How To Win At Slots – The Definitive Guide

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If there’s one thing that every casino player wants to win, it’s slot machines. Slots are by far the most lucrative opportunity at casinos, boasting huge jackpots and bonuses for lucky players.

On this page, we’ll tell you how to win playing slots, going into detail about:

Why Are Slots So Popular?

Whether online or offline, slot machines are the most popular features at practically any casino in the world. Wherever you choose to play your casino game, you’ll find thousands of players doing their best to win at slots.

Why are online slots popular

There are several reasons for the popularity of slots:

How Can I Win At Slots?

Every casino aficionado wants to win, and win big. That’s why slot machines are the way to go for those with big ambitions.

The only way to win at slots is to keep on spinning. However, the best chance of winning the really big prizes come from slot machines that have a lot of feature rounds, such as re-spins and cash bonuses, or a big progressive jackpot.

Jackpots, Features And Bonuses

The real meat of the game of slots, these are the best ways to boost your bankroll and really profit from the world’s favourite casino games. When you’re perusing a range of slots and trying to decide which one to play, be sure to check out their features and jackpots to get the most bang for your buck.

Practically all slots require winning paylines, but the real big bucks come from feature rounds, free spins and jackpots.

Slot Machine Secrets

Do your research: Each game is unique, not just in theme and graphics but in the ways you can win. Practically all slots require winning paylines, but the real big bucks come from feature rounds, free spins and jackpots. Before playing, explore the game thoroughly and find out how to get your bonuses - you won’t know how to win at slots if you don’t know which symbols are wild, which launch bonus rounds and which trigger the jackpots.

Know how much you’re betting: You can wager as little as a few cents or as much as thousands of dollars on each spin. The more you bet, the higher the chances are of triggering a progressive jackpot or hitting a big bonus. However, it goes without saying that this carries a higher level of risk. Know how much you can risk and weigh it up against the chances of winning big.

Be sure to know your system: It’s important to know exactly how much you’re willing to bet and how much you’re willing to lose. Perhaps you start out with $50 and bet $0.50 at a time – will you increase your bets to $1 if you cross the $100 mark? If you lose some, will you reduce your bet to $0.25 or increase it in a bid to win back your stake? Have a plan, and stick to it whatever happens.

The Biggest Slots Winners

The largest-ever online slot jackpot to date was won in October 2015. A British soldier named Jonathan Haywood won £13,209,300 ($20,062,600) playing a 25-line online slot for just £0.25.

In the live arena, a Utah resident named Trinidad Torres holds the record for the largest slots jackpot win in Las Vegas. She put $100 into the machine and a staggering $10,744,292.71 came back out.