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Sevens and Bars Slots Review for 2018


Sevens and Bars is a classic online slot from Rival that includes two multiplier prizes. The game uses traditional slots icons of Bars and Sevens, as well as Diamonds, and Sevens and Bars together. With Sevens and Bars, you won’t find any scatters or wilds, and there’s no bonus round or free spins. This is a three-coin maximum, one-payline slot machine. You can play it for $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, or $0.50. For those who like higher stakes, you may play the machine using $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or $10.00 units. You may spin the reels for as little as one-cent or as much as $30.

This online slot, which plays on patriotism with its red, white, and blue color scheme, includes the traditional slot machine symbols of Single, Double, and Triple Bars. You’ll also find glistening Diamonds and lots of 7s. Those 7s many be red, white, or blue. The jackpot symbol, which features a 7 and a bar and is the game logo, pays out big. If you play three coins, the jackpot totals 2,500 coins. That’s a solid 250-coin bonus over the incremental one-coin jackpot of $750 and two-coin of $1,500.

The first payout of Sevens and Bars offer low odds. One Diamond pays 1:1, but two Diamonds offer a 5:1 payout. Payouts rise pretty quickly as any three 7s pay 10:1 and three Single Bars and three Double bars offer 30:1 odds. Three Red 7s offer a 100:1 payout, while three Diamonds pay 200:1. Overall, the payouts on Sevens and Bars are quite solid.

Playing Sevens and Bars Slots Online

Sevens and Bars is a simple game to understand. With one-payline and three coin choices, players can decide how much they’d like to venture per spin on this game rather quickly. One decision you will need to make carefully is what size coin you’d like to play. Make sure you leave room for plenty of spins with this game. Don’t overachieve on coin size. This is a fun classic slot that tends to pay well and fairly often.

Once you decide on the amount of cash you’re going to spend per spin, you can start playing Sevens and Bars. When you hit three red, white, and blue sevens in any order you be played 3x. When you get three 7s with red, white, and blue in that order, you receive 5x the normal payout. Otherwise, because there is no bonus round, free spins, or wilds, there are few deviations from the pay table. Wins are easy to discern. What you see is what you get with this online slot.

30 Second Guide

Many people find that the simplicity of Sevens and Bars is the thing that makes it attractive. This slot machine is nicely designed. It looks great, is easy to understand, and plays smoothly. This is a classic slot machine that offers 12 payouts and two additional multiplier rewards. That’s a whole lot of winning combinations for a one-payline slot machine.

The initial payout of Sevens and Bars, which is for one Diamond, pays 1:1. Two Diamonds offer 5:1 odds. Payouts, overall, rise quickly as any three 7s pay 10:1. Three Single Bars and three Double bars offer 30:1 odds. Three Red 7s provide a payout of 100:1 payout, while three Diamonds offer 200:1.

The jackpot symbol, which is comprised of a 7 and a bar and is the game logo, offers a major payout. For three coins, the jackpot totals 2,500 coins. That’s a very sound 250-coin bonus over the one-coin jackpot of $750 and two-coin of $1,500. Overall, the payouts on Sevens and Bars are quite solid.

Sevens and Bars
Rating 9.3 / 10
User Rating 9.3 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 3
  • Max Bet: 30$
  • Paylines: 1
  • Max Win: 2500 coins
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Jackpot: Normal
  • Bonus Round: No

The Bonus Round


There is no bonus round associated with Sevens and Bars. This single payline, 3-reel slot does offer some multiplier prizes.

Jackpot Breakdown

Sevens and Bars offers players a sizeable jackpot of 2,500 coins if three coins are wagered. For two coins, players receive 1,500 coins and for a one-coin bet they get 750. With the first jackpot paying 750 coins and the second offering 750 more, or 1,500 coins, then the three-coin payout should be 2,250 coins. Playing three coins results in a payout that’s about 15% higher than what would expect. Thus, it makes sense to bet three coins when playing Sevens and Bars.

Sevens and Bars Final Word

Sevens and bars is a wonderful classic slot. It has a great look, reminiscent of slots from another era. The payouts are sizeable and the opportunity to hit a few multiplier wins makes this game extra attractive. In addition, this slot machine accommodates every size budget, as you can bet as little as three cents and as much as $30. The pay table is also substantial for this type of slot.

The top jackpot offers a return of 850:1, which is much more generous than the one and two-coin jackpots that are 750:1. Hit three Sevens and Bars logos and you’ll be taking home some solid prize money. This is an online slot machine where players want to get in as many spins as possible. You should play Sevens and Bars for the largest unit bet possible without mitigating the effect of being able to take 100 to 200 spins in one betting session.

This online slot can be addictive. It’s helpful if players slow down and take a breath between spins. Also, keep track of your bankroll, ensuring that you cash out when ahead or quit before you experience a total loss. Enjoy playing Sevens and Bars. It’s a great classic online slot.

Sevens and Bars FAQs

Sevens and Bars, a classic, 3-reel slot machine from Rival, is a patriotic creation, as it emphasizes the colors red, white, and blue in the symbols it utilizes while displaying stars on its face that could have come right off of an American flag. This is a popular slot that includes a sizeable jackpot and two multiplier wins. You can win a total of 12 different ways with this wonderful slot. Please take a moment to review our Sevens and Bars FAQs to get some insight into how this slot machine works and what you can expect from it.

How does Big Cash Win work?
Players decide if they want to bet using one, two, or three coins. They also decide what size coin they want to use. Their choices include coins that are worth $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, or $0.50. For those who enjoy higher stakes, you may play the slot using $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or $10.00 units. Once you have decided on the size of the unit and how many coins you will bet, you may make your wager and spin the reels. Winning combinations are highlighted on the pay table and paid immediately.
How do I play?
The first thing to do when playing Sevens and Bars is to decide on what size coin you’re going to bet. As noted above, there are various choices, including $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, and $0.50 coins. You may also play higher amounts, which are $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00. Make sure that you choose a denomination that allows for a proper number of spins. It’s better to take 100 or 200 rather than 20 or 50. Play for the highest payout possible. Once you have made your bet you spin the reels. The game will indicate if you won and even tell you how much.
How many bonus games are there?
Sevens and Bars does not offer any bonus games. There are two multipliers for when you hit Red, White, and Blue 7s. When they appear in any order it’s 3x and when they appear in the order red, white, and blue it’s 5x.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The largest jackpot on Sevens and Bars is 2,500 coins. That’s on a 3-coin wager and it’s given out when you hit the Sevens and Bars logo three across.
How many pay lines are there?
Because Sevens and Bars is a classic slot machines, there is one payline.
How can I win at slot games?
It’s very important to play as many spins as are possible and at a rate that you can afford. If making a $30 bet limits your ability to play, then lower the amount of your wager. You want to get in a minimum of 100 spins on this machine. Also, in terms of winning, learn to quit when you are ahead and when you are behind.
Where can I play?
We have found some great online slot sites that are reputable, trustworthy, safe, and secure. Take a moment to review some of the online slots sights that are featured on our website. Everyone is a winner.
Can I play on mobile?
Many casinos support iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Check the casino of your choice for their mobile page to see if they offer slots for your mobile phone or tablet.
Is it safe?
It is safe to play at your online casino using your phone. In doing so make sure that you use a password protected Wi-Fi connection. In addition, your online casino should utilize the latest encryption software and be focused on safety and security.
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