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iDEAL is a great way to fund your online slots. iDEAL customers don't have a prepaid card or e-wallet. Instead, they simply move real money from their bank account direct to the gambling site. It's quick, secure, and the fees are low.

At the moment, iDEAL is mainly available with banks in the Netherlands. The banks allow funds to be transferred via their customers' accounts straight to the slots sites. Transactions are protected, and the service is easy to use with an app on your mobile smartphone.

Not all Internet slots sites accept iDEAL in 2020, but at we hunt out the very best. With our picks you can be sure of great games, healthy bonuses, and exciting promotions. The very best online slot site that we have found, Slots.LV Casino, can easily accommodate all of your banking needs, offering new players a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment, the newest and most exciting slots, and a huge welcome bonus topping off at $7777. You can even use iDEAL to access a top welcome bonus.

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Why you should read this page

iDEAL slot sites are exciting because they’re simple and easy to use. This page will teach you why you should use them, why they are so simple and which sites are the bets to use if you’re a fan of the technology. You’ll understand what the big deal is about iDEAL and then you’ll be looking for a good site of your own.

The Best iDEAL Slots Sites

iDEAL has only been around for 10 years, but for customers in Netherlands it's been a great way to move cash on the net.

iDEAL works like a third party, allowing payments straight from customers' bank accounts to merchants' website accounts. Amazingly, in 2014, iDEAL was used for over half of online transactions in Holland.

In 2020, Netherlands gamblers can use the system to fund online slots. iDEAL is fast, secure, and great if you don't own a credit card. Many major banks take part in the scheme too, like ABN AMRO, SNS Bank, and ASN Bank.

How iDEAL Works

The Best iDEAL Online Slots

When playing online slots, iDEAL payments can be used to move cash straight from a Dutch bank account to a slots room.

Customers need to set up an account at the iDEAL page first. Once done, they can visit their casino Cashier and complete a real-money transaction. Select the iDEAL option from the drop-down menu, then enter how much you want to transfer. Your deposit can then be completed without fees.

Withdrawals can be made too when playing slots online. iDEAL users just select their participating bank (if available) and enter how much they want to cash out. Payments are made quickly and you can usually find your cash back in your bank account within a few days.

When you use iDEAL to make a deposit at your favorite online slots casino you move cash from your bank account to your iDEAL account where it is instantly transferred to your casino in real time.

Advantages Of iDEAL Payments

If you don't have a credit or debit card for slots online, iDEAL is a perfect alternative method. There's no need to share any card details at our online iDEAL slots sites as you just need your regular bank account numbers.

With iDEAL, you have a separate, secure buffer to send real money. iDEAL transactions are protected by top SSL encryption so that every payments is safe. After all, security is the big concern of most Internet gambling players in 2020.

Top Casino Bonuses

Earn a Great Bonus By Using iDEAL

For top real-cash online slots, iDEAL is a great choice for Europeans. The big downside to iDEAL is that it's not accepted at many gaming websites. If that's the case, it's worth having an alternative banking method as back-up like an e-Wallet or direct bank transfer.

Whatever are your favourite online slots, iDEAL payers can benefit from a great welcome bonus when signing up.

All of our best casino iDEAL slots sites have a generous welcome bonus when you join. To earn real cash, just play through enough slots games in your first month or two. With some site promotions you can even earn free spins on the latest big-name releases.

What is iDEAL?
iDEAL is a popular bank transfer service based in the Netherlands. It allows account funds to be transferred direct from a Dutch current account to a casino Cashier in minutes.
How does it work?
iDEAL works by acting as a third-party between the bank and the casino. With a simple login Dutch players can send cash from their bank account to their slots account without incurring any charges.
How do I create an account?
Netherlands-based players need to open an account with iDEAL. It acts as a secure buffer between the bank and the casino. There's no need to share your bank details with the casino, so there's less risk of having your personal data stolen.
Can I use them at online casinos?
Yes, although not all casinos accept iDEAL payments. Also, currently iDEAL is only really usable with Netherlands banks.
Do they support multiple currencies?
Currently, iDEAL works with Euros only, but many major Dutch banks are involved in the scheme, like ABN AMRO, ASN, and SNS Bank.
How are winnings paid?
If you win at slots, your winnings will go automatically into your casino account when you leave a game. From there, you can complete a withdrawal to your bank account using iDEAL by visiting the Cashier.
How do they compare with the alternatives?
Because there is a third party involved, you will typically avoid the bank wire charges usually associated with that deposit method. Cash-outs can be quicker than a bank wire too. However, if you live outside Europe you may struggle to use iDEAL.
What fees are involved?
There are no charges when using iDEAL. Casinos may charge you, but it's rare to find a gambling site that doesn't absorb the fees.
Are they safe?
Yes. iDEAL uses leading encryption similar to your bank when you complete a transfer.
iDEAL is a popular way for those in Europe for fund their online slots account and to realize an extra casino bonus when they use the payment method.

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