increased chance of hitting the jackpot. With all that considered, it’s no surprise that many of the world's most popular online slots feature one or more bonus games or bonus features.