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Online Bitcoin slots work by letting you deposit using this new crypto-currency. Bitcoin has no 'central bank', can be converted from any currency, and carries no fees. Best of all for real-cash online slots players is that Bitcoin is totally anonymous.

If you live in a jurisdiction where real-money Internet casino gambling is tricky, Bitcoin bypasses those financial concerns.

At, we have reviews of websites that deal exclusively in Bitcoin. But we also feature casinos that allow Bitcoin deposit and withdrawals 24/7. For a fantastic Bitcoin gaming site, check out the top online casino featured on this page, , offering a massive welcome package, over 100 exciting slots, and customer service dedicated to providing players with top banking choices. The only job you'll have is finding some top slots to play.

Enjoy real-money slots using Bitcoin:

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What is Bitcoin?

Why you should read this page

By reading this page you’ll learn what Bitcoin is, how a Bitcoin casino works and why or why not you’ll want to use a casino that relies on this new technology. It’s an interesting shift in the online gaming world and at the very least you’ll want to learn more about it and the best casinos supporting Bitcoin gameplay.

In 2018 it's possible to deposit real cash using a huge range of banking methods. While debit and credit cards, e-Wallets and bank wires have their advantages, nothing beats the anonymity of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a new digital currency that is 'mined' on users' computers before being traded. Bitcoin users keep a handy wallet online where they can store Bitcoin. The currency can then be used to buy and sell goods, or traded for cash.

Only a finite amount of Bitcoin will ever be 'made', and because it is finite the value of Bitcoin will keep on going up. Think of it like a virtual "commodity" that can be bought and sold for cash.

If you are going to play at a Bitcoin online slot casino, then find out how this new form of crypto-currency works and if you should use it.
What is Bitcoin?

How Online Bitcoin Slots Work

First you'll need to buy some Bitcoin. The easiest way is to buy Bitcoin from an online exchange. Current market rates are clearly displayed on exchange sites. But you're not restricted to buying whole Bitcoins. Instead players can purchase tiny portions of Bitcoins, called 'satoshis' or 'micro-bitcoins'.

To make a deposit to play online slots, Bitcoin owners need to just head to the Cashier at their favourite casino and complete a transaction. You can deposit small ‘satoshis’ to your account too. With these you then play slots online, Bitcoin wallet at the ready. provides pluses and minuses of using Bitcoin at an online slots casino so you can determine if this virtual currency is right for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Bitcoin is relatively young. While rival crypto-currencies have emerged, Bitcoin remains the pioneer. Here are a few pluses and minuses about gambling on online Bitcoin slots.


  • Low Fees

    Since there is no 'central bank' like with a credit card provider, players avoid paying any transaction fees when playing Bitcoin online slots. Bitcoin remains one of the cheapest ways to gamble on the net.

  • The Value of Bitcoin Can Increase

    Bitcoin is finite, like a commodity like oil. Therefore, the value of Bitcoin is generally on the rise. If you keep Bitcoin in your wallet and keep buying and selling the coins, your currency can rise in value. Of course, you still have the chance of winning real money playing slots online.

  • It's Totally Anonymous

    With no 'usernames' or card details, you never have to share your personal info with the Internet casino websites.


  • Can Be Hacked and Exploited

    There have been numerous stories in the press about criminal gangs using Bitcoin. Money-laundering, fraud, and outright theft of Bitcoin servers, have all marred the virtual currency's reputation.

  • Not Accepted Widely Online

    At some traditional sites offering online slots, Bitcoin is accepted for deposits.

  • Bitcoin Can Go Down

    Don't forget that while you play online slots, Bitcoin is being traded in cyberspace. That means that if there is a lot of Bitcoin on the market the value can go down. Analysts still don't know what will happen with Bitcoin's value long-term.

Find The Best Real-Money Bitcoin Slots Sites

If you’re looking for the best online slots casinos that accept Bitcoin, can connect you to quality sites offering the best odds and top slot machines.

For a new way to fund online slots, Bitcoin is just one of the leading virtual currencies out there. While this new currency has had its hiccups, it could still be the future choice of gamblers around the world.

At you will find reviews of the best slots online. Bitcoin players can deposit anonymously, safely and without fees.

You may even find a great welcome bonus when you sign up. Just make a first deposit and have your Bitcoin matched when you play slots. Online Bitcoin games can even be played via your web browser for easy instant play.

Top Slots Sites Accepting Bitcoin


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What is Bitcoin?
BitCoin is a virtual 'crypto-currency' that can be bought and sold online for cash. You can anonymously use BitCoin to pay for services or funding online slots gambling.
How does it work?
BitCoins are either 'mined' from computers using sophisticated programs or traded at online exchanges. Players can then use whole BitCoins, or tiny portions of Bitcoin, to send to a gambling account. Slots are played with BitCoin instead of conventional currencies like USD or Euros.
How do I start?
Players can start by joining an online BitCoin exchange and opening a wallet. They can buy BitCoin from other users at Internet 'marketplaces' or on the exchanges themselves, with a set price agreed before purchase.
Can I use them at online casinos?
Yes. Some existing online casinos allow BitCoin deposits, but casinos with slots have popped up that ONLY deal in BitCoin transactions.
Do they support multiple currencies?
Yes. BitCoin traders can buy BitCoin using cash, credit card payments or a direct wire transfer. You can even use an alternative crypto-currency to purchase BitCoin. In some jurisdictions you may have trouble buying with an e-Wallet or credit card, however.
How are winnings paid?
Winnings are paid in BitCoin and can be transferred back to a player's wallet in minutes.
How do they compare with traditional methods?
Because there is no 'central bank' BitCoin users can avoid many of the charges and fees associated with other deposit methods. It's also totally anonymous so you don't have to worry about sharing card details.
What fees are involved?
BitCoin fees are low because players avoid traditional bank and e-Wallet charges. The fees depend on your BitCoin slots site but generally are lower than you will pay with anything else.
Are they safe?
Because of their anonymity, players' personal details are totally safe. However, several scare stories have hit the media in recent years where millions of Bitcoins have been stolen from players' servers.