Popular Online Slots

Popular Online Slots

Everyone has their favourite online slots. Perhaps they are nostalgic for a theme or a game that has paid out well for them in the past. Perhaps the game is based on their favourite film or TV show, or carries a massive progressive jackpot.

Online slots can become popular for all sorts of reasons. But one thing is for sure: online casinos waste no time in giving these games pride of place in their lobbies. For the very best and most popular online slots, including those offering the highest payout rates, largest jackpots, and most generous bonuses, join .

Because popular games are widely available, you will often find a bonus associated with them to draw in the punters. You might earn free spins when opening an account or be given the chance to win a leaderboard challenge.

Let's take a closer look at why popular slots online are such a hit for the casinos and the players.

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The Most Popular Slot Casinos

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    • Payout %
    • Compatibility
    • Deposit Methods
    • # of Slot Games
    • Game Types
  • #1

    $1000 Welcome Bonus

    4.75 out of 5 stars
    • 97.55%
    • 520 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #2

    $2000 Welcome Bonus

    4.5 out of 5 stars
    • 97.43%
    • 490 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
  • #3

    $4000 Welcome Bonus

    4.35 out of 5 stars
    • 97.25%
    • 400+
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel
What makes slots popular

What Makes a Slot Popular?

Slots players love familiarity. If they've won a jackpot on one slot they will keep on revisiting it, hoping for another big payout.

Their favourite games might have a good theme, like Ancient Egypt or a blockbuster film. Developers love to revisit themes as it makes players feel more comfortable playing. And if they feel more comfortable playing, they are more likely to keep feeding the games.

Success also brings out the players for slots. If a record-breaking progressive has been won, it will attract more players when the jackpot is reset. Similarly, if a jackpot keeps on going unclaimed, more players will bet on the game trying to hit the big one.


Why should you play popular real money slots? Like a great casino, popular games are a sign that the developer is sound, the payouts generous, and the action hot.

Slots players love a good deal, and if they find a game that offers lots of prizes and attractive bonus features, others will follow.

And, as mentioned, a popular progressive slot will always attract more players, pushing the jackpots up even higher.

Popular slots will be picked up by casinos trying to attract new customers. Often you will find a popular game tied in with a welcome bonus. You might earn a deposit match bonus on top of some free spins on a selected slot.

Top themed new slots

Themed and Branded Slots

Many popular slots online follow themes and brands. Typically, popular themes include:

- Ancient Egypt
- Irish
- Sports
- TV shows and films
- Comic books
- Fantasy and Fairytales

But many popular online slots are based on big-name films and feature actual video footage and images. Microgaming's slot based on The Dark Knight is a case in point. That slot carries a progressive jackpot and in 2018 paid out a jackpot worth $7 million. Only a popular brand and developer can attract that kind of payout.

What makes a popular slot game?
There are a lot of things that can go into a popular game, including the type of jackpot, impressive graphics, and a theme that appeals to a popular television show or film franchise. Additionally, themes for slots include fantasy and fairy tales, sports, and comic books.
What casinos are the best to play at?
Online casinos vary a whole lot. The best of them, however, are the kind that observe safety precautions that include proper licensing and authentication factors to prevent identity theft. Additionally, the best casinos will have regular bonuses, progressive jackpots and solid gameplay and payouts.
Are the jackpots higher for these?
Typically, yes. The bigger an online casino gets, the more they can offer for their jackpots.
Do they offer progressive jackpots?
Yes. Progressive jackpots for slots are one of the biggest draws for many of the larger online casinos out there, because progressive slots have the potential to earn a whole lot more money than other jackpot types.
What are the bonus games like?
This often comes down to the individual game and commonly include free spins or the opportunity to win a leader board challenge. Typically, these are quite simple, but the rules and format of them will often change with the theme of the game they are attached to.
How much should I play with?
As almost every online casino will say in their responsible gaming section, you should never play with more than you are prepared to lose. In particular, you should never gamble using any money that you need to put toward living expenses – gambling should only ever be done with disposable income.