A Little About Bally Technologies

A giant in the gaming industry, Bally has manufactured and supplied gaming machines, information systems and equipment for years. It caters to both segments, mechanical reel and video slots, across the globe and at home in the United States. With dedication, Bally continues to produce cutting-edge gaming devices complete with enhanced features, gripping content and the best in graphics.

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Where it Started for Bally Technologies

Bally Gaming was created in 1932 as Bally Manufacturing, developer of popular pinball machines. Next, the company made its move into the business of slot machines. It continued to work hard in order to establish itself as the leading manufacturer and distributor of slot machines. While the Second World War meant the company had to manufacture wartime materials, it got back on the gaming track by 1945.

Aiming to provide the best in content, innovation and technology, Bally Technologies is set to reach perfection as the largest broad-based supplier in the gaming industry.

The business, unfortunately, experienced a quick demise in 1958 as the founder passed away and the children were unable to prevent insolvency. However, assets of the company bought by the founder’s associate were revived and the company got back in action. In 1963, a revolutionary and impactful slot machine “Money Honey”, made its way into the gaming industry from Bally Manufacturing. By 1968, Bally slots had captured 90% land based machine market in Nevada.

Right around the same time an organization, Advanced Patent Technology, was making the move towards the gaming industry in 1979, with the acquisition of United Coin Machine Company playing out. After an episode with the SEC in 1980, the company reorganized its management structure and appointed a new president, C. Richard Iannone, who helped pull the company through.

In 1981, the name was changed to Gaming and Technology Inc., which was better aligned with the direction of the business. A merger with Omega Enterprises was the highlight of 1985, due to a slump in the market as the gaming machines business remained slow. Another name change was carried out in 1988, and the company became United Gaming Inc. Amongst many successful ventures between 1988 and 1994, United also changed its name to Alliance Gaming Corporation.

Alliance Gaming subsequently took over Bally Gaming in June 1996. Three divisions came into being, thereafter, Bally Gaming dedicated to slots, Bally Systems for casino management systems and Bally Wulff (German). Finally, in 1998, both Bally Gaming and Systems were combined into one. In 2006, Alliance finally changed the name to Bally Technologies Inc. In 2014, Bally bought SHFL entertainment, a global giant in gaming supplies. However, later in the year, with Bally’s own agreement, it was acquired by Scientific Games.

The Top Online Slots You Should Know About

Aside from “The Blob”, Bally offers a number of licensed titles that can tickle a player’s fancy. These include Titanic, Michael Jackson King of Pop, The Magic of David Copperfield and Grease.

Most of the wonderful slots that players find familiar are limited to land-based casinos. However, an excellent selection of memorable slot titles has finally made its way online through Bally Technologies. Fortunately, the online versions promise the same features of their physical counterparts. Get ready for dramatic action, ground-breaking graphics and an absolutely authentic casino experience, right from the comfort of your home. Most Bally online slots have been designed to cater to all kinds of players, therefore whatever your gaming budget or preference, you’re sure to find something to keep you interested. You’re bound to have an absorbing experience, with a high level of interactivity and remarkable visual quality.

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Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty – Bally Technologies

As a whole, Bally offers a diversified setup of departments. Beginning with the Gaming Cabinets, they produce hardware and offer several features and layouts for both the formats: video and spinning reel. They offer Game Platforms for casino operators that manage the hardware for installed devices and deliver game content. Next, under the Game Content and Development section, Bally develops entertainment content for its customers including land-based and online casinos and markets that follow central determination gaming such as bingo, lottery and video lottery. A dedicated “Table Products” section deals with providing proprietary table games and related products.

Another unit “Game Parts and Conversion Kits” is dedicated to maintaining in-house and customer devices - that means purchasing replacement parts, upgrading, installing conversion kits and more. For customers with the latest gaming devices and accessories, Maintenance, Trade and Resale Market is established to provide parts, labor and assistance with warranty. If you’re looking to rent or lease gaming devices or content, you’re required to get in touch with Gaming Operations. System Solutions is dedicated to supplying customers with casino, slot and table-management systems that can help collect data for analytics and improve player experience.

Who is Bally?
Established in 1932, Las Vegas based Bally Technologies is a global provider of gaming products and solutions. Its operations include the designing, manufacturing and distribution of gaming devices, advanced casino management systems and cutting-edge technology solutions.
What slot games does it offer?
Bally offers the hottest in progressive slot games that might just help you hit an ultimate, life-changing jackpot. Whether you’re looking for spinning reels or video, with Bally online slots there’s always a wide choice that is guaranteed to work for every player, regardless of their budget or style.
Which are the most popular?
Bally has created a large number of innovative slot titles. Those with a cult following include Quick Hit Platinum, Cupid and Psyche, Mayan Treasures, Pharaoh’s Dream, Betty Boop Fortune Teller and Shadow Diamond.
Are the jackpots good?
There is one word for Bally’s jackpots, “remarkable”. You stand to make a lot of money by playing at the slots and simply spinning because the progressive jackpots are just electrifying. Plus, thanks to the numerous distinct bonus events offered in all titles, there’s always a winner.
Are they trustworthy?
Being one of the key players in the gaming industry, Bally simply does not believe in being careless. They are dedicated to their reputation of providing a safe and secure environment for both players and operators. There’s no reason to expect any foul play with your personal or financial information at a Bally’s casino.
How do they compare with other makers?
With operations across the globe and a brand name familiar amongst a majority of slot enthusiasts, Bally is doing exceedingly well when compared to its competitors. Trusted by numerous large casino operators, both land-based and online, Bally continues to explore its potential effectively.

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