Video Slots Guide

Video slots utilize the most advanced technologies, making for vivid visuals and immersive features, so it's no surprise they're so popular. Discover the best video slots online, as well as top video slots casinos...

Video Slot Basics

What exactly is a video slot? This type of machine utilizes video technology in its displays and its inner workings are run by complex software. A video slot machine is able to transform its screen instantly from showing a five-reel slot display to revealing a bonus round that takes you on an adventure that includes images and sounds that utilize high quality animation techniques.

Also, many are themed, thus these are the machines that include super hero, sports, film, comic book, seasonal, holiday, and other themes. Finally, these machines have certain features, such as multipliers, wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds that others do not have.

These are the various elements that tend to define these types of machines and that make them extremely popular with players. The gaming experience these slots offer is diverse, exciting, and entertaining.

Loads More Choices

This kind of online slot machine does provide players with a lot more choice than other machines. Here are some of the differences between video and classic slots.

  • More paylines, giving players additional chances to win
  • Bigger jackpots
  • More reels, which makes winning combinations harder to hit
  • More expensive maximum bets due to greater amount of paylines
  • More prize tiers than three-reel machines
  • More choices and rounds
  • Some offer more than one bonus round
  • Double up option at the end of a bonus round

Playing Video Slots

In playing video slots, it’s important that you understand all of the symbols and features and how they affect the game. The fact is these machines, although simple to play, have complex features and combine elements in such a way that it can be confusing for players. The following elements are found on most of these kinds of slots.

Specialized symbols will open the door to you accessing various features of a video machine and will allow you to win extra cash. Perhaps the most powerful symbol is the wild icon, as this symbol can become any other symbol on the machine and it will enhance your ability to complete winning combinations. One, two, three or more wilds may appear at the end of any turn.

Scatters are another kind of important symbol. A scatter, depending upon the machine, can have various functions, but usually the appearance of at least two will propel you into a bonus round. If a machine has more than one bonus round, then a certain number of scatters may be needed to get you to a specific round.

The scatter may also trigger free spins, although a different type of symbol or combination of symbols may be responsible for this feature. Free spins are just that, you get to take more turns without spending any additional money.

Multipliers do exactly what it sounds like they do. These symbols increase the payout on any given turn. How much they multiply your payout by depends upon how many symbols show up at one time.

The bonus round is a very exciting aspect of any video slot. Almost all video slot machines offer at least one bonus round and some have more. If a machine has more than one type of bonus, access to specific bonuses may be controlled by the number of scatters you collect on one turn or by the progress you make in your initial bonus round.

Many bonus rounds will offer a double up option at the end of the round. You may have to choose between two or three elements, and in making the right choice, your bonus will double. But be careful. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll lose the entire bonus. This is an option so you can decide to opt out of it and leave the bonus round without risking your winnings.

Top Tips For Video Slots

Use these playing tips to get the most out of your video slots experience. They will help you ensure that you get more for your money and extend your playing time while increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

  • Read and understand the pay table before starting
  • Read and understand all instructions and symbols prior to playing
  • Play in the free mode before spending any real cash
  • Play a machine you can afford
  • Try to get at least 50 to 100 spins per playing session
  • Always play the maximum to get the biggest payouts
  • Play slots that you enjoy
  • Limit your stake for each session
  • Observe any limits on time, amount risked/lost, or winnings that you make
  • Play for fun first and foremost

Enjoy the video slot experience. It is the most exciting one you’ll have at any casino. Control your play and betting and do not let the machine control you. Video slots are a lot of fun, as they offer players a large amount of action while providing great entertainment.