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Elvira Slots Review for 2018

Elvira Slot Game Review

IGT's first Elvira slots – under the Mistress of the Dark title – were unveiled in 1996 as part of the Spooky slots progressive collection. Originally, the Elvira slot machine was linked to other similarly themed IGT slots like the Addams Family and Young Frankenstein games, though after 15 years on the market you'll be lucky to find a single Elvira Mistress of the Dark slot tucked away in the corner of a Las Vegas casino. Unfortunately, no Elvira online slots even exist. Why bother reviewing this now obscure game, then? Because the original Elvira is quite possibly the funniest (and most fun) slot we've ever played.

If you're lucky enough to find an Elvira slots casino, then you'll see that the original game was pretty standard in format with five reels, 15 paylines and a max bet of five coins per line. Unlike later Elvira slot machines, which were fixed at a nickel, the first game had selectable betting denominations. The full-sized version of the game towers at over 8' tall, much like the leggy Mistress of the Dark herself. We're baffled as to why IGT's online branch hasn't taken the leap and made Elvira online slots yet, because we're sure this game would be an instant hit.

Playing ELVIRA SLOTS Online

30 Second Guide

Elvira is a slot machine created by IGT more than two decades ago to take advantage of the popularity of the Elvira: Mistress of the Dark film, which was released in 1988. The company also launched a second game called Elvira's Hot 7. The slots game has lost just about all of its popularity over time and it is now only found in a handful of casinos, with an online version never being launched from the developer.

Players had a standard format of five reels and 15 paylines where they could bet up to five coins per line. The first versions had the option to change the coin value but this was replaced later by a set denomination of a nickel to make it simpler.

The Elvira slot machine keeps things interesting with actual clips from the movies featured on the original show and with clips from the show itself in addition to sound effects voiced by Elvira herself. And while we love all the nostalgic kitsch of the game, what we really love are its many bonuses. Two Midnight Matinee symbols on the first and fifth reels starts a two-part pick and win bonus where players can double their prize from the first round in the second Elvira's Rating Round.

On the first Elvira slots, there is also a big wheel at the top that was triggered by three Spinning Spiders symbols . Players get 3-5 spins in Elvira's Web of Winnings. If the wheel lands on an Elvira's chest symbol, you initiate another pick and win feature with a monster bonus. As if that wasn't enough to please even the pickiest bonus hunters, most Elvira's slots casinos also offer an in-game bonus where three deadhead symbols initiates a simple pick and win feature. Choose a head, its jar will shatter, and the prize within will be revealed.


Several years after Mistress of the Dark, IGT released a sequel Elvira slot machine – Elvira's Hot 7. This is a nickel machine that also offers an impressive jackpot. In fact, the jackpot is so impressive it actually set the record for nickel jackpots with a massive win of $3.2 million. This Elvira slots game is a little more modern and includes the more traditional free spin bonus, but our heart still belongs to the original Mistress of the Dark.

As we mentioned before, no version of the game exists (yet), so if you're hoping to try your hand at this one-of-a-kind game you're going to have to hunt for an Elvira slots casino at gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Still, we rate this awesome slots game a well-deserved 9.5 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

For fans of big jackpots, Elvira's Hot 7 met the demand as it awarded huge progressive jackpots. One of them even set a new record at the time, for the biggest win from a slot machine with set coins at five cents. This jackpot was worth $3.2 million.


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  • Multiple bonuses
  • Movie clips
  • Awesome sound effects
  • Hilarious game symbols and animations


  • Hard to find
  • Rarely has a progressive anymore
How does the Elvira slot work?
This five-reel game is a live casino slot and there is no online version of the Elvira slot.
How do I play?
If you are fortunate enough to find an Elvira slot during your casino travels, just use the accepted denominations (varies depending on the version) and make bets.
How many bonus games are there?
The Elvira slot has a great assortment of bonuses. The game comes with a wheel at the top, which is triggered by getting three spinning spider symbols. Depending on how many you get, you get 3-5 spins on the Elvira Web of Winnings game. Additionally, it has the Midnight Matinee symbols that appear on the first and last reel. When you get these, it opens a pick and win style bonus game. For the bonus game lovers, this one also has an additional pick and win bonus game that is triggered by the dead head symbols.
What is the maximum jackpot?
In its original form, this slot used to be connected to a progressive that could reach into the millions of dollars.
How many pay lines are there?
Elvira was a fifteen pay line game that allowed for a maximum of five coins bet per line.
How can I win at slot games?
While there are several bonus games that can provide a payout, the Elvira slot also offers several ways to win by making combinations.
Where can I play?
The time of this slot’s popularity has passed, but players might be able to find it in some casinos.
Can I play on mobile?
Since there was never an online version of the Elvira slot, players will not be able to enjoy this game on mobile devices.
Is it safe?
This was a live slot from a reputable developer. If you find it in a casino, there should be no concerns for safety.
Overall rating

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