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Aztec Gold Slots Review for 2018

Aztec Gold slots were first introduced in the 1990s as part of Casino Technology's live Mega Jack machines which allowed players to choose between several different video poker and slot games. The online Aztec Gold slot machine appeared a few years ago as a PC adaptation, and while it's still hard to find a cash version of these online slots they've nevertheless managed to become quite a cult classic among discerning slots fans.. If you look hard enough you’ll spot it online for real money and there are some versions of this machine that still pop up in local casinos as well.

The Aztec Gold online slots are identical to the original Aztec Gold slots; they've got 5 reels and up to 25 paylines, and players can bet as little as a penny per spin. The Aztec Gold slot machine features obvious Aztec themed symbols like tribal masks, a temple, idols and maize and some less than obvious symbols like tomatoes and llamas (yes, really). The golden idol is the wild, but it only appears on lines 2, 3 and 4. The golden dragon head serves as the jackpot symbol. If you're lucky enough to find an Aztec Gold slots casino that offers a real money version of the game, then you'll be excited to hear that the top prize is a whopping 10,000 coins. Even better, some Aztec Gold slots casinos offer a payback percentage of up to 97%.


30 Second Guide

The Aztec Gold online slots machine can be found in different styles, but the modern one shows the symbols on large stone blocks. The images are different items from the Aztec era, but they also include classic card symbols. The buttons can be a bit hard to spot at first since they are combined with the theme. However, the large statute head on the first two reels is for selecting the size of the bet, while the urns next to it are for the number of lines, with up to 50 available. The 'Spin' button is actually the drum on the bottom right.

Another thing that makes the Aztec Gold online slots especially fun is that they offer two different bonuses. To trigger the Aztec Gold slots bonus, you'll have to hit pyramid symbols on the last three reels. Then you'll have three chances to get the best pyramid bonus. If you get up to the diamond pyramid level in the initial bonus round, then you enter the Diamond Bonus game wherein you pull stones to find a prize. If you find the golden dragon head, then you win the Aztec Gold slot machine's 10,000 coin jackpot.

While the graphics on this game are pretty simplistic, the gameplay that it offers is pretty advanced for a slot machine. With each spin you can choose the number of betlines that you want to use as well as a wide variety of bet amounts. Not only that but you have the chance to try and double up on any winnings that you earn while playing the game. This adds an element of strategy to the slot machine to help make it more exciting.

Even though the slot machine is difficult to track down, it can be a lot of fun once you do come across one. If you’re looking for a no-frills slot to play that offers a lot of options, Aztec Gold is a fun way to pass the time and can be an exciting experience as well while paying out seriously good jackpots when betting the highest amount allowed.

Aztec Gold Slot Game Review

To summarize, here's what's worthy and worthless about the Aztec Gold online slots, which earned a scant 7 out of 10 from our reviewers.

Jackpot Breakdown

Aztec Gold does not have a progressive jackpot and the one awarded for its most valuable combination is modest. 500 times the line bet can be won when aligning five symbols of the golden Aztec statue on a line, or with the help of wild symbols.

Aztec Gold
By MegaJack
Rating 7 / 10
User Rating 7 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: -
  • Paylines: 25
  • Max Win: Progressive
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: Normal
  • Bonus Round: No


  • Two-part bonus
  • 10,000 coin top prize
  • Wide range of betting options
  • Double up button


  • Bad sound effects and graphics
  • No free spins
  • Hard to find
How does the Aztec Gold slot work?
The Aztec Gold slot is an adaptation of a live slot that was in land-based casinos. It operates in five reels and it offers the player a nice array of betting options.
How do I play?
Most of the online versions of the Aztec Gold video slot are free play versions. However, there are some sites that do offer this machine for real betting.
How many bonus games are there?
This machine has a multi-stage bonus round where the player tries to reach the top prize on an Aztec pyramid.
What is the maximum jackpot?
If you reach the Diamond bonus round in the pyramid bonus game, you get a chance to uncover the golden dragon head for the top prize of the game. By reaching this prize, the player will receive a payout of 10,000 coins.
How many pay lines are there?
This video slot has 25 pay lines that the player can bet on.
How can I win at slot games?
It’s as simple as matching symbols and winning prizes.
Where can I play?
Since this was a popular slot for land-based casinos, you will find plenty of opportunities to play this game for free, but if you want to gamble real money, then you can check out some of our recommendations.
Can I play on mobile?
Players can find mobile versions of the Aztec Gold slot.
Is it safe?
Playing with a reputable online casino will help to ensure safety and security for the player.
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