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Arabian Tales Slots Review for 2018


Arabian Tales is an entertaining 5-reel video slot machine from Rival. This slot captures the essence of the Arabian Nights adventures on which it is based. The Arabian Tales online slot reflects Middle Eastern styles through various design elements, including the Arabic numbers and symbols it utilizes, its music, and the game’s backdrop of an Arab palace set amongst a midnight blue sky and silver, glittering stars.

The symbols are all associated with the tales and include a Raja, Magic Carpet, Dagger, Angry Villain, Tiger, Beautiful Princess, Genie, Book, and Magic Lamp. These icons along with the game’s overall design create an atmosphere for exotic adventure. The slot includes expanding wilds in the form of a Magic Lamp. When you get on Magic Lamp on a reel, it expands to fill the entire reel, which often results in your winning numerous times on one spin. Plus, it carries a 2x multiplier.

Another feature that makes Arabian Tales a lot of fun to play is its free spins. You can earn free spins when you hit the scatter symbol, which is the Tiger, or the Genie. You can earn up to 50 free spins at a time when you play Arabian Tales. Free spins come with a multiplier worth 3x. The big jackpot on this game offers players 2,500 coins, which is a solid payout. Arabian Tales is appealing to players looking to collect and utilize free spins and expanding wilds; both of which offer extra value on each spin.

Playing Arabian Tales Slots Online

This 5-reel, 50-payline video slot offers players smooth, fast play. When a wild appears Arabian Tales can really start rocking, as that Magic Lamp can result in a player winning numerous times at once. You can hit two, three, four, and even five paylines on one turn. Plus, all winnings are multiplied by 2x. You can play this slow for as little as one penny. Coins sizes starts at $0.01 and go up to $0.25. You can also use coins worth $0.05 and $0.10. You can wager on each payline a total of 10 times, which means if you play all lines to the maximum and with the largest coin denomination, you will wager $125.00 per turn.

Playing Arabian Tales is a real treat, as it gives you so many opportunities to expand your chances of winning by collecting free spins in various ways. Plus, it also has numerous multipliers, which allows players to increase their winnings instantly. The game itself is very inviting, as it is set in an exotic part of the world and includes characters that are bigger than life, including the Genie, Princes, and Angry Villain.

30 Second Guide

Arabian Tales is one of those online video slots where players want to win as many free spins as possible. This is important for two reasons. The first is free spins come with a 3x multiplier, expanding your winnings automatically. The other reason is free spins lighten the load on your bankroll. It costs you nothing to play. You’ll win those free spins when two to five Tigers end up on the game’s reels or when you get from three to five Genies. Five Tigers or Genies result in your being awarded 50 spins. Three Genies will allow you to receive 12 free spins and four will get you 25.

If you bet the maximum playing at the $0.01 coin level, you’ll spend $5.00 per turn. Play the maximum denomination of $0.25 and you’ll spend $125.00 per turn. That’s a lot of cash to bet on each spin of the reels, and that is another reason as to why free spins are so valuable. When you hit your free spins you’ll be paid out at the monetary level of your last turn. That makes playing the maximum amount pretty important.

You’ll get paid if you hit any three symbols in a row. You’ll also receive cash for various other combinations of symbols. The smallest payout is three coins, while the largest payout on this machine offers 2,500 coins. You’ll get that payout when you hit five Rajas. Other large payouts can be realized when you manage to get five Magic Carpets (600 coins), Beautiful Princesses (750 coins) or Angry Villains (1,000 coins).

Arabian Tales
Rating 9.3 / 10
User Rating 9.3 / 10

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Score: / 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Max Bet: 125$
  • Paylines: 50
  • Max Win: 7500 coins
  • Multiplier: 2x,3x
  • Jackpot: Normal
  • Bonus Round: No

The Bonus Round


Arabian Tales, like many other online video slot machines, does not offer what it a typical bonus round. When you’re in a common bonus round you’ll often enter into another realm that’s part of an altogether new game. However, Arabian Tales, with its free spin opportunities, offers basically the same game but in free spin mode. When you’re in this mode all winnings are multiplied by three.

If you hit two Tigers, you’ll receive one free spin. Three Tigers gets you five free spins, four results in 25, and five offers a reward of 50 free turns. You’ll need at least three Genies to get free spins. Hit three of these magic guys and you’ll be given a dozen free turns, four offers 25, and five Genies results in 50 free spins. Hit the jackpot on a free spin and the 3x multiplier results in a payout of 7,500 coins!

Jackpot Breakdown

The biggest jackpot is awarded when you get five Rajas. They’re worth a total of 2,500 coins. This is one of the smaller regular jackpots that you’ll realize on a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot machine. However, it is important to note that this game does offer more ways than usual to earn free spins. The next highest payout occurs when you get five Angry Villains. That’s worth 1,000 coins, while five Princesses earn you 750. Five Magic Carpets offer 600 coins and five Daggers are good for 400.

Free spins can really help lighten the burden on your bankroll. Plus, as noted above, there’s a special jackpot when you’re free rolling what is worth 7,500 coins. That’s because payouts are multiplied by 3x during any free spin round.

Final Word Arabian Tales Slot

Arabian Tales is a nicely designed online video slot machine. The combination of design elements including icons, music, background, and animation style are all in sync. We’d like to see a higher jackpot amount and some bigger awards however, the opportunity to score free spins and to collect on numerous payouts simultaneously with expanding wilds is very attractive. Those latter two features help to elevate this online slot to another level.

Like many online slots, you’ll have choices in terms of coin size, number of active paylines, and number of coins used per payline. Maximum bets are $5.00 on $0.01, $25.00 on $0.05, $50.00 on $0.10, and $125.00 on $0.25 coins. The more coins and higher denomination you play the larger your potential payout.

Arabian Tales does not have an actual full out bonus round, but it does offers free spins rounds. During these rounds, which can be as long as 50 spins, your winnings are multiplied by 3x. Also, wilds, which expand up and down the reel, offer payouts of 2x. These features certainly add excitement to Arabian Tales and help to make it a solid online video slot.

Arabian Tales FAQs

Arabian Tales is an entertaining and exciting slot. Despite the fact that it does not have a standalone bonus round, the slot still gives you plenty of opportunities to win. Take a moment to get some of the basic facts on Arabian Tales by perusing our FAQs below.

How does Arabian Tales work?
Arabian Tales is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot that offers free spins and many chances to win. As it is with any online slot, you take one spin at a time. You’ll be in good stead if you’re able to generate some free spins, as these allow you to play without using your bankroll, and winning on a free spin multiplies your winnings by 3x.
How do I play?
Before choosing your coin denomination, the number of coins you’ll use, and how many paylines you’re going to play, take some time to read about how this slot works and to get to know the pay table. This is important to do, as it will help you pace yourself. Playing is simple. You make your bet and spin the reels. Pay attention to the results of each turn. Alter your bets, wagering more when ahead and cutting back when losing.
How many bonus games are there?
There is no traditional bonus game, but Arabian Tales does offer players free spins. You’ll receive free spins when you hit the scatter symbol, which is the Tiger, or the Genie. You’ll earn five free turns for three symbols, 25 for four and 50 free spins when you get five symbols. Any winnings accumulated during a free spins round come with a multiplier of 3x.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The regular jackpot is worth 2,500 coins. If this is hit when in free spins mode, the jackpot will be multiplied by three, which means it would be worth 7,500 coins.
How many pay lines are there?
There are 50 paylines. It is best to play all paylines, as this gives you the most chances of winning. However, you will also lose more when wagering on all paylines and you do not hit.
How can I win at slot games?
There are a few things that any player can do to help them increase their chances of winning at slot games. First, play a machine that fits your budget, giving you a good number of spins. Second, determine ahead of time when you will quit. You should have a stopping point when you’re winning and when you’re losing. Stick to that predetermined point. Finally, constantly track how much you win and lose, as this will keep your head in the game.
Where can I play?
You will find many fine slots casinos listed on our pages. Take a moment to gather some information on each in order to determine which ones best meet your needs and desires.
Can I play on mobile?
You may play many different slot games on mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Each mobile casino is unique, which means that you should take some time to find the mobile casino that is right for you.
Is it safe?
Playing at a mobile casino is considered to be safe. Always make sure that you are at a casino that ranks high when it comes to safety and security. When playing online only use a secure Wi-Fi connection and protect your mobile device by utilizing antivirus software.
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