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Panda Party Slots Review for 2018


Players love Panda Party for many reasons. This is a colorful online slot machine that includes Asian-inspired music, images of cute, friendly pandas, and a bonus round known as Pandamonium, which offers multipliers up to 64x. Plus, you can win up to 40 free spins and enjoy wild multipliers that go up to 7x.

Panda Party is a 20-payline, 5-reel video slot that keeps your interest and captures your attention at every turn. The top prize is worth 1,500 coins, but with a massive multiplier, you can be talking about collecting a huge number of coins. With free spins, wild multipliers, and a major bonus round, Panda party is a fantastic online slot machine.

The game is played in a red frame decorated with red lanterns, surrounded by shrubbery and featuring a backdrop of green bamboo. Symbols include various Pandas, a Green Chest, Ming Vase, Purple Ball, Red Lantern, Green Lantern, and Red Dragon. Plus, there are nicely crafted card symbols ranging from 9 through Ace.

Panda party is an online slot that offers players the chance to hit some astounding jackpots, especially in when they make it into the Pandamonium bonus round. Plus, the number of free spins makes the possibility of winning even more likely.

Playing Panda Party Slots Online

Panda Party is one of Rivals most unique slot machines. The Asian theme is nicely detailed in every way, from the images utilized to the music that underscores the game, to the increasing multipliers to the animated stars the glisten when the reels are turning. This is a fine 5-reel, 20-payline video slot that you can play for as little as one penny and for as much as $50 per spin.

Coin denominations accepted include $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, and $0.25. This is a slot machine that players can bet the max on every line for as little as $2.00. The multipliers are one of the great things about this online slot. They range from 2x up to 64x. You’ll also find 3x, 5x, 7x, 8x, 16x, and 32x multipliers. The possibilities are simply huge when it comes to cashing big when playing Panda Party.

You definitely want to get into the Pandamonium round, as well as enjoying free spins. The Pandamonium round is expansive as icons take on new power and increase your winnings. Wild multipliers also vary depending upon what round in which they pop up. The wonderful thing about free spins in this game is that they can occur at any time and in any round. That means you can be playing free numerous times over the course of just a few turns.

Panda Party is a nicely designed video slot machine with reels that sparkle when they turn, icons that capture your attention, and music that is completely engaging. The prizes may seem to be a bit low, but when you figure in the possibility of hitting one of the big prizes with a 16x, 32x, or 64x multiplier, then this game takes on a whole new power.

30 Second Guide

Panda Party offers players many different ways to win. This 20-payline, 5-reel online video slot machine offers a basic jackpot of 1,500 coins. But depending on what round you are in that jackpot can be up to 64x. If you get three Smiling Pandas with the rotation sign, you’ll get a free spin. Hit five of those icons and you’ll take 40 free turns.

The Jackpot Panda is marked as such and pays 1,500 while the Wild Multiplier Panda offers from 3x to 7x on prizes. When free spins are retriggered when the Lucky Lanterns are green, you’re taken to the Pandamonium round. In that bonus round anything can happen.

Play for $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, or $0.25 with up to 10 coins per payline. The bigger the denomination and the more coins you play the greater your possible reward. This is an online slot that makes it well worthwhile for players to bet the max if possible. This is especially true if you can hit any of the thematic icons. As it is with other slot machines, hitting 9 through Ace is fairly anticlimactic. But the icons directly associated with this themed slot do payout quite handsomely.

Panda Party
Rating 9.3 / 10
User Rating 9.3 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: 25$
  • Paylines: 20
  • Max Win: 1500 coins
  • Multiplier: up to 64x
  • Jackpot: Normal
  • Bonus Round: Yes

The Bonus Round


Overall, the number of free spins awarded by Panda party is low. It’s true that if you hit five Free Spin icons, you’ll get 40 of those precious turns. But the next highest number you can acquire is 8 and below that it’s 4 and 1.

The Pandamonium bonus round is where you want to be. To get there the Lucky Lanterns on the game must be green and not red when free spins are triggered. If that happens, you’ll go immediately into that round. At that point the Free Spins icon becomes the jackpot symbol and drops multipliers that can start to add up quickly. Wins may be multiplied by 1x up through 64x. There are a total of seven different multipliers in this bonus round.

Jackpot Breakdown

The largest jackpot awarded when playing Panda Party is 1,500 coins. But, depending upon the round you are in, that can be multiplied by anywhere from 3x to 64x. That’s a major payout. The Smiling Panda jackpot icons have the word “Jackpot” emblazoned across them. You’ll need to hit five of them to get the big prize. If you hit five Upside Down Pandas, you’ll earn 750 coins. Another big prize is given out for five Green Chests. They are worth a minimum of 1,000 coins.

Final Word Panda Party Slot

Panda Party is a thoroughly entertaining online slot from Rival. With 20-paylines, 5-reels, free spins, wild multipliers, and a very innovative bonus round, this is an online slot worth playing. Plus, the Asian and panda themes are nicely stated in every way.

You can play this slot for a modest amount and still have the chance of scoring big. If you have a good-sized bankroll, then you’ll be able to play at $50 a spin, setting the stage for the possibility of taking down a major prize. Whatever the case may be you’re sure to find that Panda Party offers a whole lot of gaming fun.

Panda Party FAQs

Panda Party is one of the most exciting slots you will find anywhere. It includes free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers. Below are some useful FAQs regarding Panda Party, which is a 5-reel, 20-payline online slot from Rival. Use these questions and answers to garner some insights on this unique slot machine.

How does Party Panda work?
Party Panda offers payouts in numerous ways. There are traditional payouts that players receive when they get three or more icons in a row. Plus, you can win when a payout sequence is completed through the use of a wild symbol. There’s a free spins bonus round that includes multipliers that pay up to 7x. Plus, there is the special bonus round known as Pandamonium. Payouts can build up quickly in this bonus round with the largest multiplier being 64x.
How do I play?

Pandamonium offers players 20 paylines that may be played for a maximum of 10 coins each. That means on this slot you may wager up to $50 per turn. The game takes four different denominations, $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, or $0.25. Before playing, you’ll want to determine how much you can afford to bet each time you spin the reels. Make sure that you wager on every payline and try to play 10 coins per line.

Monitor your progress and when you win a substantial amount, increase the amount of your bet. If you go into a tailspin, reduce your losses by lowering the stakes. Your goal in playing Panda Party is to first get to the Free Spins bonus round where you can enjoy 40 free turns and to then go to Pandamonium, where you can win big by hitting a 16x, 32x or 64x multiplier.

How many bonus games are there?

There are two bonus rounds. The first is the Free Spins bonus that offers up to 40 free turns. Three or more smiling Pandas will get you into this round. There’s a wild multiplier too that starts at 3x and goes up to 7x.

The second bonus round is Pandamonium. To get to this round, you must have the red Lucky Lanterns on the game turn red. If that occurs you’ll go immediately into Pandamonium. When that happens, the Free Spins icon becomes the jackpot symbol and drop multipliers can start to add up quickly. Your wins will be increased by anywhere from 1x up to 64x.

What is the maximum jackpot?
The maximum jackpot is 1,500 coins, but remember that may be multiplied anywhere from 1 to 64 times. You’ll win the big jackpot when you get five Smiling Panda jackpot icons in a row. Those are worth 64x.
How many pay lines are there?
Panda Party offers a total of 20 paylines. You may play one, some, or all at any time. It is best if you can bet on all lines, as this increases your chances of winning.
How can I win at slot games?
With Panda Party you want to stay in the game as long as possible. That means that you should make sure that you get in the maximum number of spins that is possible. Don’t rush your play and track how you are doing. Try to contain losing streaks and exploit runs when you’re winning. Always play slots that offer a return to player rate of 65% or higher. Many online slots pay back at a rate of 98%, which means that 98 cents of every dollar spent finds its way back to the players.
Where can I play?
Please see our pages for fine online casinos where you can enjoy a range of slots including those created by Rival. You’ll find numerous online slots casinos that offer players opportunities to enjoy great games.
Can I play on mobile?
iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets may all be used for mobile gaming. Some popular tablets that players use include the Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and Google Nexus.
Is it safe?
Playing mobile casino games is safe as long as you do so by connecting to the casino or game via a secure Wi-Fi connection. Guard your phone by utilizing anti-virus software. Finally, make sure that the online casino is secure, safe, and trustworthy.
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