Megabucks Slots Review for 2018

IGT's Megabucks slots are the most coveted live slots in the world, but you'll only find them in Nevada. What makes this slot machine so special? Its multi-million dollar jackpots. There are Megabucks slots casinos all over Las Vegas, and their machines have far and away awarded the industry's largest slot prizes. IGT's online branch, Wagerworks, has released some big progressive games too, but thus far Megabucks online slots are just a myth. If you’re looking for some of the largest prizes that you can get from a slot machine it makes a whole lot of sense to travel to Las Vegas and try one of them out. They aren’t difficult to find once there.

The Megabucks slots have five reels and 60 paylines. Without exception, the game is a penny machine. This confuses some Megabucks slots casino players. Because while it's true that you can still enjoy the game's bonuses by making the minimum bet, you'll never win the progressive that way. To win the Megabucks progressive jackpot, you must bet at least five credits per line which translates to 300 credits/$3 per spin. This is still pretty reasonable for such a massive prize that isn’t offered at most other casinos. Make sure that you are betting this amount every time that you play, the last thing you would want is to miss out on a progressive jackpot win simply because you were trying to save some money.

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30 Second Guide

Megabucks is a very popular slot machine title that is only currently available in land-based casinos. Developed by IGT, there are actually multiple versions of slots on the Megabucks network and they can be found in various casinos in Nevada. Some of the games have three reels while others offer up to 60 lines on a playing screen of five reels. The main feature in the game is the progressive jackpot of eight figures which can change lives with a bit of luck on the right spin. The 5-reel slot also has wilds and free spins.

It's hard to pick apart the more basic features, because so few players actually care. Megabucks slots casino players aren't after free spins, fun animations or overall entertainment value – they're after those life-changing jackpots. While a number of the Megabucks games do use the old fashioned fruit symbols as filler, the larger casinos tend to insert their own flavor. It's yet another thing we'd love to see in the online version. Case in point is the Wynn Casino's Megabucks slots. They feature casino-specific symbols plus real video clips and voice-overs by Steve Wynn himself.

Overall, the Megabucks slot machine has a pretty poor average payout of around 90%, but once again it hardly matters since most players come to the game with a “go big or go home” mentality. On the upside, the graphics on the Megabucks slots are genuinely good, and the games get frequent updates to ensure that they're as attractive and modern as the newer but lower paying machines around them. Once again, we lament: if only there were Megabucks online slots!


The game looks good, but the main reason to play it is to try and get a progressive jackpot win. If you aren’t willing to spend the $3 necessary to qualify yourself for the jackpot, you are better off playing another slot machine that offers more generous prizes on a regular basis. This is one of those slots that rewards players handsomely once in awhile, but everyone else suffers from a lower amount of prize money in order to pay for those monstrous payouts it is so well-known for.

It's worth noting that at least one progressive has been hit every year since the first Megabucks slot machine was installed in 1995. The last one was worth a cool $10 million, and the largest payout was for nearly $40 million at the Excalibur in 2003. If you want your shot at the big jackpot, then you'll have to book a trip to Nevada. For its unparalleled payouts and icon status, we rate the Megabucks slot machine 9.75 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

The Megabucks jackpot now starts at $10 million and it is known to go as high as $40 million. This can be won by getting the perfect combination of symbols but it is important to keep in mind that the max bet must be placed to be eligible for the jackpot. In the 3-reel version, this means three coins for the one payline and for the 5-reel games, at least five coins have to be placed while all 60 lines are active.


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  • Outrageously large progressives
  • One of a kind machines
  • Huge betting range


  • No online version
  • Only in Nevada
  • Low average payout percentage
How does the Megabucks slot work?
Megabucks is a popular live slot machine that has five reels and a massive progressive jackpot.
How do I play?
As of this writing, Megabucks slots can only be found in Las Vegas. To play, you bet with the fixed denomination of a penny, select the number of lines you want to bet and the number of coins per line.
How many bonus games are there?
While the big progressive jackpots are attractive, this game only has a free spins game as a bonus feature.
What is the maximum jackpot?
Winning the big prize is the goal of every person that plays the Megabucks slot. It often reaches into the tens of millions of dollars, but you must bet five coins per line to be eligible for the prize.
How many pay lines are there?
Megabucks slots have 60 pay lines and the option to bet multiple coins per line.
How can I win at slot games?
The game does vary from casino to casino. You’ll find different animations and different symbols depending on where you play, but the overall idea of the Megabucks slot is to make matching combinations.
Where can I play?
If you want a chance to win one of the biggest prizes in the slots format, you will have to go to Vegas to play the Megabucks machines.
Can I play on mobile?
As a slot that is only for live play, there is no option to bring Megabucks to your mobile device.
Is it safe?
You are only going to find this game in the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, so Megabucks is completely safe.
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