Avoid These Blacklisted Casinos In 2020

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Whether you’re new to the world of online gambling or already know your way around real money betting, it’s essential to be sure you’re playing at a quality online casino. In short, our blacklist feature evaluates exactly that! On this page you’ll find:

Why Do Casinos Get Blacklisted?

If you’re wondering why certain casinos get put on our expert-compiled blacklist in 2020, we’re here to explain the most common reasons. Some rogue online casinos offend in multiple categories, whereas others tick only one or two of the boxes, nevertheless, it’s essential to understand where sites go wrong in order to find an online casino that works for you.

  1. Unresponsive customer service

    If you need assistance, it’s essential that your casino’s customer support team is responsive to your query. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
  2. Delayed or missing payments

    No one wants to score a win only to find that the withdrawal takes weeks to be processed, or worse, never shows up in your account at all.
  3. Unfair game tactics

    Randomness and fairness are two cornerstones of fair casino play, so we take it seriously when games on a site appear rigged or impossible to win.
  4. Unreliable promotions

    We always recommend reading the terms and conditions on any bonus offer, however, some rogue casinos entice players with downright false promotions.
  5. Shady or out-of-date licensing

    A legitimate license is one of the most important assets of any online casino, so any site found to have a false or outdated license is quickly blacklisted.
  6. Ineffective security software

    Player security is our foremost priority, so it’s non-negotiable that all recommended online casinos utilize modern and effective security software.
  7. Constant technical issues

    If an online gaming site expects loyalty, its web and mobile interfaces must work. Sites with constant glitches are nuisances and hazards to players.
Be your own detective
Search the casino using Google
Investigate on watchdog sites
Look for a legitimate license
Check for auditing agencies
Scrutinize the terms and conditions
Read gamblers opinions in forums
Blacklisted Casinos Last updated: 23/06/2019
SuperBet Palace
Licensing issues
Casino Atlanta
Pirated games
Questionable fairness
Casino Lust
Shady terms and conditions
Delayed paymment processing
Unresponsive support team
Vegas Amped Casino
Delayed or unprocessed winnings
Untrustworthy ad tactics
Diceland VIP
Widespread non-payment
Crazy Luck Casino
Unresponsive to queries
Non-payment of winnings
Gold Betting Casino
Deceptive free games
Slow payment of winnings
Possible copyright issues
El Dorado Palace Casino
Insufficent terms and conditions
Notoriously delayed payments
Blu Casino
Unresponsive customer support
Deuce Club Casino
Player and affiliate problems
Shady game tactics
Park Lane Casino
Non-payment reports
Osiris Casino
Substantial negative reviews
Unresponsive player support
Casino Bordeaux
Shady terms and tactics
Slots500 Casino
privacy reports
Real Vegas Online
Slow Processing of withdrawals
Lacking mediation
Euro Moon Casino
Non-payment scams
Affiliate issues
SlotLuv Casino
Erratic payment patterns
Outdated security
Big Daddy's Casino
Problematic security software
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What is a blacklisted site?
A blacklisted site is an online casino that has failed to adhere to our standards of quality, therefore, is placed on a list of must-avoid casinos. Sites are blacklisted for any number of reasons including failure to pay players or utilize fair gaming policies, to having an out-of-date license or constant technical errors.
Do casinos ever get off the blacklist?
Sometimes. Occasionally, a casino will get blacklisted but then cleans up its act, for example upon a change in management. That’s why our expert reviews team is always doing the leg work of researching both positively and negatively reviewed casinos because things can always change, and we want our players to be updated.
Does one bad casino in a group mean the others are, too?
Not necessarily, though there is a higher chance that the online casino in question will be of lower quality. To play it safe, our experts always recommend signing up with a pre-vetted site, such as the ones they’ve rated and reviewed on this site.
What is online casino bonus fraud?
Online casino bonus fraud refers to the unfortunate case in which an online casino fails to pay out a promotional offer to players or purposefully muddles the terms and conditions so that claiming the bonus is difficult or impossible. This is one of the issues we research when compiling the blacklist.
Can I get my money back?
Not usually. In any online gambling situation, it’s best to assume that money you invest may not be seen again, unless in the form of real money winnings, of course! Essentially, it’s only wise to invest cash in an online casino with a great reputation, such as the ones which our experts have vetted.
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