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Haywire Slots Review for 2018


IGT's first Haywire slots showed up well over a decade ago. While Haywire online slots don't yet exist, any decent casino big or small is guaranteed to have at least one of these games. It's important to note here that these slots have become more of a series than any single game and that the Haywire feature has actually been added to a large number of other popular slot formats like Double Diamonds.

Haywire slots are generally classic slots which means they have three reels and one payline. Along the same lines, the betting denomination on a Haywire slot machine is usually set. It's rare to see a Haywire game in anything less than a quarter version though we've seen plenty of casinos that use the game in their high limit areas. These limitations keep the game from being very flexible, but that could be a good thing for players that don’t want to spend time trying to decide what amount to bet in the machine.

Playing HAYWIRE SLOTS Online

30 Second Guide

Haywire slots don’t really refer to certain titles but more to machines with a special feature. Designed by IGT, the series is only available in brick and mortar casinos as of now and mostly applies to classic 3-reel slots with one, two or three lines.

Playing a Haywire slot is done like any other slot machine, by selecting the number of coins to bet and spinning the reels. The difference is that the Haywire feature can make winning combinations trigger a re-spin for free, due to the system going "crazy" in the advantage of the player in order to generate more wins or multiply the initial ones.

The original versions featured cherries, bars, red 7s and the signature Haywire symbol. These days, though, many games that include the Haywire feature don't even use the Haywire symbol. In most of the older games, the Haywire symbol serves as a wild and a multiplier. The games that used the symbol made it quick and easy to discern when you were winning a major prize. Without the symbol it’s harder to say when you’ve hit it big and the game is more difficult to play overall.

In some Haywire slot machines, when a combination is completed by a Haywire symbol the game respins to award the prize twice. In others, random combinations are repeated with or without the symbol. In some Haywire slots, the game simply multiplies the award – 2x for one Haywire and 4x for two. And in still other Haywire slots, when there are matching symbols on the first two reels the game will respin the third wheel in an attempt to complete the combination. There may be no Haywire online slots, but you can definitely see the game's influence in other existing live and online slots that use the wild + respin feature. It’s these cool bonuses that make the game pretty exciting when you come across it in person. Unfortunately it’s not available at every casino and you’ll have to look around a bit if you want to experience it.


Since Wagerworks is working hard to convert many of IGT's most popular games to online slots, there's still hope that Haywire online slots will make an appearance in the not too distant future. If it does players who don’t have a chance to go out to one of the many casinos where it is offered will get a real chance to try the game out and see why it’s so enjoyable to play. In the meantime, Haywire slots casinos can be found all over the world in establishments of all sizes. We rate the game as a whole 8.25 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

Since the majority of Haywire slots are classics, the jackpot is normally represented by three wild symbols on the line. The combination has to land on a bet of the maximum allowed coins, which is three in most cases.


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  • Fun respin feature
  • High top prize
  • Easy to find in most live casinos
  • Simple gameplay mechanics that are easy to learn


  • Fixed denomination
  • No online versions
  • Limiting to play
  • Generally dated appearance
How does the Haywire slot work?
Haywire slots are not so much a specific title, but a feature that is commonly found on certain land-based casino slots.
How do I play?
Select a machine that uses the Haywire feature and place bets with the accepted denomination.
How many bonus games are there?
The Haywire feature is the bonus in these land-based slots. In the original Haywire machines, it would have a Haywire symbol that acted as a wild/multiplier. When combinations were completed with the Haywire symbol, it would respin the reels to offer an additional payout. Now, there are other machines that do not use the special symbol but have a version of the Haywire feature.
What is the maximum jackpot?
Since there are different versions of the Haywire slot, it depends on where you are playing
How many pay lines are there?
Most Haywire machines would be classic three-reelers with a single pay line.
How can I win at slot games?
A Haywire slot is going to award prizes for making combinations.
Where can I play?
Haywire slots are fairly common and can be found in most casinos.
Can I play on mobile?
As of this writing, there are currently no Haywire slots for mobile play.
Is it safe?
Gaming on a Haywire slot is completely safe.
Overall rating

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