Harley Davidson Slot Game Review

Harley Davidson Slots Review for 2018

IGT's Harley Davidson slots were a big thing when they were first introduced a couple decades ago, but now they've become something of a cult classic. Over the years, the Harley Davidson slot machine has slowly disappeared from most casinos, making it more of a collectible for at-home players and less of an option for casual casino-goers. But since no Harley Davidson online slots yet exist, true slots fans that also love their bikes may want to hunt this old IGT gem down.

The Harley Davidson slot machine was made in very limited numbers, which made it hard to find, even when it was new and casinos all over the world were scrambling to acquire it. Because it is a classic three-reel, one payline game it is also only found with a fixed betting denomination – usually of a quarter or $1. Some of the online casinos attached the games to progressive jackpots while others offered an obvious top prize of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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30 Second Guide

IGT is responsible for a few versions of Harley Davidson slot machines. However, these were first created decades ago and not only have they not made their way online yet, but are pretty rare in land-based casinos as well. Nevertheless, fans who find one will quickly spot it due to its black theme and various logos.

As for playing this classic, there are only a few buttons to speak of and the ones that matter are for determining how many coins to use and for spinning the reels. A maximum of three coins can be placed as a bet for the one line.

We have seen the Harley Davidson slots in two different variations. One variation is the usual classic slot and the other has a special skill-stop button which allows players to instantly stop the reels. The latter Harley Davidson slot machine also has a free spin bonus that is triggered by three gasoline symbols. We love the idea and think this particular game would translate well to Harley Davidson online slots, but only time will tell if IGT deems the game worthy of reprising online.

Another feature that makes the Harley Davidson slots especially likeable is the sound effects. While the reels are spinning, players can listen to classic cruising songs like “Born to Be Wild.” During the aforementioned bonus and after big wins, players are also treated to motorcycle-specific sound effects like the revving of an engine. It's just one more detail that makes us hope for Harley Davidson online slots in the near future.

If you’re a serious fan of Harley and you want to try out this machine you’ll have to look around at the many casinos to see if you see a copy. Since it’s so difficult to find you may not be able to play it anywhere, but if you do you’re in for a real treat. The game doesn’t offer any special features that you won’t find in other slots, other than the cool theme music, graphics and personalized features. For a true fan it’s a fun experience, anyone else can probably get the same benefits from a slot machine that is easier to track down.


The most recent Harley Davidson slot machines we've seen were nickel games that were part of a progressive bank. The jackpot restarts at $50,000 making it a smart choice not only for thrill-seekers but for big prize hunters. While Harley Davidson slots casinos are now few and far between, you're most likely to find the games in larger gambling destinations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The next time that you take a trip to a major casino have a look around and you might come across one of these machines. It’s certainly worth the experience for Harley Davidson fans. We rate the memorable slot machine a 9 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

Some of the Harley Davidson slots were often times used in banks for a local progressive jackpot that started at $50,000 and was won by three logo symbols on a three-coin bet. This was not available at all establishments so it mostly depends on the version of the game.


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  • Cool music and sound effects
  • Fun added bonus
  • Big top prizes


  • Fixed denomination
  • Very hard to find
How does the Harley Davidson slot work?
These live casino slots have three reels and are themed after the popular motorcycle brand.
How do I play?
The Harley Davidson slot is a classic three-reel machine and they generally operate on a single denomination.
How many bonus games are there?
If you are playing the Harley-Davidson slot, you have a free spins bonus that is triggered by getting three gasoline symbols.
What is the maximum jackpot?
The jackpot is won by getting three Harley Davidson logos. However, the value of the jackpot varies from place to place.
How many pay lines are there?
With Harley Davidson slots, you have classic three-reel action with one pay line.
How can I win at slot games?
Just like most other classic slots, Harley Davidson slots award wins for making combinations.
Where can I play?
The Harley Davidson slot can only be played in live casinos, but players are likely to have a hard time finding these machines on offer.
Can I play on mobile?
With no online version, there is no option to play the Harley-Davidson slot on a mobile device.
Is it safe?
If you actually find it, the Harley Davidson slots will be hosted in a live casino, so there should be no worries for security.
Overall rating

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