Myths about Slots Games

There are plenty of myths that have developed about slot machines. By “myths” we mean popular beliefs or ideas that have grown around something. In this case, there are various beliefs that people have about these gambling machines with reels that have developed in order to explain how or why they function and behave in the manner that they do.

These ideas have come into being in order to create explanations concerning the way in which slots are perceived to function. Here are five common myths about slots. Read them and stop believing these rumors.

The Jackpot Is Due

There is this idea that if a machine has not paid out in a long time that it is due to hit the jackpot. But this is not the way in which slots function. Jackpots occur because someone spun the reels at the right moment in time for the symbols to align properly to payoff that player. But this can happen once in 2,000 turns and then twice straight and then 80 turns later.

When a slot machine hits and pays out this has to due with the payout rate, that is how often the machine hits a winning combination, the payout percentage, how much of each dollar is given back to bettors, and when the button is pushed to start the reels in relationship to the random number generator.

Myths include the idea that a jackpot is due to hit, that payouts are timed to occur after specific sequences occur, and that an online casino can alter a machine’s payout percentage. None of these are true.

Payout Percentages Are Easily Changed

Some people believe that a casino can change how often a machine pays out by simply clicking a switch. But this is not the case. Payouts are tied to a computer chip that is inserted into the slot when it is being manufactured.

These chips cannot be easily changed to alter how often and how much a slot will pay. If they are changed, then proper paperwork must be filed and the right people informed of such. There are rules and regulations designed to ensure fairness, and these preclude a casino randomly and independently changing how often or how much a machine pays out.

That Was My Jackpot

You’re playing a slot and leave it behind and the next person who plays it hits a winning combination. You may think that you would have gotten that cash if only you had stuck around for one more turn. But this is not the case at all.

The random number generator used in slots continues to run even when the reels are not turning. So whether or not you hit a winning group of icons has more to do with exactly when you set the reels in motion than if you are the next person to take a turn.

Payouts Happen In Specific Cycles

Some people believe that a slot is set to payout small amounts over a prescribed number of turns and then pay the jackpot amount. There’s no way to make such a thing occur. A machine may not offer any winning combinations for 500 spins and then it may hit three jackpots straight.

The turns one takes on any slot are individual events and one spin is not related to any other one. The result of any turn on a slot machine is totally random.

Spending More Cash Per Turn Entices Payouts

Whether you spend the minimum or the maximum on a slot will not influence the payout. However, how many paylines you play will to a degree, as the more lines you select the better your chances are of winning because you have access to more ways to win.

The size of your payout will also be influenced by the size of your wager. But machines will not award you a payment just because you spent the maximum allowed. By putting the maximum bet into a slot machine, you have the chance to win the maximum amount of tokens or to lose the max.

Machines In Free Mode Play Differently

Online slots behave in the same manner whether you’re playing then for real money or in free mode. You are playing the same machine either way and the results are the same also. The only difference is that in free mode you are neither winning nor losing actual cash.

Be Smart When Playing Slots

One of the most important qualities that an online slots player needs to have is the ability to play in a manner that utilizes their bankroll to the fullest, giving them the possibility of enjoying a maximum return on each spin.

It is very important that you play in a smart manner when you’re engaging a slot machine. That means utilizing proper bankroll management techniques, staying alert at all times, and playing the machine that is right for you.

Check out the payout percentage of any machine you are considering playing and play the machine in free mode. This will give you a good sense of how the machine works, how often and in what manner it pays out, and what you can expect in terms of action. Remember that slots are complex machines that have been programmed to behave a certain way but that offer individual results after each turn.