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If you want the best odds online slots, you're in the right place. At we review and rate the biggest games that guarantee big payouts and jackpots.

But online slots aren't all about massive jackpots. Some players just want to enjoy games with lots of small prizes. These 'low variance' games are covered by too. That's why our team keeps you up to speed on the best range of online slots games on the net. Our experienced and knowledgeable slot machine players have determined that the best site to play all types of online slots is , providing players with a huge welcome bonus, great customer service, and hundreds of slot machines offering big jackpots, top payout rates, and more.

Perhaps you're a nut for big payout percentages or you're looking for high-variance jackpots that pay out big money once in a blue moon. Whatever your preference, our team finds great slots online with the best odds.

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What Are Slots Odds?

Why you should read this page

Most people play slot machines online when enjoying an online casino. Unfortunately people choose themes they like without thinking about odds most of the time. This page explains about different machines and slot odds in general. Reading it will help players understand how to find better paying and more favourable machines in general, and how to avoid the options with poor odds.

When you play online slots, the winning paylines pay out different prizes. You can read the prizes in the game's Paytable, but payouts vary wildly from slot to slot at an online casino.

The important thing to work out is whether you're playing at online best-odds slots. If you have to bet $1 per spin, but a jackpot of five symbols in a row only pays $300, those odds are pretty lousy.

Each Internet slot is programmed with what's called a 'par sheet'. This lists the arrangement of symbols on each reel and sets the payouts for each winning combination. Good slots will have healthy jackpots for five Wilds and nice payouts for only hitting two symbols on a payline. The hard bit is finding best-odds online slots that won't ruin your bankroll.

When it comes to online slot machines the phrase “best odds” refers to many things, including payouts in relationship to money bet per spin and payout percentages. Know a slot machine’s odds before playing it.
Jackpots & Variance

Understanding Payout Percentages

When slots are made, they are programmed with payout percentages. These are rough long-term payouts made by a slot to the player.

For example, if a game has a payout percentage of 94 percent, it pays out $94 to players for every $100 wagered. Payout percentages are usually, but not always, listed in the slot paytable.

Of course, you might go on a hot streak and win a lot of real money. The payout percentage is just a general figure for players. For the best odds, online slots should be found that have 94 percent or more. This is a much higher figure than many land-based slots, which usual carry payout percentages of around 80-90 percent.

Jackpot Odds and Variance

When enjoying online slots, best odds are just one of the things to think about. It's worth knowing the 'variance' of the game you're playing.

Slots are usually either 'high variance' or 'low variance'. Low-variance slots usually pay out lots of small wins regularly. Players can get in and get out with a small profit.

High-variance online slots' best odds can be much bigger. Usually there will be a gigantic jackpot or progressive attached. However, real-cash players may find they spend a lot of money before they hit the big one. offers insights for players on high variance versus low variance machines and which may be best for you.
What Are Slot Odds?

Discover the Best Real Money Slots Online

If you love playing at an online casino, best-odds slots can give you the chance of bagging big prizes. At we only select the top Internet gaming slots for you. All of our selected slots sites feature hundreds of real-money online slots with the best odds around.

As well as playing online best odds slots, you can earn a top welcome bonus when you join one of our rooms.

All of our reviewed slots sites feature a real-cash bonus. All you need to do is make a first deposit and play your favourite online slots. Best odds are guaranteed at all our selected slots sites so you can make your bankroll go further.

You’ll find the best odds online slots, including classic, progressive, and bonus machines, at They can connect you to slots that you’ll love to play.

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