A Quick Taste of WGS Technology

WGS Technology happens to be one of the few long standing online casino software providers that have weathered through time. Their product line includes instant play and downloadable game clients, as well as an interactive and all-inclusive back office application that provides support to operators in player management, cash processing, marketing, affiliate management and risk management.

There’s almost nothing a player can find in a physical land-based casino, that isn’t available at WGS. Bright animated lights, flashy graphics, loud sounds and some unbelievable payouts – they’re all part of the package. You’ll find that Slots.LV Casino offers players an amazing online gaming experience not unlike that one gets with WGS as it includes top-notch animations, exciting bonus and free spin rounds, and unmatched jackpots.

The WGS Technology Creation Story

Founded in 1996, WGS Technology wasn’t always a developer of online gambling software. At the onset of its existence, WGS Technology was known as OddsOn. It made a start by developing software for companies that processed cash electronically. Meaning, for the process of online payments and transactions, WGS was providing secure web-services to its clients. Since a large number of its patrons belonged to the casino industry, WGS saw an opportunity in the development and marketing of exciting and innovative casino games.

As a premium developer of casino software, WGS Technology believes in simplicity. Its platform is best described as streamlined and uncomplicated.

Soon, WGS had become a pioneer in developing cutting-edge software for online gambling. Renowned for its original and thrilling games, WGS managed to cultivate a legendary reputation amongst software providers, operators and players worldwide. Furthermore, its software for casino management is both flexible and well-integrated. It allows management full access to data round the clock, from any location across the globe.

In 2005, it was renamed from OddsOn to Vegas Technology after a successful merger with English Harbor Gaming Ventures. A license was acquired from the Directorate of Offshore Gaming in Antigua. Shortly thereafter, while dealing with the regular issues that come along for corporations, Vegas Technology also had a bit of bad luck in expanding its roots in the industry. Subsequently, the corporation then proceeded to rebrand itself as WGS Technology in 2011. In recent years, WGS has moved forward significantly within the iGaming industry. A number of online casinos are powered by WGS software and are host to its wonderful library of games.

The Best WGS Technology Online Slots

With a wide-ranging library of 3, 5 and 7 reel titles, WGS ensures that each players is able to find a slot game that suits their taste and gets their heart racing.

It is hard to find some criticism of the high level design of WGS software. With eye-catching animations and enlivening themes, players relish these slots online. WGS software has the ability to generate an endless variety of variations in graphics. Plus, there is no limit to the customization that individual casino operators can request, if they desire gaming content to match their theme. Developers are particularly full of pride when it comes to the radical 3D graphics of the slots, allowing players to experience a brick and mortar casino environment. Players have reported positive, enduring emotions and a lasting adrenaline rush.

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Detailed WGS Review

When you’re part of an exceedingly competitive industry such as internet gambling, it is imperative to develop software that is of exceptional quality and popular with consumers. Originally, WGS began with developing Java-based, downloadable games. Later it made the switch in manufacturing and began to use C++. Presently, WGS offers both Flash-based versions for browsers and downloadable versions.

Players choosing online gambling aren’t interested in wasting time or being patient about frequent downtime, long downloads and slow response times. They are looking for swift action, processing that competes with the service you receive at a physical casino, all simply within the comfort of home. WGS realized these needs and player demands, and has accordingly created the finest software around.

The download speed offered by WGS is higher than the industry average, therefore, if a player is logged on with good bandwidth, the casinos are downloaded in under a minute. Intended to host numerous players, WGS software operates uninterrupted, and if their internet connection is disconnected, players can start playing immediately. Players experience neither data loss nor downtime. Fortunately, satisfied and happy players, are hooked on the games.

Ensuring player and operator security is one of the top priorities at WGS Technology. Aside from following the guidelines prescribed by their regulating body, they have taken vital measures that establish a safe environment. WGS clients are certain that their confidential and sensitive data cannot be compromised. Moreover, players should have no doubt about the fairness of the online slots games, as the “randomness” of events is tested regularly by an independent firm that specializes in testing gaming corporations.

Who is WGS Technology?
A trusted provider of software for online casinos, WGS Technology was established in 1996. They have been creating simple and reliable gaming content and back-office management software for more than a decade.
What slot games does WGS offer?
WGS has developed an assortment of popular traditional and video slots with a variety in number of reels. Games have a user-friendly interface, exquisite artwork and inspirational themes.
Which are the most popular?
Among its impressive selection of slots, WGS's hottest slots have the finest themes, engaging graphics and rewarding prizes. Loyal players favor slots such as Agent Cash, Mine All Mine, Bangkok Nights, Farming Futures and Jester’s Wild.
Are the jackpots good?
For anyone looking to make a big and juicy hit, WGS offers plenty of progressive and non-progressive jackpots for slots and even some table games.
Are they trustworthy?
Providing a fair and safe environment for both customers and players is highly significant at WGS. They ensure adherence to the top standards set by licensing and regulating bodies. Software at WGS is also routinely audited by an impartial third-party.
How do they compare with other makers?
WGS has been working hard to initiate an improved player experience. It has provided operators with profitable business, while making sure players are having fun. When compared to other makers, it is obvious that WGS is considered one of the leading developers in the industry.

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