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Billion Dollar Gran Slots Review for 2018

Billion Dollar Gran slots is a three reel, single payline game. While the Billion Dollar Gran slot machine does have a classic feel to it, it simply has too many features to be called a true "classic".

While you can only wager a single coin on the game's sole payline, Billion Dollar Gran online slots accept coin sizes up to $10. While bets of just $10 per spin are not going to excite high rollers, the potential $125,000 payout certainly will.

Playing Billion Dollar Gran Slots Online

30 Second Guide

Having a billion dollar as a senior can still make for an exciting life and this is the theme of the Billion Dollar Gran slot machine. The classic slots game has three reels, but the screen is packed with features that fit the overall design. Five lines can be played on each spin and the value of the bet is set from the buttons for plus and minus on the bottom.

The bowl symbols will start the bonus game where the action advances with each win, while having the option to nudge reels down a position to see if they help create combinations.

The biggest difference between Billion Dollar Gran online slots and standard classic slots is that, although this game has a single payline, it has no pay table. Instead of receiving jackpots for hitting winning combinations on the payline, you instead receive free spins on the Billion Dollar Gran slot machine's bonus game.

The maximum number of free spins is 25 free spins which you receive for hitting three Billion Dollar Gran Logo Symbols. Three of grandma's Jewelry Chest Symbols provide 15 free spins. There are only seven different symbols in Billion Dollar Gran online slots, with the lowest payout being for three Cherry Symbols and this provides a single free spin.

Having triggered the bonus game you are taken to a new screen which has a three reel, five payline slot game. These new paylines do have payouts and it is through these that you can win big in a Billion Dollar Gran slots casino.


Here your free spins run so fast you might lose your false teeth trying to keep up with them. Every payline you hit in the Billion Dollar Gran slot machine bonus game provides a payout in the form of a multiplier of your original bet. The maximum multiplier, for obtaining three Billion Dollar Gran Logo Symbols in a payline, is 500x your bet, which could be $5,000 if you selected the maximum coin size.

Because you could have 25 free spins, your maximum potential win in a Billion Dollar Gran slots casino is an amazing $125,000.

There are seven different symbols in this bonus game and all are appropriately themed with items such as Battenberg cake, a cup of tea and knitting needles. The Knitting Needles Symbol has the lowest payout in Billion Dollar Gran online slots, only have a x1 multiplier.

Billion Dollar Gran
Rating 9 / 10
User Rating 9 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 3
  • Max Bet: 1 coin
  • Paylines: 1
  • Max Win: 12,000 coins
  • Multiplier:
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Bonus Round: Yes
Billion Dollar Gran Slot Game Review

Game Lowdown

However, this online casino senior citizen still has plenty of tricks up its woolen sleeves. The nudge feature allows you to move one of the reels down by a single symbol to try and complete a payline. This feature is more often seen in classic fruit machines, but is very welcome to see in Billion Dollar Gran slots casino.

In addition, there is also a hold feature. This enables you to hold one or two reels, thus freezing key symbols in place during your next spin and increasing your chance of getting more free spins when playing Billion Dollar Gran online slots.

There are two features missing from a Billion Dollar Gran slot machine: autoplay and a help section. For players who are unfamiliar with nudges and holds, and unaware of the game's unique payout method, their time in a Billion Dollar Gran slots casino could prove to be a little confusing.

However, Billion Dollar Gran slots are fun to play and provide a very enjoyable online casino experience. This twist on classic slots shows that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Jackpot Breakdown

Billion Dollar Gran has a free games mode that can result in winnings of up to $125,000 from the single bet that triggered them. The jackpot is also quite large since it represents a payout 500 times the bet for getting three symbols of the lovable grandma.

How does the Billion Dollar Gran slot work?
Billion Dollar Gran is a three-reel game that offers an interesting twist on the video slot.
How do I play?
With this game, you wager a single coin with denominations that go up to $10. Instead of winning prizes on the three-reel slot, making combinations opens a free spin game where the player tries to make combinations to win prizes.
How many bonus games are there?
In the Billion Dollar Gran slot, you make combinations to reach the prize round. The different combinations that you make will award a different number of free spins. Once in the prize round, you make combinations to win multipliers of your original bet. Depending on the combination, it can be anywhere from 1x to 500x the bet.
What is the maximum jackpot?
In the prize round, the best combination that you can hit is the Billion Dollar Gran symbol. This provides a payout of 500x the original bet. With the maximum $10 coin, that is a prize of $5,000. However, if you were to enter the prize round with the max of 25 spins and hit that on every free spin, it could provide a max payout of $125,000 on a single bet.
How many pay lines are there?
In the three-reel game where you try to win the free spins, it is a single pay line game. When you enter the prize round, it is three reels with five pay lines.
How can I win at slot games?
With this game, first, you have to win some of the free spins. After you reach this bonus game, it is just a matter of making some combinations.
Where can I play?
The unique nature of Billion Dollar Gran has made it a fairly popular slot and as a result, it is available from many of the top online casinos.
Can I play on mobile?
Play Billion Dollar Gran on your mobile device by visiting participating casinos.
Is it safe?
Playing the Billion Dollar Gran slot is safe. Just make sure to game with casinos that employ adequate security features.
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