Online Slots Bonus Guide – Bonuses Explained

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With help from this page you’ll learn about all those mysterious casino bonuses and what the real requirements are to make use of them. Not only that but you’ll learn about which bonuses are the best, where you can find quality bonuses and how you can maximize the money that you receive as a new player.

One of the most attractive aspects of online gambling is the bonuses offers that casinos and other types of gaming venues provide. Although most gambling sites provide their players with some kind of bonus, online slots casinos tend to offer the most generous ones.

This is due to the fact that Internet-based casinos, because of the volume of business they do and the types of games that they offer, have the resources to provide their members with lucrative bonuses. Many sites have numerous promotions for extra cash running simultaneously. On this page, we’ve collected the top 12 bonuses you’ll find.

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Play Through Requirement

All bonuses are restricted by a play through requirement. This requirement is a monetary amount you must bet, which is a multiple of your bonus and any deposit associated with that bonus, before you can withdraw cash associated with the bonus or before you will receive the bonus. Play through requirements range from four to 14 times the total amount of the bonus and deposit.

Sign Up Bonus

Most sites do not offer a pure sign up bonus, which is given as soon as you join the casino and prior to making any deposit. Sign up bonuses are usually $5.00 to $10.00 and have numerous restrictions, including play through amounts that must be met before you can withdraw any winnings associated with the bonus.

You’ll find a solid dozen different kinds of online slots bonuses in this guide. Discover how each bonus works and decide which offers you the most betting power.

First Deposit Bonus

Every online casino offers a bonus to players when they make their first deposit. These bonuses range from 25% to 125% of the amount you deposit into your account. Set up your account, make your deposit, and enter the bonus code, which is usually available through an affiliate of the online gambling site. You’ll need to meet the play through requirement before you receive that bonus. Bonus amounts may be given out in increments of $5.00 to $20.00 as you reach play through milestones.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is awarded when you make another deposit into your account. Reloads tend to be less generous that first deposit offers, ranging from 25% to 75%. The same type of play through requirements that govern initial deposit rewards are applied to reloads.

Cash Back

Many online slots sites will offer players cash back. Usually the amount is a percentage of your month’s losses. There are usually no play-through requirements for this type of promotion.

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Game-Related Bonus

If a casino is promoting a new slot machine, a certain table game, or a variant of a casino favorite, they may provide a special promotion such as extra cash or additional VIP points for playing that specific game. This is an instant bonus with no play through condition.

Special Feature Bonus

If an online slots casino has just launched its mobile site, added a sports or race book, is offering live betting, or has another new feature, they may give you some cash to try it out. How much will they front you? The range is from $5.00 to $50 with $10.00 being fairly average. Note: most sites will only allow you to withdraw winnings from any bets made with that cash and not the bonus amount. You may get your cash after meeting the posted play-through amount.

Preferred Deposit Method

If a gambling site has specified certain preferred deposit methods, they will put 5% to 15% more in your account when you use one of those methods. Often bonuses are awarded for using certain credit cards or e-wallets. There is no play through associated with preferred deposit rewards.

Midweek Bonuses

When times are slow, which is usually between Tuesday and Thursday, many gaming sites will give players some sort of bonus, such as additional tokens or extra VIP points. Such promotions are often related to the member having to play certain games specified by the casino.

Free Bet

Online race and sports books and casinos may award you a free bet. Often these are given to players who have not been to the site in some time or in order to get a member to try another betting venue. As an example, if you play at the company’s casino, they may give you a free bet to play at their sports or race book. Sometimes free bets are awarded when a new season is starting, such as British Premier League or the NFL, or when you first sign up at a site. Many slots casinos let you play their games for free.

Free Roll

A free roll is like a free bet, but these bonuses are associated with tournaments, including poker, blackjack, and slots competitions. The free roll, which may require a special code for access, costs nothing to enter, but it does offer cash prizes to the top finishers.

VIP Club Rewards

Most online gambling sites have some version of a VIP club. Players earn points by gambling, and points are awarded based on how much is spent. There are usually three to four levels of VIP membership, and the more you spend per month, the more benefits you receive. Those with the highest standing get the biggest bonuses, access to certain games and rooms, and more.

High Roller Bonus

If you are designated as a high roller that means you’re making large deposits of $500 or more at one time and $1,000 or more per month. It also means that you’re playing high stakes games. You’ll earn VIP points quickly and extra benefits, such as large bonuses, special offers, and the chance to play in exclusive gaming rooms.

Utilize Your Extra Cash

When you join an online casino or another type of gaming room it’s important to take advantage of their bonuses. It is also equally important to understand how each bonus works prior to trying to utilize it. If deposit or play-through requirements are too difficult for you to meet, then the bonus will never be awarded or used. Make smart choices when it comes to bonuses and online gambling.

How do slot casino bonuses work?
Slots bonuses work by awarding free cash when you play real-money slots. There will normally be a 'wagering requirement' which means your cash is only released once you've 'played through' enough slots in a set time period.
What makes a good bonus?
The biggest slots bonus is usually your first, "welcome" bonus. However, don't be fooled by the big cash amounts. Once you start playing you may find that the wagering requirement is too difficult, or that not all your favourite slots are eligible. A good bonus should be generous without being impossible to trigger.
How can casinos offer these?
Casinos don't offer something for nothing. Remember, you will have to gamble your own money when playing through a deposit bonus.
Are they for new players?
Welcome bonuses are reserved for new customers. However, existing players can usually take advantage of regular free spins or reload bonuses.
What games can I play with this money?
The casino's Terms and Conditions will list all slots eligible towards a match bonus. Typically, progressive jackpots won't be eligible towards a bonus, and some promotions only permit a single game.
How do I find the best bonuses?
Read our top casino reviews to find the very best bonuses around. Our unrivalled reviews show you where to access bonuses for slots players which are achievable. Our recommended bonuses also come at sites that carry reliable and accurate payouts.