Playing Mobile Slots

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When you read this page you’ll learn all about using a mobile device to play at casinos. You’ll learn about mobile slots and tips to play on your mobile device effectively. You will learn the benefits of using your smartphone or tablet and the downfalls. You’ll even have a list of leading casinos that support mobile gameplay that you can go by.

Once upon a time, online slots were the biggest revolution to hit iGaming. In 2018, though, it's possible to play real-money games wherever you are on a screen no bigger than a credit card.

The mobile slots revolution has led to more ingenious games being released than ever. Popular favorites have been adapted for smartphones and tablets, while a new generation of slots tailored for smartwatches is beginning to emerge.

In 2018, it's possible to play, and win, huge jackpots whether you're using an iOS or Android app, or playing instantly via a web browser.

Gambling For Smartphones

According to latest figures, the number of smartphone users in the world will hit the 2 billion mark in 2016. That's a staggering quarter of the world's population. And many of them will be using their phones to gamble on.

While online slots were once the biggest thing to hit gambling, now mobile gambling is slowly taking over.

It's no wonder mobile slots are popular: they're quick to play, they adapt well to any touch-screen, and the potential winnings can be massive. What's great is that you don't even need a native app to play games.

To Download Or Not To Download?

The first thing players need to work out is whether they can play slots at all on their devices.

Many new slots are programmed to work on either Android or iOS systems. Native slots apps can be downloaded straight to the player's phone via a mobile casino site or iTunes/Google Play.

Native apps take up considerable room on your smartphone or tablet but are more solid than an instant-play client. However, if you're on a Blackberry or Windows phone you're going to struggle.

Most top mobile slots work as 'in-browser' games. These load up in a separate window when you click on the slot link at a mobile casino. Typically, they are programmed in Flash for better animation and graphics or HTML5, which transports well across all platforms.

Which is better when playing mobile slots, enjoying these engaging games through an app or via your browser? Both offer solid positives for earnest slots players.

How Mobile Slots Work

Whether playing a Java download app or an in-browser game with a Flash Player, slots play rather differently to an online game.

To deal with the smaller space, the reels will typically fill the whole screen. Spinning the reels is done by either swiping them or tapping a Spin button on the screen.

Some developers have all their function buttons off the screen altogether. In fact you might have to adjust coins and paylines on a separate drop-down menu altogether.

The mobile slot experience is different from that one has at an online casino, as games are smaller, controls are simpler, and many times the slot fills the entire screen. Still, playing slots on your mobile device is exciting and fun.

Differences Between Online and Mobile Include:

Mobile Devices For Slots

Mobile slots are now available for most types of smartphone or tablet. While Apple devices like iPhones and iPads have struggled to handle Flash slots, there are still plenty of native apps available on iOS.

Android players have a wealth of native and instant-play games available. Mobile apps are dedicated for the Android system, so whether you're on a Samsung S4 or a Nexus tablet there will be games that work for you.

Windows and BlackBerry phone users can still enjoy real-money games as long as their browsers can handle HTML5. Whatever your device, it's worth having the latest browser, or browsers, and having your operating system updated as much as possible.

Playing Games For Free

Many mobile slots may be enjoyed in the free-play mode. Slots players should take advantage of free-play, as doing so allows one to get to know the machine prior to risking any real money.

The best thing about mobile slots is that you can often enjoy games for free. Play-money slots are available via the mobile casino itself, or downloading free games from the App Store, iTunes or Google Play.

Free-money slots for mobiles are a great option for players who live in "grey" jurisdictions and don't really have access to online gambling.

Social media slots online have also grown in popularity. Slots available to play via Facebook or one of the many social casinos have the same great gameplay as real-money sites. Prizes can be won if you reach the high scores, while "credits" can be bought for cash.

System Considerations

If using a browser to play slots, it's worth ensuring that your operating system is up to date, you are using the latest browser version, and your connection is solid.

Bills and Blocking

If you have a solid WiFi connection on your phone or tablet, slots play should be free. But if you're on the move and using a 4G network, your data usage can take a hammering when gambling online.

Slots take up roughly 100kb of data when you play. If you're playing a lot of slots online at once, or for a long session, that data usage can soon add up. Wherever you live, make sure your package can cover the usage to avoid big phone bills.

And one final word on slots. While mobile slots are among the most popular way of playing in 2018, make sure you are getting a good range of games at the site you choose, including the top progressive slots. To be certain you're making the most of your mobile gaming, head to the shortlisted sites here.