Guide to Online Slots Tournaments

Online tournament slots are great for earning a little extra cash while gambling. Tournament slots sites like to promote their new games and swanky lobbies, and competitions are perfect.

Tournaments allow online slots players to compete in a leaderboard. At the end of the competition, a set amount of real money will be shared out. Winners can often win $1,000 or more, so tourneys are a great option.

Why you should read this page

Tournament slots are an exciting way to play against other people. They bring some competition to a generally non-competitive game. By reading this page you’ll learn all about how these slots work and all of the following information below.

  • How they work
  • What benefits come from playing
  • Finding the leading tournaments
  • Picking sites with the best bonuses

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    $1000 Welcome Bonus

    4.35 out of 5 stars
    • 97.43%
    • 420 +
    • Progressive, Traditional, 3-Reel, 5-Reel, 7-Reel

How Do Slots Tournaments Work?

The most common form of real-cash tournament is the leaderboard challenge. Players have two to three days to play online tournament slots.

The games will have been selected prior to the competition, but often you'll get to play a developer's newest release. Players then score points by 'winning' the most money across the promotion period. Whoever tops the prize leaderboard wins a share of bonus cash.

Alternatively, tournament slots sites may set players a challenge: make the most money or highest percentage win over 20 or 30 consecutive winning spins. The spins MUST be consecutive in order to qualify and there's usually a minimum stake per spin required.

A lot of online slots players enjoy tournament play where they pay a buy in and compete against other players for prizes. Online slots tournaments can last from one to three days.

The Benefits

If you already play slots online, tournaments are a great way of bagging some extra cash. There's a lot of competition on the web, so casinos love to offer free real money to their customers. Tournament prizepools can often run into the thousands. Online tournament slots can sometimes be played for really big prizes like gifts and holidays.

Online slots tournaments are also great for trying out new games. If casinos have partnerships with games developers they might use the tournament to showcase a shiny, new release.

Finally, unlike land-based slots tournaments, online casinos let you see your position in the leaderboard throughout the competition. This gives players a better idea if what they have to achieve if they want to get their hands on that prize cash.

How to Find Great Slot Tournaments Online

Some online slots casinos run daily tournaments, weekly specials, and big monthly competitions. Many include freerolls. Slots tournaments create a lot of great action for avid players.

Good slots sites run tournaments every month. The hardest job is finding a competition that works for you. If you can't connect with the game or keep up with the wagering requirement the promotion suddenly doesn't seem so good.

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With our picks you can find lots of generous tournaments, solid software and games, and good customer support if anything goes wrong. Plus, our picks feature reliable, fast payouts so you can get your winnings out super-fast.

Grab a Top Bonus at the Best Real Money Slots Sites

If you love slots online, tournaments offer the best way to earn cash and win prizes. But competitions are just part of the sign-up process. When you register for a real-money online slots account, you can take advantage of a top welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses match your first deposit so that you can earn free cash when you play. As long as you 'play through' enough games in a time period you can win the same money as you put in - absolutely free.

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