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Devil's Delight Slots Review for 2018


NetEnt is well known for putting out some of the best-looking slots on the market in 2016. Unfortunately, Devil's Delight is not one of those games. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with the game's graphics per se, only that its cartoony visuals won't appeal to everyone.

However, a sizeable jackpot, easy playing style and a couple of very appealing bonus rounds means that the game has more than enough to interest plenty of players out there.

The game also has a very low minimum bet – it's possible to bet just a few cents per spin – and a high max. bet of $100, meaning that it's just as suitable for penny gamblers as it is for high rollers. This is one thing that always improves a game's appeal and popularity.

Playing Devil's Delight Slots Online

30 Second Guide

Devil's Delight is a zany cartoon slot with a devilish theme that any very religious slots fans might find just a little bit blasphemous! With 5 reels and 20 paylines, the game is very much a typical NetEnt video slot.

The game does have a couple of things that make it stand out though, including a large 200,000 coin jackpot and a couple of bonus features that often prove to be extremely good value for money. More than enough to make players think about embracing the dark side!

Devil's Delight's gameplay is typical of 5-reel slots – the game has 20 paylines, wilds (which expand when they appear on reels 2, 3 or 4 – very useful for triggering some extra wins), and scatters that trigger a round of free spins.

There's nothing particularly out of the ordinary here, with A, K and Q symbols sitting alongside a range of custom icons featuring a 666, a skeletal hand, some of the Devil's minions and a beautiful she-Devil. The game's audio didn't exactly impress us – it may have been a glitch, but the only thing we could hear besides the game's sound effects was an ominous cave-like echoing!

Despite being a fairly run-of-the-mill game, you'll find it in plenty of casinos online. Devil's Delight is hardly one of NetEnt's signature titles, but its fairly impressive jackpot means that venues are keen to offer it as another option to entice new players.

Devil's Delight
Rating 7.5 / 10
User Rating 7.5 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: 10c
  • Paylines: 20
  • Max Win: 5000
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Bonus Round: Yes

Devil's Delight Bonus Round


This slot has a couple of devilish bonus features with which to delight players. The first of these is a rather curious bonus game that's activated by Grim Reaper symbols appearing on reels 3, 4 and 5. In this soul collecting mini-game, it's up to players to assign the correct sins to a cast of characters which would be easy enough if choices didn't sometimes end up being a bit counter-intuitive.

Even so, you'll usually be able to rack up a couple of thousand coins in this bonus game as well as starting to fill the Soul-O-Meter. Players have 48 hours (provided they keep playing the game in the same casino using the same account) to fill this Soul-O-Meter. Do so and you'll be awarded 10 Sin Spins, which come with some fantastic payouts.

The game also features a fantastic Free Spins bonus round which is triggered by the appearance of 3 or more scatter symbols. Pick a pentagram to determine how many spins you get and what multiplier is awarded, but don't get too disappointed if you don't get much because it's possible to earn extra spins and multipliers (up to a maximum of 5x) every time 2 or more scatters appear during free spins.

This bonus round represents excellent value for money, as you can sometimes find that you end up with in the region of 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2x or 3x. We can't think of a slots player out there who wouldn't be happy with a bonus round like that.

Jackpot Breakdown

Considering the fact that Devil's Delight is, as NetEnt slots go, getting on in years you could be forgiven for thinking that it would have a below average jackpot. But, in fact, the opposite is true – a very pleasant surprise indeed!

With a maximum coin size of 0.50 and a jackpot of 200,000 coins, Devil's Delight's grand prize clocks in at $100,000. Anyone but the most hardened jackpot seeker who only deigns to spend their time on progressive jackpots would be more than happy to cash out a jackpot of this size.

And there's more good news – expanding wilds, free spins (with lots of multipliers and re-trigger possibilities) and Sin Spins mean that this jackpot does genuinely feel like it's always within reach.

The game doesn't feel hugely volatile either, in that you actually don't even need to get close to the maximum jackpot to rack up some good wins and cash out with a bankroll that has plenty of extra padding that it didn't have when you fired up Devil's Delight.


It's easy to write off Devil's Delight as "just another 5-reel slot" and, for the most part, that's exactly what it is. However, a couple of very fine bonus rounds, a hefty jackpot and a solid (if not stunning) visual style means that there are much worse titles out there to spend some time on than Devil's Delight.

The Soul-O-Meter offers a bit of extra replayability value, but we're not sure how likely it is that most players would feel inclined to play the game enough in 48 hours to fill it and get their Sin Spins.

Even without this feature, there's plenty here to enjoy and we're not surprised that this NetEnt slot has been able to stand the test of time. Very enjoyable as long as you don't go in expecting the game to do anything revolutionary!


  • Excellent bonus round, with plenty of multipliers, free spins and re-triggers to be had
  • Large non-progressive jackpot to be had
  • Low minimum bet makes the game ideal for lower rollers


  • Game's graphics look a bit dated
  • Takes a long time to fill the Soul-O-Meter
How does Devil’s Delight work?
Devil’s Delight is a 5-reel slot that offers appealing bonus rounds, a sizeable jackpot, and easy playing.
How do I play?
In order to play, choose your coin value and bet level. Click the spin button and try to line up the right symbols on your 20 pay lines. You will see wilds which can trigger free spins as well as A, K, Q and 666 symbols.
How many bonus games are there?
There are four ways to achieve bonuses in Devil’s Delight: Expanding Devil Wild, Soul Reaper Bonus Game, Free Spins, and Sin Spins.
What is the maximum jackpot?
You can achieve a maximum of 200,000 coins as your jackpot which with a max bet amounts to $100,000.
How many pay lines are there?
There is a maximum of 20 pay lines in the Devil’s Delight game.
How can I win at slot games?
You can win the Devil’s Delight slot game by coming up with consecutive winning symbols on a pay line. Further advance your winnings with the many bonuses in play.
Where can I play?
To get the best experience playing Devil's Delight, try out one of our top rated casinos for the game.
Can I play on mobile?
Yes, many of our top rated casinos offer mobile support for Devil's Delight so you can play it from your smartphone or tablet.
Is it safe?
Yes, your gaming dollars and your private information will be safe and sound with any of our top rated casinos.
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