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Getting Familiar With Winaday Games

Although Winaday isn't the most famous online slots maker, they do have a successful track record. Unlike most of the leading developers of slots games, Winaday's titles are available exclusively on their own website. Despite being available at only one gambling site, the quality of the games doesn't suffer. Players can count on a solid selection of online slots with gripping gameplay, brilliant graphics, and sensational soundtracks. When you consider that the games have some of the best payouts in the industry and are compatible with most platforms, they're definitely worth a look.

A History Of Success

Winaday's lengthy track record is exhibited in the quality of its slots online. Even though the library is smaller than other developers, players can count on Las Vegas quality gameplay with every spin."

Winaday isn't some fly by night operation. Winaday slots and other casino games have been available to the public since 2007, but that's only part of the story. The company is operated by Slotland Entertainment SA, which has been in the internet gambling business since 1998. While most of the casinos from the 90s have fallen by the wayside, Slotland continues to serve a loyal base of players.

Both Winaday and Slotland take an unorthodox approach to gaming by using proprietary games. That means that Winaday games are available exclusively at Winaday's site. In addition, all the games are developed in house. While that might seem like a peculiar approach by today's standards, it's beneficial to gambling fans. Not only can you count on unique titles, but Winaday is more in tune with the desires of their loyal user base and can develop online slots to best meet their needs.

Both Slotland and its Winaday division offer fully licensed games to players from across the planet. The company is based in the Union of Comoros, which is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa near Mozambique. Winaday and its parent company are registered and licensed by the Government of Anjouan, which is part of the Union of Comoros.

A Growing Library Of Exciting Online Slots

Even though Winaday slots are only available on the company's site, the games more than hold their own. If the company were willing to license its titles to other internet casinos, they would have countless new customers overnight.

If you've ever searched for slots games online, you've probably found sites that brag about their selection. Some online casinos really do have 500 slots to choose from. Yet upon closer inspection, how many of them are actually worth your time? The sad fact is many of them are primitive by today's standards and some of them only work if you download and install special PC software. That means tough luck for mobile, tablet, and Mac users. Chances are, only a few dozen deserve your attention and you'll probably end up having just a handful of favorites.

Winaday games take a different approach. You'll find just 54 different slot machines. While that's nothing to sneeze at, it's just one tenth of what some gambling sites claim to have. The difference is these Winaday online slots are great. You'll not only find titles for every taste with a wide variety of slot themes, but they all work perfectly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

New titles are released all the time, but Winaday slots knows that quality trumps quantity any day of the week. There is enough variety to keep just about any slot machine player entertainment. Think about it this way, when you visit a live casino, how many different slots do you typically play? The fact is choice can be deceiving and Winaday games know this too.

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Winaday Games Review

The most striking thing about Winaday slots, at least initially, is that none of the titles are familiar. Since the site creates all their own games in house, all the titles are exclusive to the site. Still you'll find a decent variety of themes without the usual redundancies. Enjoy slots games based on football, the wild west, Vikings, African safaris, monster trucks, the deep sea, fairies, dogs, the good life, dinosaurs, leprechauns, and outer space. In short, there's something for just about everybody.

Winaday slots offer the same authentic gameplay, spectacular graphics, and features players have come to expect. There's no shortage of scatters, wilds, free spins, multipliers, and bonus features with Winaday slots. Players will have a chance to compete for great jackpots too playing slots games. Although prizes rarely top the quarter million-dollar mark, that's still an impressive chunk of change. More importantly, you can count on some of the best payouts in the industry. The slot games are 98% payout certified. You don't need to be great at math to know that's a minimal house edge.

When you consider the competitive bonuses, enticing promotions, and slots games tournaments, Winaday games is definitely worth a look. The site actually offers a full slate of casino games if you feel like broadening your horizons beyond the reels.

Who is Winaday?
Winaday is a casino software developer that has been in business since 2007. It's fully owned by Slotland Entertainment S.A., which has been a part of the online gambling world for 18 years. Winaday designs and develops its own games for use on its website. You can play for free or with real money if you prefer.
What Winaday slots are available?
Winaday offers a roster of 54 different slot machines. You'll find simple penny slots with four paylines to progressive jackpot games with fifty ways to win. Winaday creates its own games and doesn't waste their money licensing popular cartoon characters, which means they can afford higher payouts. You can still count on familiar concepts with games based on Chinatown, gladiators, bank heists, ancient Egypt, astrology, dinosaurs, Uncle Sam, and Las Vegas itself.
Which Winaday games are the most popular?
The most popular Winaday slots are jackpot games like Alice in Wonderland, Wild Alaska, Wheeler Dealer, Gypsy Charm, and Busted. Yet you can expect great payouts no matter which title you choose, but the odds do vary by game and number of coins played.
Are Winaday slots jackpots good?
Since Winaday doesn't share its online slots jackpots with others gambling sites, they are generally much smaller than other providers offer. At the same time, your odds of winning are better. While you won't find million dollar prizes, it is possible to win $200,000 or more.
Are Winaday online slots trustworthy?
Winaday games are trustworthy. The firm has been around for close to the decade and its parent company has been delivering online action since the late 90s.
How do Winaday games compare with slots from other providers?
Winaday slots feature great graphics and gameplay just like the titles offered by more popular software developers. Since all Winaday games run right in your browser, they are fully compatible with all computers, smartphones, and tablets. That means all slots games work on just about any device.

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