Slots are amongst the most popular games for gamblers and are played all over the world. But did you know that you can play offline slots for free by downloading slot game apps? Doing this allows you to access all the fun of your favorite games wherever you are, even if you have no internet connection. Read on to find out what our favorite downloadable free slots are, plus how you can play offline slots for real money!

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Why Play Slots Offline for Free?

Some gamblers only fancy playing slots in order to bag some real money wins, but playing free offline slots comes with a huge range of advantages. Firstly, it’s fun, and you won’t have to stop having fun when you have no internet connection or have run out of data! So if it’s the entertainment factor you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, playing free offline slot games enables you to play as much as you want, for as long as you like, without ever risking your own hard-earned cash and having to stop because you’ve depleted your bankroll. Essentially, even though there are no real money wins, free offline slots are still exciting and fun to play, making them the perfect way to pass time while you’re out and about. All you need to do is visit your app store and see which ones are available to you. It goes without saying that you can even play free slots online!

Our Favorite 5 Slots to Download

  1. 88 Fortunes

    Featuring authentic, Asian-style graphics, 88 Fortunes is brought to you from the heart of Las Vegas. This exciting, downloadable slot game offers you the chance to win the Fu Bat Progressive Jackpot and has plenty of amazing special features like mystery prizes, daily coin gifts and bonuses, and fun collectible items.

  2. Blazing 7s

    Perfect for Android users, Blazing 7s is a free slots app which you can download and play offline, whenever you please. You’ll find the most popular three-reel slots in one place and will enjoy progressive jackpots, tournaments and daily bonuses. Get transported right to the Las Vegas Strip with the click of a button!

  3. Quick Hit

    Quick Hit is another offline slot which is ideal for Android players. Choose this slot to play offline and you’ll be treated to standout graphics, with the typical lower-paying symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, A interspersed with higher-ranking symbols inspired by the mythical creature of the sun dragon.

  4. Gold Fish

    Available on the Google Play store, Gold Fish is a spirited offline slot inspired by the beauty of the underworld, the main character is – you guessed it – a goldfish! The Gold Fish offline slot comes packed with features such as free coins, a volcanic eruption bonus, and a super-charged jackpot. You can find out more in our full review.

  5. Monopoly

    Monopoly is inspired by the famous board game and brings the fun of this epic game and the thrill of slot machines together. The Monopoly slot takes you straight into the heart of Monopoly City, tasking you with returning this aging metropolis to its former glory. It’s a fun game, and in our opinion, one of the most entertaining free online slots with bonus features.

What If I Want to Play Offline for Real Money?

If you want to download a particular slot, you’re going to have to play for free and won’t be able to bag yourself real money wins. However, there is a very simple way to play offline casino slots for real money, and that’s by downloading casino software or apps instead! Many of the world’s top casinos offer software and apps which can be easily downloaded to your desktop and mobile device respectively, including Apple, Windows and Android smartphones and tablets.

To download casino software, simply choose one of our recommended casinos (some of which are listed below), then head to the casino website on your device of choice and look for the download link. It’s then just a case of following on-screen instructions.

To download a casino app, all you have to do is head to your app store, search the casino name and hit download. Simple!

Take a look at the casinos we recommend to download below, and don’t forget, you can play for real money online, too.

The Top online slots sites for you

  • Our top rated casino
    • Payout %
    • Compatibility
    • Deposit Methods
    • # of Slot Games
    • Game Types
  • #1
    Welcome Bonus
    4.75 out of 5 stars
    T&Cs apply
    • Payout %
    • # of Slots Games
      520 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #2
    Welcome Bonus
    4.5 out of 5 stars
    T&Cs apply
    • Payout %
    • # of Slots Games
      300 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #3
    Welcome Bonus
    4.2 out of 5 stars
    T&Cs apply
    • Payout %
    • # of Slots Games
      380 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel

What Are The Benefits of Downloading A Casino?

While it’s possible to download singular slots to play without an internet connection, downloading casino software and apps is a great alternative, and in our opinion, the best way forward. If you choose to do this, you’ll be able to access a much wider range of excellent games, hosted by the best online casinos in the business.

One of the biggest benefits of downloading casinos to your desktop or mobile device is that it enables players to access real money games without an internet connection. Not only that, but playing offline slots for real money offers security to those who are worried about their details being intercepted. Either way, these downloads are free, so why not give both a try and see what’s best for you?

Can you play slots without an internet connection?
Yes, you can play slots offline, either by downloading singular slots or by downloading casino software and apps. Both options enable you to play slots on your mobile device or computer, without the need for an internet connection.
Can you play slots offline for real money?
Yes, you can play offline slots for real money if you choose to download casino software or apps, rather than particular slot games. Check out our list of top-rated downloadable casinos if you’re unsure of where to go.
What devices can I download slot games on?
You can download slot games on all manner of mobile devices, as well as your laptop. Download on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, Windows phones and tablets, and Android smartphones and tablets. Google Play seems to have the largest choice for downloadable slots, so there’s the best selection of free offline slot games for Android.
Can you download free slot games in their full version?
Yes, when you download a slot to play offline, you’ll enjoy all the same great features and effects that you would when playing online. The only difference is that you’ll be playing for free when you play offline.
How do you download free slot games?
To download a slot game you’ll need to visit the appropriate app store and search the name of the slot you’re after. Google Play does seem to have the largest choice.
How do you download a casino app or software?

To download casino software, choose one of our recommended casinos, then it’s just a case of opening the website on your chosen device, and following the on-screen instructions to download.

To download a casino app, simply search the name of your chosen casino in the app store on your device, click download, and it should be plain sailing from there!

Why play slots offline?
Playing slots offline enables you to access great games even if you have no internet connection. This is often useful if you’re traveling, or have used up all your data for the month. Many players choose to play free offline slots simply for entertainment, and playing offline is a great option for this.
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