Star Wars Slots Review for 2018

Star Wars Slot Game Review

True to the rest of the franchise, IGT's Star Wars slots have become iconic in a very short amount of time. There are now four different versions of the Star Wars slot machine: Dark Side, Jabba's Palace, Empire Strikes Back and Droid Hunt. These games can be found at live casinos around the world, but what you won't find (yet) are any Star Wars online slots.

All of the Star Wars slots are five reel penny machines, but their minimum bet is $.75 and the max bet is $3 per spin. All of the Star Wars slot machines have game screens full of symbols pulled directly from scenes in the series. There are lots of wilds, lots of scatters, and lots of fun references to the Star Wars franchising, leading us to lament once again about the lack of Star Wars online slots.

Star Wars is not available
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Playing STAR WARS SLOTS Online

30 Second Guide

Based on the popular movie franchise, the Star Wars slot features the main characters and various objects as symbols on the five reels. Playing it is very easy since all players have to do is select the size of the bet and the number of lines to bet on. This can all be done from the interface under the reels and this is also where the button for 'Spin Reels' is located.

Features within the slot include wilds, scatters, and a bonus game that further references the movie and grants nice prizes.

The Dark Side Star Wars slot machine is the oldest title and is now typically found on its own. Its best feature is easily the Empire in Pursuit free spin bonus which isn't hard to hit but pays well.

The Jabba's Palace and Empire Strikes Back Star Wars slots are commonly found together in a progressive bank. These two games feature a multi-level bonus that is attached to five different progressives. The bonus goes off every five minutes or so, and everyone in the bank that has managed to get a combination with five helmets is eligible for entry. On these Star Wars slot machines entries can also be traded for a flat credit value. The eligible players enter a chase sequence (which awards a small prize to all competitors), and the winning player proceeds to the progressive bonus.

You'll have the hardest time finding a Star Wars slots casino that offers Droid Hunt since it was just introduced late in 2010, but it's only a matter of time before it makes the rounds like the other Star Wars slot machines. Droid Hunt includes four different bonuses: Droid Match, Astromech free spins, Ion Blaster and Tusken Raider. We also like its random Star Destroyer feature which replaces symbols with wilds.

You won't have to go on vacation to enjoy these games; Star Wars slots casinos are pretty common – chances are there's one within driving distance of you. We love all four of the games, and can't wait to see Star Wars online slots. This game receives our highest rating of 10 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

To win the jackpot, five symbols of the Star Wars logo must land on the first payline on a spin that had the maximum bet active on all the lines.

Star Wars
Rating 10 / 10
User Rating 10 / 10

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  • Top notch graphics
  • Great inclusion of the Star Wars theme
  • Four progressives
  • Detailed bonuses


  • High minimum bet
  • No online versions
How does the Star Wars slot work?
There are four different Star Wars slot machines, all of which are five-reel games.
How do I play?
All of the Star Wars slots are machines for land-based casinos and they all accept the single denomination of a penny. Players can bet multiple lines and more than one coin per line, with a minimum bet of $0.75 and a max bet of $3.
How many bonus games are there?
All of the Star Wars slots have bonus games, but the bonuses do vary from one version to the next.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The jackpots can also vary from one machine to the next, but many of the Star Wars slots are connected to progressive jackpots.
How many pay lines are there?
All of the Star Wars slots have multiple pay lines for more betting.
How can I win at slot games?
The Star Wars slots do have some fun bonus games that do provide good opportunities to win some prizes, but most wins are for making combinations.
Where can I play?
Star Wars slot machines can only be found at live casinos.
Can I play on mobile?
With no online version of the Star Wars slot, players will not be able to play this game on mobile devices.
Is it safe?
As a game that is only found in live casinos, Star Wars is safe for all players.
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