How to Choose an Online Slots Game

The great thing about online slots is that there are so many different kinds that players have virtually an unlimited number to choose from. Plus, there are more new games being introduced all the time. However, the wide range and a large number of games does not make choosing one any easier. In fact, because there are so many different slots online, it means that decision-making is difficult.

There are various ways in which you can choose a machine. Here are five criteria that you can utilize to find the slot machines that are right for you.

Bankroll And Number Of Spins offers numerous suggestions as to how players may choose the slot machine that’s right for them, including the size of their bankroll compared to the cost per spin.

For many slots players, the size of their bankroll versus the number of spins they will get is a major deciding factor. Let’s say you have $150 to spend for the month on slot machines. If you play every day, that would be $5.00 per day. That sum automatically puts you in line to play a machine with a maximum of $0.25 per turn.

At 25 cents per turn, you would have a total of 20 spins before you ran out of cash or had to win. With $5.00 on hand it makes no sense to play a machine with a maximum of $0.50 or more. Also, with $5.00 to spend per day on slots, you can play machines with lower maximums. A 10-cent machine will give you 50 turns and a nickel slot will offer 100.

Remember the more spins you have access to the greater your chances are of winning. If you are able to build up some cash over time, you can always move on to a machine with a higher maximum. Have a look at our bankroll management guide for more information and advice on this subject.


Are you a classic slots player or one who enjoys more advanced games such as five-reel video slots? Three-reel classic slots tend to have far fewer features than video slot machines. Thus, if you’re a meat and potatoes type of player, then a three-reel machine with one to five paylines and no bonus round or multipliers may be the right type of slot for you.

But if you want access to a lot of features, including 10 or more paylines, animated bonuses, and multipliers and wild symbols then five-reel machine may be more your style. Note that three-reel machines are often less expensive to play, but they also offer smaller jackpots.

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage is the average amount of cash a machine gives back per dollar spent. Land-based slots tend to offer payout percentages around the low 80s, while online slots are a lot more generous. You can easily find a large number of online slots with payout percentages ranging from 95% to 99%. These are definitely the machines that you want to play.

To find out what an online machine’s average payout percentage is you may go to the manufacturer’s website, a slot machine review site like ours, or, sometimes, the casino itself will provide this information.


In order to qualify for the maximum payout on a progressive slot machine, you have to make the maximum bet. It’s unwise to play a progressive if you cannot afford to make the top wager.

For many players how much they can win on one hit is a big factor. The size of the elusive jackpot can certainly attract a slot lover. Usually, the higher the jackpot, the less often a machine pays off and the more expensive it is to play. Thus, the size of your bankroll once again becomes a factor.

If you are driven to win a progressive jackpot, you will need the cash to do so. That’s because with most progressive machines you must make the maximum bet in order to qualify for the progressive. If you don’t make the max wager and you do manage to get the winning combination, you’ll win a smaller amount.


A majority of the slot machines at online casinos are five-reel slots and all of these machines are in some manner themed. By “themed,” we mean that the machine and its various symbols, bonus round, and music and video are all focused on a specific subject.

Themes range a lot and may include adventure, science fiction, sports, comic book characters, movies, myths and legends, and more. If you’re interested in super heroes, soccer, ancient Egypt, or other such topics, there is a themed machine for you.

Attraction Factor

With all things being equal, sometimes players will select a machine because they find it attractive in a general way. The attraction factor is often comprised of some of the defining factors above in combination with the feeling that the machine is right for you. That feeling may have to deal with the excitement you feel when playing it, how smoothly it plays, or the dynamics of the machine, such as the vividness of the displays and clarity of sound.

Play In Free Mode

One very important thing to do before putting cash into any online slot machine is to first play it in free mode. All online casinos, various affiliate sites, and select review and forum pages provide instant access to the free play mode for most slot machines.

In the free play mode, you get to experience a specific slot machine in its entirety without spending one penny. You can play for as long as you like, and then leave, come back and play again, and take your time deciding whether or not the machine is right for you. It is, after all, your money, so make sure you’re spending it on a machine that you truly enjoy playing.

The free play mode, which is available for just about every online slot machine at almost every casino, offers online casino players a major advantage, as they can learn how to play their game of choice without risking any real money.