Online Slots Jackpot Guide

If you play online slots, one of your primary goals may be to hit the jackpot someday. You may dream about it and what you’ll do with all of that cash when you hit it. It’s true that winning a jackpot on a slot machine is one of the most exciting things that can happen at both an online and a land-based casino.

When you hit bells and whistles go off, music plays, a magnificent video display runs, and there’s this overall rush of energy. It’s overwhelming as your emotions and blood pressure reach astronomical heights. Let’s face it, instant riches are everyone’s dream and when you nail the big payout on a slot machine, it’s close to impossible to describe, forget about control, everything you are feeling.

Here’s a look at one of the most elusive and exclusive payouts a casino has to offer, the slot machine jackpot. Find out how they work, what types there are, and how much you may win when those reels land on the winning combination.

Why you should read this page

As a slot player much of your winnings will come from jackpots. That’s why you should read this page and learn what jackpots there are and what they have to offer you. You’ll learn how you win both basic and progressive jackpots and which jackpots are the best for you to make use of.

Basic Jackpot

All slot machines offer some sort of jackpot. The jackpot is, in essence the big payout on a specific machine. With online slots, these jackpots are delineated according to how many coins you’ll receive. As an example, one machine may offer a jackpot of 1,000 coins, while another may provide the winner with 2,500.

Part of what determines what that big payout will be is the number of reels on the machine. The more reels a slot has the harder it is to win the major prize offered. Originally slots had three reels. These machines still exist, and they are popular with players who enjoy classic slots.

The most popular and plentiful machines are five-reel slots. These pay more than three-reel machines, partly because with the added reels the big prize is harder to hit. Finally, there are seven-reel slot machines. This kind of slot will provide players with even bigger jackpots that are even harder to win than those offered by five-reel machines.

Another aspect that influences how big a slot machine’s jackpot is are the minimum and maximum number of coins you can play. If a machine’s minimum is $0.01 and maximum is $0.10, it will pay less than a machine that has a minimum bet of $0.05 and a maximum of $0.25.

Often, machines with more reels with have higher maximums, but fairly standard minimums, such as $0.01 or $0.05. Complicating payouts is the fact that with multi-line payout machines, those that have more than one payline, a player has one more choice that can influence their payout- how many paylines they want to play. Playing the maximum number of lines increases your chances of winning, but it’s more costly than just playing one line. Some machines offer up to 80 or more paylines!

Finally, some machines offer more than one jackpot, which means a jackpot is not always the biggest payout a slot machine has to offer. Jackpots, which are always dependent on how many coins you use per turn, may also be influenced by the specific jackpot combination you hit.

Thus, one jackpot may be worth 4,000 coins, another 6,000 and a third one 12,000. All of these big payouts may be available on one machine.

Best Slots To Play

When you play an online slot, you can win the most by betting the maximum, which means you should select a slot machine where you can wager the max in order to get the best return.

If you want to give yourself a better chance of winning, what are the best slot machines to play? Are they the ones with the bigger jackpots? After all they do look tempting. The skinny on slots and big payout is this – larger jackpots mean fewer winners. Here’s the way that it works.

If you play a $100 machine with a $1,000 jackpot, with each turn you stand to lose your $100 or a portion of it or win $1,000. If on average a player wins once every 11 spins, the machine would payback $1,000 on every $1,100 wagers for a return rate of 90.9%.

Now let’s play a machine with a jackpot worth $10,000. Our amount bet is still $100 and our return rate is the same at 90.9%. That means on average someone will hit every 110 spins. The result would be on $11,000 bet a return of $10.000.

Now we’ll play a slot machine that offers a whopping $50,000 jackpot. It has the same rate of return as the other two and our bet is still $100. With the return rate set at 90.9% that translates into a hit for every 550 spins. That slot takes in $55,000 for every $50,000 returned to players.

The higher the payout the more chances there are that you will have to pay for someone to win. The bottom line is slots players should look for machines that offer moderate sized jackpots and a range of smaller payouts. Machines with a variety of smaller to middle of the road payouts will usually allow you to play longer, giving you a better shot at the big prize.

Progressive Jackpot

Many people love to play online progressive slot machines. Often these machines offer numerous types of jackpots, including the progressive. The way in which progressive machines work is quite different from standard, stand-alone machines.

Progressive slot machines are all linked together. These linked machines, which are machines with the same name, pool a percentage of every wager made into the progressive. That pool accumulates quickly, and when someone gets the winning progressive slot combination, they win that huge jackpot.

Often progressive jackpots start in the high five to middle six figures. They can reach into the millions, and as the jackpot grows, more and more people play that machine. With online technology, it’s a fairly simple feat to have thousands of players spinning the reels on popular progressive machines like Megah Moolah, Aztecs Treasure, and King Cashalot. Jackpots can top $7,000,000 on these machines.

How To Win

How can online slots players ensure that they have the best shot at winning? Play machines with payout percentages of 95% or higher, that offer many mid-range payouts, and that fit your budget.

Here are a few tips that will give you a better chance of wining your favorite slot machine jackpot.

Luck Be With You

Slot machines are a lot of fun to play, but they are games of chance with totally unpredictable outcomes. If you play a machine that someone has had no luck at, you may win cash on your first spin. Or you could play 15 spins and hit nothing and then win three different-sized payouts in a row. Play within your means and know when to cut you losses and preserve your profits by walking away.

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