Mega Money Mine Slots Review for 2018

Get ready to do some digging with Mega Money Mine slots. Featuring a progressive jackpot, three reels and a single payline, the Mega Money Mine slot machine will have you hitting the spin button like a jackhammer.

With some great jackpots, Mega Money Mine online slots come with a price. You can wager up to three coins per spin, but coins are fixed at $1.50. Therefore you can bet anywhere between $1.50 and $4.50 a spin. And with those prices, it doesn't take long to burn through a few hundred dollars while playing this at an online casino.

Mega Money Mine
Rating 9 / 10
User Rating 9 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 3
  • Max Bet: 3 coins
  • Paylines: 1
  • Max Win: 2,250 coins
  • Multiplier: No
  • Jackpot: Progressive
  • Bonus Round: No


30 Second Guide

Mega Money Mine adds a bit more excitement to the classic gameplay of a 3-reel slot machine with the help of a large progressive jackpot. The online casino game has old-fashioned symbols like BAR, 7, and cherries along with gold bars, diamonds, and mining equipment to fit the theme. On the top of the screen, players will see the current value of the jackpot as it grows when bets are placed. Playing Mega Money Mine is done with a fixed coin value of $1.5 and each bet can be made of 1-3 coins by clicking on 'Bet One' before spinning the three reels.

Although those with a smaller bankroll might be locked out from Mega Money Mine online slots, if you can afford it this is a great online casino game to play. There are no wild or multiplier symbols, nor any fancy bonus games. In a Mega Money Mine slots casino you simply focus on spinning those reels to hit that progressive jackpot.

The symbols in a Mega Money Mine slot machine are all mining themed, although there some traditional online slots symbols also thrown in for good measure. The payouts vary according to how many coins you wager on each spin. But you can only win the whole progressive jackpot in a Mega Money Mine slots casino if you wager three coins per spin.

However, Mega Money Mine online slots differs from many other online casino slots in that you can still win a portion of the jackpot if you wager less than three coins. This makes Mega Money Mine slots very attractive to online slots players.

The Mega Money Mine slot machine features some payouts for a single symbol on the payline. So a single 7 Symbol or a single Gold Bar Symbol pays out three coins or 12 coins respectively. This means you can hit frequent small wins that contribute to a fun and exciting experience.

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There is also a payout for any three Bar Symbols, which is a combination you hit regularly. However, the largest payout in Mega Money Mine online slots comes from hitting three gold bars. This pays out 2,250 coins or $3,375. This is a very substantial win to hit.

Three 7 Symbols pay out 900 coins, three Pick And Shovel Symbols pay out 300 coins, and three Diamond Symbols pay out 240 coins so the jackpot table in a Mega Money Mine slot machine is well shaped.

Mega Money Mine online slots do have an autoplay feature, which greatly helps in chasing that big progressive jackpot. The thought of winning several hundred thousand dollars with the click of a mouse will have many people hammering away at the spin button.

You can also turn off the sound, should you want a quiet Mega Money Mine slots casino experience, or perhaps want to tunnel for those jackpots in stealth mode.

In conclusion, the Mega Money Mine slot machine may not be for everyone with its fixed coin limit, but those that can afford to play this great online casino game will be well rewarded with good payouts and the chance to win life changing money. So switch on your headlamp, grab your canary and head into the bowels of the earth and see if Mega Money Mine slots can provide you with a fistful of gold.

Jackpot Breakdown

The progressive jackpot, usually worth a few hundred thousand dollars, is awarded for three symbols of the Mega Money Mine logo. These must land on the payline at the same time and the payout is based on the number of coins wagered on the spin. One coin will award 15% of the jackpot, two coins will grant 30% of the jackpot and a bet of three coins will trigger the full jackpot for the combination.

How does the Mega Money Mine slot work?
The Mega Money Mine slots are three-reelers that are connected to a progressive jackpot.
How do I play?
The Mega Money Mine video slot accepts a fixed denomination of a dollar fifty and it allows for a max bet of three coins per spin.
How many bonus games are there?
You have no bonus games when you play the Mega Money Mine slots.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The progressive jackpot on the Mega Money Mine slots can be won by getting three of the game logos. However, you only get a percentage of the progressive for betting one or two coins. To get the full jackpot, you must bet the three coin max.
How many pay lines are there?
Mega Money Mine slots are easy to understand with their single pay line.
How can I win at slot games?
Getting the progressive is the ultimate goal of playing the Mega Money Mine slots, but you can win some nice prizes by getting combinations like three gold bars, three sevens, three pick and shovels and three diamonds.
Where can I play?
The Mega Money Mine game is featured at a large selection of online casinos.
Can I play on mobile?
With casinos that support mobile play, bettors can bring the Mega Money Mine to mobile devices.
Is it safe?
Play your Mega Money Mine slots with casinos that have features like encryption and there should be little to worry about in regard to safety.
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