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Fountain Of Youth Slot Game Review

Fountain Of Youth Slots Review for 2018

Playtech recently stepped up the graphic quality of classic online slots with their lush and lovely Fountain of Youth slot machine. The game look incredibly good, but is the beauty of these games only skin deep? Read on to find out how the Fountain of Youth online slots size up to against their big competition. It might not be as pretty as the graphics of the game are, and that’s a real shame for players looking for a quality slot to play.

The Fountain of Youth slot machine has the usual three reels strays just a wee bit from the classic slots format by also offering three paylines. Players can wager anywhere from a nickel to $5 a credit, but can only bet one credit per line, making the max bet a conservative $15 per spin. The wide range of betting options makes it easy to gamble exactly the amount that you want. Remember when playing the Fountain of Youth online slots that betting more coins doesn't increase the size of your payouts but instead activates other paylines. High rollers looking to spend hundreds of dollars on every spin aren’t going to like the relatively low max bet that this slot offers.



The Fountain of Youth slots feature only five symbols: flowers, frogs, bluebirds, butterflies and fountains (in order from the lowest to the highest value). The fountains serve as the jackpot symbol with the highest payout being 800 coins for three fountains on the third payline. Fountain of Youth slot machine fans will earn 600 coins for the same combination on the second line and 400 coins for landing it on the first. That means that the top prize you can get for betting only a single credit per spin is an anemic 400 coins.

30 Second Guide

Fountain of Youth may be a classic slot machine but it looks great at online casinos powered by Playtech. The graphics help offer the real casino experience as the details on the game show an actual machine, complete with large buttons and the lever to spin the reels. The game is played on three reels which can have three lines active as the players select the size of the bet and the number of paylines.

The theme is impressive for a classic online slots game and it is very fun to play, especially since any three symbols on a line will pay.

When you're playing at a Fountain of Youth slots casino, what you see is really what you get. The game has no wilds, no multipliers, no scatters or bonuses of any sort, and no special animations or sound effects either. Though the Fountain of Youth online slots have a relaxing theme, the actual game play is hard and fast thanks to this machine's stripped down format.

These relatively low bonus payouts are made worse by the fact that there really isn’t any special scatters, multipliers free spins, or any of those other advanced features that you can find on some slot machines. Overall it’s a pretty boring experience and only gamers looking for stellar graphics are going to be interested in playing along.

While the game is nice to look at, ultimately this is a game we could play in our sleep. Unfortunately, we think after a few spins most discerning slots players are going to see the Fountain of Youth slots as just another pretty face. They play beautifully – better than the real thing even – and look good doing it, but ultimately that's not enough to compensate for the low payouts and total lack of excitement. See for yourself at Casino Tropez and Betfair. We rate this game a soft 8 out of 10 for unfulfilled potential.

Jackpot Breakdown

The most valuable combination is of three symbols of the fountain but these pay differently depending on which line they occur. Three of these images on the third line will award a jackpot of 800 coins.

Fountain Of Youth
Rating 8 / 10
User Rating 8 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 3
  • Max Bet: $15
  • Paylines: 3
  • Max Win: 800 coins
  • Multiplier: No
  • Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Round: No


  • Amazing graphics
  • No filler symbols
  • Easy to find


  • Low max bet
  • Small jackpot
  • Absolutely no extras
How does the game work?
This three-reeled slot game spins and displays a series of random symbols that sometimes result in prizes. It’s based on quality Playtech software.
How do you play the game?
To start playing, join a casino that offers Fountain of Youth and make an initial real money deposit. Next decide how many coins you want to bet and spin the reel to begin playing.
What’s the total number of bonus games?
There aren’t any bonus games, which helps to keep the game nice and simple as you play it.
How much does the max jackpot pay out?
The top jackpot gives players up to 800 coins in all. This is triggered by three fountain symbols in a row.
What is the total number of pay lines?
There are three lines that you have a chance to win prize money on.
How do players win at slots?
To win, you should only bet an amount you are comfortable playing with, and try to play over an extended period. If you get lucky you’ll win a couple major prizes as you play.
Where can you play Fountain of Youth at?
It’s generally offered at Playtech-based casinos that offer three-reel slot games. There are many online casinos that you can experience this game on, just check for it before you join.
Will it work on mobile devices?
Yes, some casinos make it possible to play on your mobile devices, but this is something you’ll have to verify before joining.
Can I play Fountain of Youth Safely?
Yes, it’s possible to play the game safely. You just have to pick a safe and reliable casino. Good quality casinos rely on careful encryption and regular auditing to ensure that they are safe to play at.
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