Triple Flamin' 7s Slots

You can really get hot under the collar playing Triple Flamin' 7s slots. There is classic game play, great jackpots, wild multipliers and plenty of action all wrapped up in a Triple Flamin' 7s slot machine.

With a single payline and 3 reels, Triple Flamin' 7s online slots offer you a variety of betting options. Players with small online casino bankrolls will be happy to wager $0.01 coins as they spin the reels. However, high rollers will enjoy the fact that they can wager up to $20 per spin and win a jackpot of up to $40,000.

Play Triple Flamin' 7s Slots

There are two pay tables in a Triple Flamin' 7s slots casino. The first applies when you wager a single coin, while the second applies when you wager two coins. Because the jackpots are so much larger when wagering two coins, most Triple Flamin' 7s online slots players will want to go this route.

Hitting three Triple Flamin' 7s Symbols activates the big jackpot of 4,000 coins, assuming you are wagering two coins per spin. Otherwise the payout is just 1,500 coins if you are only wagering a single coin while playing a Triple Flamin' 7s slot machine.

The jackpots do drop off rapidly after that, with the next highest jackpot in a Triple Flamin' 7s slots casino being just 300 coins. So unless you want a lukewarm result, you are going to keep hammering away at that big jackpot.

All the symbols in the game are 7s. There are white, blue, yellow and red 7s, as well as chili 7s and the Triple Flamin' 7s itself for a total of six different symbols in a Triple Flamin' 7s slot machine.

Triple Flamin' 7s online slots pay out whenever you hit any three sevens in a row, regardless of what symbol they are. This is the most frequent winning combination you are going to hit and will provide you with a steady flow of coins.

Triple Flamin' 7s
Rated 9

Triple Flamin' 7s

by WGS Software

  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 1
  • Multiplier: Yes (x3 / x9)
  • Bonus Round: No
  • Max Bet: 2 coins
  • Max Win: 4,000 coins
  • Jackpot: Normal
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Extra Hot Slots!

The action in this game really heats up with the wild multiplier symbol. Represented by the Triple Flamin' 7s Symbol, this can double up as any other symbol in the game and when completing a winning combination provides a x3 multiplier.

However, if you are lucky enough to get two Triple Flamin' 7s Symbols to complete a winning combination, then you will really send the mercury soaring. This combination in Triple Flamin' 7s online slots provides a x9 multiplier to your winnings, which could provide a maximum win of 2,700 coins.

The addition of this feature provides the opportunity for some big Triple Flamin' 7s slots casino wins and certainly livens up the game play. However, there is still the simple slots action that makes this game attractive to beginning online casino players, as well as jaded slots gamers who are looking to get away from the fancy animations and complex bonuses and get back to basics.

Unfortunately, there is no autoplay feature in Triple Flamin' 7s online slots. Considering you are going to be spending a great deal of time chasing the big jackpot, this is a feature which will be missed. Constantly hitting the spin button can make Triple Flamin' 7s slots casino action a little repetitive after a couple of hours.

Despite that, the Triple Flamin' 7s slot machine is enormous fun to play and lets players get straight into the heart of the action without any fancy bells or whistles to hold them back.

If you are looking for some great single payline action then head over to a Triple Flamin' 7s slots casino and set those jackpots sizzling. Just make sure you bring a fireproof suit.